Metering Company Introduces Remote Data Profiler

Badger Meter has introduced a data profiling feature into the Orion® Radio Frequency System through the Remote Data Profiler (RDP).

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Th 177159
Orion® Remote Data Profiler with Badger®Radix® performing the downloading function
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Badger Meter has introduced a data profiling feature into the Orion® Radio Frequency System through the Remote Data Profiler (RDP). The RDP is an affordable tool for use with any Orion automatic meter reading (AMR) transmitter connected to a water meter.

The RDP records water consumption readings, tamper status and leak detection information from a specific meter over time and then makes those readings available for viewing in the field or uploading to a PC on an as-needed basis.

It can be used in virtually all residential, commercial and industrial applications to address customer service issues, billing complaints, leak detection studies, audit conservation programs, water usage studies and any other applications where a utility wants more data on the account being profiled.

The profiler includes a receiver that is field programmed to a specific transmitter identification number that it listens to, and memory for storing the received consumption data, tamper status and leak detection information. The RDP can be either temporarily or permanently installed in a non-submersible location anywhere within receiving range of the Orion transmitter.

The RDP’s memory can store over 24,000 individual data points making the unit a flexible solution to determine the flow profile characteristics at any account. The user can program the RDP to collect and store consumption data every minute, every five minutes, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every hour, every 12 hours, or every 24 hours.

For example, if the RDP is programmed to collect data every minute, a profile of over 16 days is available. If the RDP is programmed to collect data every hour, then a profile of over 2.7 years is available. Once the memory is filled, the oldest data is overwritten. The profiler also stores tamper and leak detection information and uses replaceable batteries with an approximate life of four years when logging once an hour.

The unit is programmed using the Badger®-Radix® Data Collector through a serial connector. Utilities that already own a Badger-Radix Data Collector can have their handheld upgraded with the data profile software, minimizing the expense for getting started. The Badger-Radix is also used to retrieve stored consumption data and to view the data.

A utility can also choose to upload the retrieved data from the Badger-Radix into a PC at a later time and use the Orion Data Profile Viewer analysis and display software application. The data viewer software maintains a history of all profile downloads for access by the utility at any time. With its self-directing functionality, operators can view the profile data in graph format. The graphs can be used to resolve customer service issues and copied into letters to document flow profiles at any account set up with an RDP.

The RDP enhances the value of an Orion Radio Frequency system by providing additional functionality and information to the utility manager and by providing a higher return on the utility’s AMR investment. WW

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