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Dec. 7, 2017
Collection of management software- and systems-related equipment, products and services.

Machine learning condition assessment tool

Fracta’s software solution uses machine learning and big data to optimize potable water pipe replacement for U.S. water utilities. Fracta combines and standardizes utility data with hundreds of data points from national and regional sources. The machine learning algorithm ranks pipes with a Likelihood of Failure (LOF) rating, which is more accurate than age and leak history models and can be generated at a fraction of the time and cost. These rankings are used to develop or modify water pipe replacement plans, ultimately deferring unnecessary replacement and reducing replacement spending by 40% or more between now and 2050.

Fracta Inc.

Web-based software

WaterNet Advisor from DHI Water & Environment is a web-based application with easy-to-use and efficient software that utilizes EPANET model files. Users can easily export their Innovyze and Bentley software to EPANET, then seamlessly import their model into DHI WaterNet Advisor. The application provides the ability — with just a few clicks on your tablet, smartphone, or PC — to better understand daily operational challenges. Features include: model editing capabilities, hydraulic analysis, fire flow analysis, network capacity analysis, water age analysis, source tracing analysis, contaminant event analysis, and online analysis

DHI Water & Environment Inc.

Real-time decision-making

PlutoAI is an intelligence platform for water, wastewater, and industrial treatment plants that enables customers to reduce energy consumption, predict performance, and minimize operating costs. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyze the data gathered from various sources such as SCADA, meters, and event logs, PlutoAI enables decision-makers at treatment plants to take action in real time to proactively solve problems.