Products & Services: Chemicals, Application Equipment

Sept. 1, 2017
Collection of chemicals and application related equipment products and services.
Chemical monitoring, spill containment

The SpillSafe LX™ Drum Scale from Force Flow accurately monitors the amount of chemical used and remaining and also provides protection against uncontained chemical spills. An automatic deploying spill bladder keeps overall platform height to a minimum for easy drum change-out while still allowing up to 66 gallons of spill containment. The SpillSafe LX™ helps you comply with EPA spill containment requirements.

Force Flow

Emergency bypass

Gorman-Rupp’s ReliaPrime™ back-up system is an emergency bypass station that operates on natural gas. The unit features a 6” Super T Series® pump capable of passing a 3” spherical solid and offers a sound-proof lightweight aluminum enclosure. The enclosure has door panels that can be padlocked and can be removed for maintenance of the pump or engine.

Gorman-Rupp Company

Free chlorine analytical systems

Free Chlorine Analytical Systems (FCAS) are designed to provide a turn-key panel-mounted solution for free chlorine measurement. The FCAS panels from Endress+Hauser are EPA compliant according to Method 334.0 and accomplish free chlorine analysis using amperometric sensor technology, eliminating the need for costly reagents or the maintenance that reagent-based systems require, making the systems ideally suited for applications in drinking water, industrial water or power. These panel systems incorporate a Memosens amperometric free chlorine probe and a Memosens pH probe for accurate and reliable measurement, and are also designed with a Liquiline transmitter, cm442 or cm444 depending on input and output needs.


Leak detection

Echologics has released a cellular version of the EchoShore-DX fixed leak detection node. Utilities can now quickly deploy nodes using their existing cellular communication provider. This enhancement greatly increases the areas where the technology can be applied, from targeted deployments in zones with high leakage or recurring water main breaks to citywide implementation. EchoShore-DX nodes provide the utility with daily reporting on the development of any leaks in the system, allowing prioritization of leak repairs.

Echologics, a Mueller Company

High-capacity wetting cone

In applications not having high back pressures, wetting cones are a viable way to wet chemicals that either do not dissolve in water or do not require retention time to dissolve completely. Acrison’s high-capacity wetting cone is designed to wet such chemicals at rates up to, and sometimes exceeding, 50 cubic feet per hour. Complete water coverage is provided to the entire inside surface area of the wetting cone, which creates a cyclone vortex. An eductor is used at the outlet to further mix the resulting solution and transport it to the point of application.


Chemical metering

Flex-Pro® A2 Peristaltic Pumps provide smooth, quiet pumping action that delivers precise amounts of chemical to your system. Minimum feed: 0.02 gallons per hour (0.07 LPH); maximum 14.9 gallons per hour (56.2 LPH); pressures to 125 PSI. The A2’s frame is ruggedly built and includes easily accessible advanced electronics, variable speed DC motor, and operator friendly touchpad. All Flex-Pro® pumps include the exclusive patented built-in Tube Failure Detection (TFD) System. It detects a wide range of conductive chemicals with no false triggering. If the TFD senses tube failure, the pump automatically shuts off.

Blue-White Industries

Accurate chemical injection

The FLT93 Flow Switch Series from Fluid Components International (FCI) provides a solution for verifying that chemicals or additives are being injected and ensuring injection pumps and feeders continue to operate. The advanced FLT93 Flow Switch is suitable for flow detection of liquids or gases and is available in several wetted materials for compatibility with virtually any fluid. It is a dual-function instrument capable of monitoring and alarming on both flow and temperature in a single device. Dual 6A relay outputs are standard and are assignable to flow or temperature.

Fluid Components International