The new LC-2500 Leak Noise Correlator from SubSurface Leak Detection correlates four times faster when compared to the LC-2100.

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Leak detector

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The new LC-2500 Leak Noise Correlator from SubSurface Leak Detection correlates four times faster when compared to the LC-2100. The radio transmitters also are four times more powerful, transmitting up to 3500 feet to the main processor unit. The correlator main unit has a 24-bit digital signal processor and a large LCD display with automatic temperature adjustment, allowing better visibility in all temperatures. The unit is built with a weather-tight aluminum body that operates in rain, snow and temperatures from minus 10C to positive 50C.

SubSurface Leak Detection Inc.
San Jose, CA
Tel: 408-249-4673

Hydrant products

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Assured Flow's Hydra-EZE anti-seize lubricant for fire hydrant nozzles and caps is a food grade, non-drying thread lubricant that can be used in all climatic conditions. The company also offers the new Hydra-Tag, a custom tagging system for fire hydrants. This durable identification system is made from rust and corrosion resistant solid brass. It attaches securely to bolts on the hydrant for a virtually tamper proof installation.

Assured Flow Sales Inc.
Sarasota, FL
Tel: 800-388-0678

Laboratory testing

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Odor Control Co. is now offering free lab testing of malodor samples. The company will test the sample and formulate an odor neutralizer that will eliminate the odor problem. Its lab helps customers determine the best molecularly structured odor neutralizer for their waste. A wastewater treatment plant might identify hydrogen sulfide as their primary source of odor problems. However, there might be additional, less detectable or identifiable odors being emitted into the air. Raw sewage has pesticides, food preservatives and other chemicals that add odors into the air. As an added service, the company will provide and pay for a sample testing kit and all related shipping and testing charges.

Odor Control Co., Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 888-948-3956

Roll groover

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Ridge Tool has added the Ridgid® 920 roll groover to its family of roll grooving equipment. The Model 920 has a capacity range of 2" to 24" diameter pipe, the largest of any non-stationary groover. The portable groover mounts to the Ridgid 300 power drive for use in the field or the shop. Detachable transporter wheels enable one person to maneuver the groover around a job site. Support legs are adjustable to enable the groover to be leveled on uneven ground. The operating handle on the front of the unit swivels to the position most comfortable for the operator, and conveniently folds out of the way for transporting and storage. The groover features front roll set change-out for minimum set-up time, and a patented depth setting gauge that assures accurate grooving. The groover's built-in pressure gauge enables the operator to monitor the hydraulic pressure to control flare and optimize groove time.

Ridge Tool Co.
Elyria, OH
Tel: 800-769-7743

UF transmission analyzer

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HF scientific is announcing the AccUView OnLine UV% Transmission Analyzer specifically designed to fill the need for increased drinking water UV disinfection monitoring. The analyzer is manufactured using microprocessor technology. Standard features include simple calibration procedures, a bubble rejection system, 4-20 mA output or RS-485 with Modbus protocol and a fully automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning system designed to reduce operator maintenance time.

HF scientific, Inc.
Fort Myers, FL
Tel: 239-337-2116

Solids shredder

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The Taskmaster TM1600 shredder from Franklin Miller features two counter-rotating cutting stacks that intermesh to aggressively grab and shred bulky solids. The unit is capable of shredding a wide variety of materials in applications that include bulk solids reduction. The unit is provided with a liquid tight housing and mechanical seals, making it suitable for a variety of wet processing applications such as municipal and industrial wastewater. The unit's heavy-duty gear drive provides low speed, high torque rotation. The unit generates little noise or vibration. A space-saving right angle gear drive can be provided. A controller senses jam conditions and automatically reverses.

Franklin Miller Inc.
Livingston, NJ
Tel: 973-535-9200

Portable valve operator

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Lightweight, portability and versatility make the all new Rising Stem Valve Operator (RS-II) a unique offering from E.H. Wachs. The multifunctional hand-held machine will operate all rising and non-rising stem valves from 6" to 60." It will mount directly to a rising stem valve using a universal hand wheel adapter allowing for semi and permanent mount applications. By installing a simple drive adaptor, valve key and socket, the operator will turn non-rising stem valves. Its versatility offers speed for opening and closing valves requiring several hundred turns and also power for valves requiring increased torque and slower rotation. The operator is available in hydraulic, pneumatic or electric drive, with forward and reverse operation and variable speed control.

E.H. Wachs Co.
Wheeling, IL
Tel: 800-323-8185

Flow measurement system

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McCrometer has introduced the V2-Municipal™, a new flow measurement system for water and wastewater applications. Its space-saving, pre-packaged design can solve troublesome installation issues without sacrificing accuracy or budgets. The system delivers repeatable accuracy of up to ±1% of rate under difficult flow conditions and over a wide range of flows. It acts as its own flow conditioner, fully conditioning and mixing the flow prior to measurement. The system can be installed virtually anywhere in a piping system and retrofit into an existing piping layout. It has no moving parts to replace or maintain.

McCrometer Inc.
Hemet, CA
Tel: 909-652-6811

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