DistribuTECH® Conference & Exhibition

DistribuTECH, a conference and exhibition featuring the latest in automation and metering systems for utilities, will take place Feb. 1-3, 2011, in San Diego, CA.

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February 1-3, San Diego, California
DistribuTECH, a conference and exhibition featuring the latest in automation and metering systems for utilities, will take place Feb. 1-3, 2011, in San Diego, CA. More than 300 exhibiting companies are expected to participate in the 2011 event with many offering products specifically targeting the water industry. The following is just a sample of the products, systems and services that will be on display.

Flow measurement, control

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Badger Meter is a leading flow measurement and control products manufacturer, serving water utilities, municipalities and industrial customers worldwide. Its flow measurement expertise provides the foundation for developing technologies and products that continually exceed customers evolving needs. The company's solutions encompass potable water, oil and lubricants, and industrial processes.

Badger Meter
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Data collection

Master Meter's AMR systems offer easier data collection and increased efficiency and revenue. The company's new MasterLinx™ enterprise software includes advanced features like meter right-sizing; leak, tamper, theft and tools utilities need to turn raw data into actionable intelligence for informed decisions. Its Octave Meter uses the science of sound to accurately measure use of water.

Master Meter Inc.
Web: www.mastermeter.com
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Metering systems

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Elster AMCO Water is focused on the development and implementation of innovative metering and system solutions. The company's direct sales force and nationwide distributor network provides turnkey project management, and on-site/after sale support. The company has extensive product offerings that meet AWWA standards. Residential, commercial and industrial products include positive displacement, turbine, compound, single jet, and electromagnetic evoQ4.

Elster AMCO Water, Inc.
Web: www.elsteramcowater.com
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Mobile workforce management

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Clevest's Mobile Field Force system helps utilities respond faster to emergencies and optimizes the productivity of field crews in areas that include service orders, meter exchange, collections, detect leaks, locates and more. With solutions for Smart Meter deployment and post deployment maintenance, the company also helps utilities manage the risks and challenges of implementing AMI technologies. Modular tools include Dispatching, Scheduling, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), In-vehicle Navigation, Route Optimization and Mobile Portals.

Clevest Solutions Inc.
Web: www.clevest.com
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Flow monitoring

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Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, has introduced the ST301 ultrasonic flowmeter designed for use in water distribution networks and wastewater applications. The meter is designed specifically for large diameter pipes, and uses cutting-edge technologies such as balanced ultrasound transmission, digital signal processing, self-adaptation, and others to achieve high performance. It can be equipped with clamp-on transducers to measure liquid flow rate externally and non-intrusively.

Spire Metering Technology
Web: www.spiremt.com
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Meter data management

Oracle has released its Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0, a key component of the company's Utilities Smart Meter Platform, which helps utilities manage customer energy and water consumption data gathered from smart meter deployments. The system helps utilities organize consumption data and turn it into actionable intelligence - improving service, controlling operational costs and responding appropriately to meter-related events and alerts. The new software release sits at the platform's core and verifies, stores, processes and formats the data, providing every utility department, application and business process with the metering information it needs.

Web: www.oracle.com/industries/utilities
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U.S.F. Fabrication manufactures a line of metal doors for access to water systems and other underground utilities. The company manufactures doors from aluminum, steel and stainless steel for a full range of loading requirements from 150 PSF pedestrian loads to Aircraft rated 280 PSI doors. The company has been "Fabricating Solutions Since 1916" and currently has two manufacturing facilities: the main plant in Hialeah, FL, and a western plant in Ogden, UT.

U.S.F. Fabrication, Inc.
Web: www.usffab.com
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Network solutions

EkaNet Smart Network Solutions provides a highly automated communication network for electric, water, and gas utilities engineered to ensure quick deployment at low cost and without manual intervention. Using a wireless mesh architecture, the systems automatically manage high volume two-way data traffic and provide comprehensive security throughout the entire network. The inherent scalability of the EkaNet™ Smart Network means that the system can grow as the number of customers grows. All of the system's products are based on open standards.

Eka Systems
Web: www.ekasystems.com
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Campbell Scientific manufactures monitoring and control systems for remote water resources applications, including water quality, level/flow, stormwater, groundwater, and rainfall. Its dataloggers can measure nearly every available sensor and control electrical devices. Multiple wireless and hardwire communication options are available: radio, satellite (including GOES), phone/cellphone, ethernet, and many more. Systems also support multiple communication protocols including TCP/IP, DNP3, Modbus, and OPC.

