New Product Tackles Wastewater System Odor, Corrosion

A new odor control product for wastewater collection systems is designed to selectively “scavenge,” absorbed and chemically transform H2S...

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A new odor control product for wastewater collection systems is designed to selectively “scavenge,” absorbed and chemically transform H2S and mercaptan into water-soluble, non-volatile polysulfides that can be consumed in the downstream waste treatment processes.

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ADAPCO Environmental Solutions’ VulchurTM product is a patented aqueous amine resin solution that also can help control corrosion in wastewater systems.

Most products on the market contain oxidizers, caustic soda and bleach that can effectively mask odor, but also harm systems by significantly increasing systems’ pH levels, creating calcium and sodium build-up, and corroding systems in the process. Vulchur removes odor without increasing pH levels and actually deters corrosion.

In collection systems, the chemical is fed by chemical feed pump at a predetermined dose rate based on dissolved H2S in the liquid. At initial startup, typical feed rates are four parts Vulchur to one part dissolved sulfide per million gallons of flow, according to ADAPCO General Manager Jerry Davis. That dosage can often go down as conditions stabilize.

The chemical is a drop-in replacement for caustic and bleach in chemical scrubbers. It is cost-competitive, has no special handling requirements and is environmentally safe. It does not cause calcium build-up or sodium discharge, so it minimizes the need for acid washing in chemical scrubbers.

Benefits extend beyond odor control, Davis said.

The polysulfide formed by the chemical reaction has a tendency to adhere to pipe walls and concrete structures in the collection system. In the process, it forms a coating that helps break down the bacteria slime layer, destroying the habitat of sulfide-producing bacteria. This, in turn, can lower chemical consumption and reduce corrosive gases in the sewer.

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In testing at Ashland, KY, the company also found the polysulfide helped loosen and remove grease buildup from lift stations and prevent it from reforming, Davis said. The coating process can also have a beneficial effect in reducing corrosion in feed pumps and other equipment.

Professionals can maximize the efficiency of Vulchur with ADAPCO’s proprietary SRC-V Series sensor/recorder/controller. The controller’s patented technology incorporates industrial computers and airborne sensors to monitor H2S levels, control chemical consumption, and record data to assure peak performance of wastewater scrubbers.

The controller’s custom software allows operators to predetermine desired emission levels - optimizing chemical consumption with no overdosing, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

About the Company

Formerly known as Precision Control Technology (PCT), ADAPCO renamed the division to ADAPCO Environmental Solutions in 2006. ADAPCO Inc. is the world’s largest distributor of mosquito control products and application equipment. WW

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