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With the new HF-4 Packaged Water Treatment System from Koch Membrane Systems, hollow fiber membranes are offered in a self-contained, automatic, pre-engineered ultrafiltration system.

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Water treatment package

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With the new HF-4 Packaged Water Treatment System from Koch Membrane Systems, hollow fiber membranes are offered in a self-contained, automatic, pre-engineered ultrafiltration system. The membrane cartridges, tanks for backflushing and cleaning the membranes, the pumps, instrumentation, piping and valves are all mounted on one steel frame. For small communities that require flows of 20 gpm to 65 gpm, this standardized, low-cost design provides UF technology with the added benefits of rapid delivery and installation. The company also offers several larger packaged water treatment systems for municipalities with higher flow requirements.
Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.
Wilmington, MA
Tel: 800-343-0499

Pipe, cable locator

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The new SubSurface PL-2000 Multi-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator offers a new approach to low frequency locating. The transmitter has 3.0 watts of power output in the Direct Connection mode and three different active frequencies: 512 Hz, 8.125 kHz and 26.725 kHz. The light-weight receiver has four modes of operation: Peak, Null, Dist, and Sonde, and both inductive and direct connection capabilities.
SubSurface Leak Detection Inc.
San Jose, CA
Tel: 408-249-4673

Cyanide testing

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Industrial Test Systems, manufacturer of the first EPA recommended strip for Free Chlorine in drinking water, has released the ReagentStrip Cyanide kit. Designed for monitoring effluents and surface waters, this new test requires as little as two minutes for cyanide colorimetric analysis. The test procedure is as follows: add 2 ml sample to microcuvette, dip #1 ReagentStrip (adjusts the pH of the sample and converts cyanide to cyanogens chloride) for 30 seconds into sample, then dip #2 ReagentStrip (cyanogen chloride reacts with Isonicotinic and Dimethybarbituric acids to for a blue color) for 30 seconds.
Industrial Test Systems, Inc.
Rock Hill, SC
Tel: 800-861-9712

Fixed-Network AMR

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Hexagram offers the Star fixed-network automatic meter reading system. Its meter reading hardware works with nearly any brand of water meter and meters can be read as often as every 15 minutes. The system also provides notification upon detection of leaks or tampering. Data is transmitted over a secure, FCC-licensed channel exclusive to each utility. Inexpensive, solar-powered data collectors, each handling readings from multiple meter transmission units, transmit meter information back to the utility's network computer, making it available to the billing, meter, and customer service departments.
Hexagram, Inc.
Cleveland, OH
Tel: 800-969-0157

Monitoring systems

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Hach Company has created Service Partnership Programs. Three unique all-inclusive service agreements have been developed to meet the needs of every facility that purchases Hach products. The Self-Service Partnership agreement allows the customer to provide the labor, while Hach provides the parts, training, technical support, and on-site backup. With the Field Service Partnership agreement, the company will send trained service professionals to the customer's facility to perform all preventative maintenance and repairs. With a Factory Service Partnership agreement, the customer may send instruments to the company's factory, where technicians perform all required repairs and preventative maintenance. Parts and priority support are included in all contracts.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224

Level transducer

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Pressure Systems Inc. has unveiled a new re-rangeable submersible hydrostatic level transducer that allows the user to turn down the full-scale output of the transducer by as much as 10:1. The new Model 772 uses the latest in Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology to fully compensate for sensor errors due to temperature and to re-range the transducer via the attached cable. The terminal readings (zero and span) are adjustable at any turndown using simple re-ranging tools and Windows-based software. Offering level ranges up to 230 ft., the transducers are ideal for ground and surface water monitoring, dewatering and level control.
Pressure Systems, Inc.
Hampton, VA
Tel: 800-678-7226

Cleaning systems

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Gamajet Cleaning Systems has recently introduced new versions of its Gamajet 4 and Gamajet 5 Impingement Cleaning Machines. Modified to provide a 180 degree spray pattern, the units can be positioned over the top of virtually any sized open-topped tank or vessel and will scour away the toughest of residue without overspray. A choice of nozzles, turbines and gear speeds allows the user to customize each unit to meet specific cleaning applications.
Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc.
Devault, PA
Tel: 877-426-2538

Headworks screen

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The new Bandscreen Monster from JWC Environmental removes solids from wastewater to meet the most demanding headworks screening requirements including providing complete protection for membrane plants. The high-flow screen has a unique inside-out flow pattern to ensure there is no chance of screenings carryover. Perforated panels track in UHMW polyethylene guides and capture and remove solids completely down to 2mm. The screen is part of JWC's Monster Separation System which includes an integrated Screenings Washer Monster® which washes fecal material out of the discharged screenings, then dries and compacts them for cleaner screenings with reduced odor.
JWC Environmental
Costa Mesa, CA
Tel: 800-331-2277

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