Piping Systems Offer Improved Corrosion Resistance, Strength

Amitech USA will be displaying Flowtite Fiberglass Mortar Pipe and Meyer Polycrete Pipe and Structures; two innovative piping systems for sanitary sewers...

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Th 133720
Flowtite pipe design technology results in a corrosion resistant, lightweight, yet strong pipe suitable for most any water or sewer application.
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Amitech USA will be displaying Flowtite Fiberglass Mortar Pipe and Meyer Polycrete Pipe and Structures; two innovative piping systems for sanitary sewers, industrial sewers, storm and raw water transmission lines for both new construction and rehabilitation projects.

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The strength and corrosion resistance of Meyer Polycrete pipe and structures make them suitable for deep burial and pipe jacking applications.
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Flowtite Pipe is a fiberglass mortar pipe produced by the continuously advancing mandrel process and is manufactured in accordance with ASTM D3262, ASTM D3517 and ASTM D3754. Immune to galvanic and electrolytic corrosion, the pipe works well in water supply systems. Its proven resistance to the acidic environment found in a sanitary sewer speaks well for its use in wastewater applications as well. In fact, the pipe has been used extensively in many Middle East sewers, known to be the most aggressive in the world, for the past 20 years. More than 30 million feet of the pipe has been installed worldwide.

The pipe's acceptance has been driven by the awareness of the corrosion resistance and operational cost savings offered by glass reinforced plastic pipe (GRP). Its applications include sanitary sewer systems, potable and raw water transmission, hydroelectric penstock lines, seawater intake and outfalls, industrial applications and circulating cooling water for power plants.

The lightweight, corrosion resistant Flowtite piping system is available in six standard pressure classes and four stiffness classes. Diameters range from 12" to 96" and lengths up to 40 feet. Custom diameters and lengths are also available to meet specific job specifications.

Meyer Polycrete Pipe and Structures have been providing high strength and superior corrosion resistance (pH 1.0 – 10) systems since 1978. By incorporating a high-performance polymer and concrete technology used in industrial applications, Meyer successfully developed quality pipe and manhole systems that exceed the performance of traditional materials. The polyester resin, aggregate and microsilica composite material from which the pipe and structures are manufactured provides compressive strengths in excess of 15,000 psi along with inherit corrosion resistance.

Manufactured in accordance with ASTM D63-783 and designed for a variety of sanitary, storm and industrial sewer applications, Polycrete can be used for microtunneling, jacking, auger boring, direct burial applications and manholes and structures. To achieve maximum hydraulic efficiency, the pipe can be produced in either circular or non-circular designs.

Meyer pipe systems are joined by a conventional push-on joint design. A factory-installed coupling constructed of fiberglass, steel or 316Ti stainless steel creates the bell. All joint designs incorporate an electrometric compression sealing gasket. This joint design permits it to be used for low-pressure sewer systems with operating pressures up to 35 psi. The pipe can be manufactured in lengths up to 10 feet and diameters of 6" to 120".

In addition to pipe, Meyer Polycrete Manholes and Structures are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of the design engineer. The versatility of Polycrete allows for applications such as conventional sewer manholes, pressure relief manholes, pump stations, measuring chambers and overflow shafts.

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