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Online pump toolContent Dam Ww Print Articles 2017 06 Large Quantumflologo

QuantumFlo has released EINSTEIN 3.0, an online pump energy optimization tool. With a new, mobile design and built-in energy studies, the program instantly allows users to find the pump solution they need. The new software uses easily accessible project information such as building dimensions, fixture quantities, street pressure and power conditions to find the most energy efficient system for the users’ application. With a simple, intuitive new interface, clients benefit from easy, mobile-friendly navigation that defines a system solution in minutes and provides detailed energy studies on all systems selected.


Report on lining and coating technologies1706wwres P02

The Water Research Foundation (WRF) has released a new research report on lead service line lining and coating technologies. The study found that certain lining and coating technologies can effectively reduce or eliminate release of lead from lead service lines. The report, Evaluation of Lead Service Line Lining and Coating Technologies (project #4351), helps water utilities, engineering consultants, consumers, property owners, state and provincial regulators, and other stakeholders make informed decisions regarding lining and coating of both lead and copper service lines.

Water Research Foundation

White paper on digital water solutions policy options1706wwres P03

GE Water & Process Technologies has released a new white paper, The Future of Water Management: A Menu for Policymakers in the Digital Industrial Era. The paper showcases how digital water solutions are proving their potential to transform the way utilities manage water treatment, distribution and usage, and provides guidance for governments looking to accelerate the adoption of these solutions. The paper presents the major types of policies that promote adoption of digital water solutions. The paper also highlights examples of how various cities and countries around the world are beginning to adopt digital water solutions and technologies.

GE Water & Process Technologies

New website1706wwres P04

Juniper Systems has launched the new With an updated responsive design, the site is devoted to improving customer and partner experience by providing quick access to information on products, company news, customer support, and partner opportunities at Juniper Systems. Visitors to the site will have the ability to view the entire line of Juniper Systems products as well.

Juniper Systems

Updated brochure1706wwres P05

A new 28-page brochure is available from Assmann Corporation of America featuring its full line of polyethylene tanks in capacities from 40 to 12,000 gallons. Models and specifications are included for vertical, double wall, conical bottom, free-standing horizontal leg, cylindrical horizontal and open top tanks, Full Drain Outlet assembly, chemical feed stations, double wall base containers, rectangular base containment basins, cylindrical secondary containment basins and Assmann’s full line of tank accessories. A chemical resistance chart is also listed in the brochure.

Assmann Corporation

New website1706wwres P06

Precision Global, a global manufacturer of valves, actuators, and other dispensing solutions serving a variety of end markets, launched its redesigned website, offering all the tools and information that customers and partners need, while delivering a modern look and feel. The website is compatible with most mobile browsers and allows for optimal engagement from any device. The streamlined layout of the website provides an intuitive, easy-to-follow structure for learning about Precision’s products, markets and capabilities, as well as augmented search functionality.

Precision Global

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