Product Showcase

Dec. 1, 2016
Collection of new products of special interest to the municipal water and wastewater markets
Communications network

Get more from your water system with the Sensus FlexNet® communication network. Working with smart meters and sensors, the powerful network securely transmits and receives customer usage data at over two times the power of competitive systems. You can use that data to proactively manage your distribution system. The Sensus two-way network lets you collect, deliver, manage and analyze data more frequently. Smart management of your system is the foundation for smart cities today and tomorrow.


Ultrasonic distance and level sensors

OMEGA’s LVTX-10 Series close range ultrasonic distance and level sensors are low-profile-designed ultrasonic transmitter modules optimized to provide continuous measurement of fluids, pastes, or uneven solid bulk materials in constrained working zones. Incorporating state-of-the-art dual-sensor ultrasonic technology and processing algorithms, all LVTX-10 sensors provide accurate measurement for factory automation, warehouse materials control, pipe and conveyor belt blockage, or tank level applications with non-uniform surfaces.


Inspection, permitting software

With Inspect2GO, field inspection data is entered into the system on a native mobile app without the need for a data connection. Inspection checklists and workflows are customized to meet each agency’s specific needs. Corrective actions are noted and re-inspection dates are automatically logged in the scheduling software. Customers work directly with Inspect2GO to tailor the system to their unique requirements. Applications include: stormwater, wastewater, sewer, and septic systems. GPS and geotagging capabilities, as well as custom checklists, inspection forms and data collection work sheets are available.

Inspect2GO Inc.

Pneumatic pump controller

Graco’s CycleFlo™ pneumatic pump controller now offers one unit operating on 100 to 240 VAC input power. Previously, Graco offered two CycleFlo units, each operating on a different input power. The new CycleFlo controller has the functionality of two units in one, simplifying installation for end users. Designed to control pump speed and run time to deliver precise batching, metering and dosing of fluids at low and high pressures and flow rates. Featuring 32 batch presets and an intuitive programming interface, the CycleFlo controller ensures specific and repeatable fluid batches.

Graco Inc.

System-wide monitoring

The Sentinel™ PRO remote monitoring system can interface with any water/wastewater processing equipment that uses a programmable logic controller (PLC) with Modbus sensors. The system monitors, delivers alarms and logs data input/output points from third-party Modbus sensors, transducers and PLCs. It supports Modbus RTU/485 and Modbus TCP. The system interacts with all existing sensors within a facility and provides operators with on-demand, real-time status and data acquisition from any Internet-connected device. Only one Sentinel PRO unit is required to monitor up to 64 Modbus registers or 12 different digital or analog status conditions at remote pump stations and tank farms.


Dewatering solution

PHOENIX has partnered with SCI to offer the PHOENIX/SCI Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge for continuous liquid-solid separation through centrifugal sedimentation and decanting. The centrifuge provides a compact and efficient dewatering solution for sludge processing needs.

PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.