Products & Services: Filtration

Nov. 1, 2017
Collection of filtration-related products and services.

Underdrain system

The lightweight TETRA™ LP Block™ dual parallel lateral underdrain system from De Nora offers excellent distribution of backwash air and water for more efficient bed cleaning and reduced filter operation costs for new or retrofit applications. With no moving or wearing parts, the low-profile design is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance for long life. The GroutGrip design, standard on all LP Block™ underdrains, includes six rows of molded dovetail wedges that are embedded in the grout, offering 1.75 times the pullout strength of a conventional underdrain block.

De Nora

Membrane filtration technology

Water Planet’s PolyCera® membrane filtration technology is based on advanced polymeric materials. Available as flat sheets or in Water Planet’s proprietary spiral monolith elements, PolyCera membranes extend the range of polymeric membrane filtration to the most challenging applications. Water Planet’s spiral monolith elements leverage PolyCera’s benefits in a ceramic-like cross-flow, back-washable filtration module. Water Planet’s testing to date shows OpEx savings up to 40% relative to commodity polymer membranes and 80% relative to ceramic membranes. The result is the first commercial membrane product with ceramic-­like performance and polymer-like economics.

Water Planet

Fine screening technology

Hydro International’s Hydro MicroScreen™ rotating belt screen offers wastewater treatment plants an advanced and versatile alternative to a primary clarifier at a fraction of the footprint, power use and installation costs. It effectively separates solids from influent wastewater using 10% of the footprint of a conventional primary clarifier and 20% of the power. It also achieves between 50 and 60% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal and offers operators the versatility to improve their downstream process efficiency.

Hydro International

Cloth media filter

The AquaPrime cloth media filtration system is an economical and efficient solution for primary wastewater treatment and wet weather applications. It utilizes a disk configuration and exclusive OptiFiber® cloth media to filter screened, de-gritted, raw municipal sewage. Features allow the system to handle high-­solids applications and sustain low effluent TSS, making it ideal for both wet weather treatment and primary treatment in lieu of conventional sedimentation systems. It operates in less than 10% of the footprint of conventional primary settling basins and offers the added advantage of improving gas production in the anaerobic digestion system.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems

Dewatering solution

PHOENIX Process Equipment Company specializes in thickening and dewatering technologies including table thickeners, belt filter presses, recessed chamber and membrane filter presses, decanter centrifuges and chemical systems. The PHOENIX/SCI Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge provides a compact and efficient dewatering solution to your sludge processing needs. With over 2,000 centrifuges installed, you can be confident when you specify PHOENIX/SCI Decanter Centrifuges.

PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

Ultrafiltration membrane

GE’s ZeeWeed 700B horizontal-designed, inside-out ultrafiltration (UF) membrane offers seawater pretreatment for injection and solids removal in multiple applications. Using SevenBore fiber technology, ZeeWeed 700B are blended polyethersulphone (PES) membranes, which allow the membrane to stay permanently hydrophilic and reduce the fouling tendency. When compared to granular filter media and cartridge filters, the ZeeWeed 700B membrane produces superior water quality and is virtually unaffected by variable raw water quality. It extends the life of a sulfate removal unit by providing an improved pretreatment technology, decreased life cycle costs and reduced weight.

GE Water