Campbell Scientific
Web: www.campbellsci.com
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AMI systems

The strength of the Aclara STAR Network is its flexibility. The AMI solution can mix-and-match one- and two-way meter transmission units (MTUs) to capture the AMI data for all customer types. Utilities may choose one-way MTUs for twice-a-day readings from residential customers. Then, choose two-way MTUs for the larger commercial customers to capture hourly meter reads and take advantage of advanced distribution control and systems.

Web: www.aclara.com
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AMR system

Datamatic offers Mosaic™, an AMR system supporting a migration path through walk-by, mobile and true mesh network collection methods using the same endpoint, a Mosaic-class Firefly. Although most utilities will move quickly to full mesh network functionality, the system can operate indefinitely using any mixture of collection methods. Each endpoint functions as both a meter interface unit and a repeater. Data is "hopped" between endpoints as they create multiple, redundant pathways to the gateway. The mesh is "self-healing," in that it is designed to reroute around issues without user intervention.

Datamatic Ltd.
Web: www.datamatic.com
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Metering security

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Brooks Utility Products, a supplier of metering security products for the electric utility industry, is expanding its offerings in the water utility industry with a line of products that will provide water utilities with the ultimate in revenue protection and security. Products designed for the unique requirements of water utility systems protect against tampering and diverting of service, as well as any breaches that occur within remote or advanced metering systems. Brooks UP also has a complete line of locks and seals that can be added to any water metering application for further security and revenue protection.

Brooks Utility Products
Web: www.brooksutility.com
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Management software

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OSIsoft's PI System is an out of the box software solution allowing utilities to manage all their operational and process data in real-time allowing for better management of energy, water loss, asset management, water quality, reporting, compliance, and costs. Founded in 1980, the company's software is used in over 100 countries around the world.

Web: www.osisoft.com
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Commercial meter

The new Sensus accuMAG™ meter is a stand-alone commercial water meter that delivers improved accuracy and reliability, has low maintenance requirements, and can connect with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems. Available in 3" to 24" sizes, the battery-operated meter applies magnetic measuring principles, a rectangular flow tube design and a uniform flow profile to deliver heightened accuracy and reliability. A specialized sensor design maintains this measurement accuracy even at very low or high flows, and will remain constant whether the meter is installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The meter has no moving parts. It can connect with the Sensus FlexNet™ AMI communications network or other AMI and AMR systems, and can be used for many commercial and industrial applications including wastewater, distribution networks, irrigation, and any application where mechanical or wear issues occur.

Web: www.sensus.com
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Metering network

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Mueller Systems provides Smart Metering solutions to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. The Mi.Net™ Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities provides utilities with an end-to-end wireless solution for AMI optimization that is secure, flexible and scalable. It links meters, distribution infrastructure and control devices in an efficient data network. To protect revenue flow while creating a modular, scalable system to meet operational, service and sustainability objectives, the system's wireless platform offers demand response, asset management, conservation and other innovative utility advances.

Mueller Systems
Web: www.muellersystems.com
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Metering systems

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Itron works with water utilities to deliver sustainable solutions that drive operational savings, monitor system integrity, and enhance customer service experiences. The company provides intelligent metering, data collection and utility software solutions. Itron water products include Flostar and Woltex water meters; ChoiceConnect™ 100 AMR and AMI meter data collection and communication systems; water loss management products (Leak Sensor, MLOG, mlogonline, ZCorr, DigiCorr and Digital Leak Detector); meter data management and related software applications; as well as comprehensive project management, installation, and consulting services.

Web: www.itron.com
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Design software

Autodesk® Utility Design software is a comprehensive design productivity tool that helps engineers plan, design, analyze, and order materials for distribution networks-helping to improve speed, ease of use, and accuracy. The software helps minimize design time by enabling users to generate design scenarios, layouts, construction work orders, bills of materials, and estimated costs.

Autodesk Inc.
Web: www.autodesk.com/utilities
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Meter reading services

Olameter is a supplier of comprehensive outsourced meter reading and field services, and can provide knowledge, experience and technology to fully manage the complete meter reading process from meter to cash. With extensive experience in designing meter reading systems, optimizing meter routes, Smart Meter installs and managing all aspects of field operations, the company has helped clients of all sizes to enhance efficiencies, reduce unsuccessful read percentages, improve data integrity, and increase revenue.

Web: www.olameter.com
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Utility services

Corix Utilities develops customized water, wastewater and energy systems and provides field metering services for clients across North America. Clients include municipalities, resort properties, gas, water and electric utilities, developers and institutions. The company provides full measurement services for all size utilities & municipalities. Services include consulting, project management, installation, maintenance and operations.

Corix Utilities
Web: www.corix.com
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