Product Showcase

Aug. 1, 2017
Collection of new products of special interest to the municipal water and wastewater markets
Efficient drive package

The Baldor-Dodge Vertical GearMotor is built on a standard low-pole-count induction motor platform utilizing proven Dodge planetary gearing. This results in a smaller, lighter, highly efficient drive package. The Baldor-Dodge Vertical GearMotor product line is available in six sizes for vertical pump speeds from approximately 100 RPM to 500 RPM. The Vertical GearMotor has torque ratings from 550,000 in-lbs. through 7,000,000 in-lbs. and approximate power ratings from 750 HP to over 25,000 HP, depending on output RPM.

Baldor Electric Company

Phosphorus analyzer

Endress+Hauser’s Liquiline System CA80PH orthophosphate analyzer for monitoring water treatment processes is available in four measuring ranges. Two use the standard molybdenum (blue method) for low-range measurement down to 50 μg/L, and two use the molybdate vanadate method (yellow method) for high-range measurements up to 50 mg/L. The CA80PH automatically obtains a water sample from the process, filters it, adds the reagent, measures the intensity, and then cleans the sampling system with compressed air or water in preparation for the next test.


Collection of new products of special interest to the municipal water and wastewater markets

Truck-mounted sewer jetter

The new SuperJet® truck-mounted jetter from Super Products LLC features a double-acting, single-piston hydraulically-powered water pump offering 1:1 oil-to-water ratio and rated design capacity of 100 gpm and 3,000 psi continuous duty. Single-engine design emits lower sound levels and results in 40% reduction in fuel usage compared to dual-engine units. It has a rear compartment that’s heated with an 80,000 BTU/hr heater that enables year-round operation. An easy-to-use control panel includes adjustable engine throttle with water pressure speed dial; on/off water pump (PTO); water pressure (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM); and hose reel joystick, pay-in/pay-out with speed control.

Super Products LLC

Leak noise sensors for tight spaces

PermaNet F leak noise sensors from Fluid Conservation provide water network managers with a fixed-base cellular network to monitor leakage. The compact sensors were designed to quickly install into small underground spaces, providing readings with dramatically reduced noise interference compared to those taken with aboveground sensors. The sensors work by recording noise levels and tracking consistent noise to build a sound profile. Units can then detect a leak after only one night. The sensors communicate with host software using 3G cellular communication, allowing large amounts of data to be transferred with no radio mesh infrastructure to maintain.

Fluid Conservation

Smart output mag meters

Smart Output mag meters from McCrometer are compatible with Sensus and Itron systems, which makes these mag meters plug and play into larger AMI and AMR systems. McCrometer has an electromagnetic flow solution for nearly every application from line sizes 4 to 138 inches: hot tap insertion meters or full bore type, battery/solar or AC/DC powered. Designed with a highly intelligent module in their transmitters that is similar to a communication protocol, McCrometer mag meters are able to transmit data on a schedule or on demand, as well as receive diagnostic queries to ensure or update meter operation.


Insulated riser clamp

The Klo-Shure Titan Insulated Riser Clamp series from Hydra-Zorb is made to fit vertical pipe runs and create a clean vapor barrier after insulation. Titan risers are molded with high-strength plastic with a crush-resistant design and a vertical load rating range of 1,000-2,000 lbs. These clamps offer three times faster installation with a dramatically improved finished appearance.

Hydra-Zorb Co.