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June 1, 2017
Collection of management software related equipment products and services.
Transient pressure monitoring

All Hydro-Guard® remote pressure monitoring systems manufactured by Mueller after October 14, 2016, are equipped with software that allows water utilities to monitor both steady- and transient-state pressures. Knowing both the steady and transient state of pressure at points throughout the water distribution system is critical to predicting and preventing leaks and other distribution line failures. This proactive approach can save utilities both money and time.


Smart water management software

Trimble offers the latest version of its smart water mapping and work management software, Trimble® Unity 3.0, a cloud-based, GIS-centric software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for smart water management. Version 3.0 includes new features and workflows and also offers an App Builder and new integration capabilities to simplify connecting mobile workers with maps and data from back-office enterprise systems. The software is designed to automate a variety of workflows through individual apps that enable utilities to monitor real-time operations, deploy smart meters, assess the condition of assets, repair leaks to reduce non-revenue water (NRW), and locate and map critical infrastructure using Trimble high-accuracy GNSS mapping technologies.


Advanced Metering Analytics

BEACON® AMA from Badger Meter combines the intuitive BEACON AMA software suite with proven ORION® AMI technology giving water utilities greater visibility and control over utility management. BEACON AMA uses a managed solution approach - plus fixed and cellular networks - to deliver a simple yet powerful end-to-end solution. Built-in infrastructure management services and flexible system design eliminate maintenance and technology concerns.

Badger Meter

Data management

Innovyze has released version 4.5 of SCADAWatch, a network data management and business analytics and optimization solution for water distribution systems. The software turns traditional off-line analyses into real-time, actionable intelligence. SCADAWatch allows users to proactively view, share and analyze water operational information, key performance indicator (KPI) measures and hydraulic and water quality data in motion on a real-time business dashboard. It automatically generates comprehensive, high-fidelity performance reports to help utilities develop the optimal course of action based on specific performance objectives. V4.5’s open API also allows third-party field applications to seamlessly communicate with SCADAWatch.


HMI/SCADA software

Schneider Electric’s ClearSCADA 2017 comes equipped with innovative location services and integrated mapping functionalities. Intuitive embedded location-based alarming and filtering, overlaid with real-time weather data and GPS mapping provides insight into asset performance. Location support improves clarity of asset position and status via location-based alarming and filtering, with asset locations displayed on integrated maps. Integrated mapping facilitates selection of online map sources, ArcGIS map information, and/or Web Map Service information, or other GIS, weather and other valuable real-time information. Active directory user access allows central management of ClearSCADA users and permissions

Schneider Electric Software

Managed services

On-site utility servers can result in ongoing maintenance expenses, large upfront repair costs, and costs to update or replace. Neptune’s cloud-hosted Managed Services prevent short-lived IT investments and provide anytime access to secure data. With Neptune TG, water utilities can free themselves of the internal IT coverage obligations of network monitoring and software maintenance needs.

Neptune Technology Group