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Nov. 1, 2012
Collection of Disinfection products and services.

Onsite disinfection

Electrolytic Technologies offers automated onsite chlorine, caustic soda and high strength sodium hypochlorite generators specifically designed for municipal utilities. Standardized designs reduce project costs and expedite project implementation by facilitating the simultaneous manufacture of capital equipment and the conduct of site work. Modularization allows variation in layout to meet nearly any format. Production rates of installed Klorigen systems range from 150 to 40,000 lbs per day of chlorine as either gas or bleach. Sodium hypochlorite generated has the lowest chlorate levels and meets NSF/ANSI Standard 60 requirements.

Electrolytic Technologies Corp.

Metering skid

Seepex now offers pre-engineered sodium hypochlorite metering skid systems complete with controls and framework. The skids include the company's progressive cavity pumps, which offer precise metering without pulsation or vapor lock, and are protected from dry run and overpressure to minimize lifecycle costs. The system handles pressure up to 350 psi, flow rates from 10mL/min to 100 gph, and has a turndown capability of 60:1.

seepex Inc.

Chlorine ton scale

The Chlor-Scale® Ton Container Scale from Force Flow provides a reliable way to monitor the amount of chlorine used in a disinfection process. Knowing the exact amount fed allows operators to document that target disinfection levels have been consistently met. The steel rectangular tube platform is robotically welded then epoxy powder coated to insure maximum strength for safety and durability. The Chlor-Scale is available as an electronic system with the Wizard 4000® or Solo G2®, or as an AC power-free hydraulic system with the Solo XT® or Century® dial.

Force Flow Inc.

Free chlorine sensor

The Endress+Hauser CCS142D is a digital sensor with Memosens technology suitable for monitoring free chlorine. The membrane-covered amperometric sensor is teamed with the company's Liquiline cm442 controller. With Memosens technology, all users need to do to calibrate the measuring point is to disconnect the sensor and replace it with a pre-calibrated one. The calibration is done in the laboratory with everything at hand. The controller can be upgraded at any time due to its modularity. Standardized modules give users the added flexibility when expanding, since the smart software detects and integrates the modules automatically.


Metering pump

Watson-Marlow offers its 620 series pump for sodium hypochlorite applications. The pump can run dry so off-gassing chemicals will not cause the pump to vapor lock. By maintaining +/- 0.1% accuracy in hypo metering the pumps yield increased savings on chemical usage. The pumps can deliver 50% more flow with one tube compared to other peristaltics. They can be used to pump sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulfate, aluminum, fluoride, carbon and lime slurries, polymers, aqueous ammonia, potassium permanganate and caustic slurries.


Clearwell baffles

Director™ III Clearwell Baffles from Environetics upgrade the performance of new or existing clearwell disinfection systems to meet the Contact Time (CT) requirements contained in the Safe Drinking Water Act. The baffles are manufactured from thermoplastic approved for use with potable water. They meet the EPA and NSF Standard 61 for use in public drinking water and improve retention time for necessary treatment. The baffles are custom manufactured for simplified installation.

Environetics Inc.

UV disinfection

Xylem's Wedeco brand has developed a new open channel ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system. The Duron UV system eliminates the need for chemical based disinfection as well as delivering lower operating and maintenance costs. An innovative 45 degrees vertical incline design, combined with Wedeco's expertise in vertical lamp arrangement, results in a small footprint. The system harnesses the power of Xylem's 600 watt Ecoray lamps, minimizing the number of lamps required with no compromise to energy efficiency.

Wedeco, a Xylem brand

On-site chemical generation

MIOX recently launched the new RIO Zuni system, which can produce 1.0 to 2.0 lb/day of mixed oxidant solution. It is suited for smaller scale disinfection applications. The oxidant solution is generated on-site, on-demand with good disinfectant capabilities even at higher 8-10 pH levels, which is attributed to a synergy between sodium hypochlorite and trace hydrogen peroxide that coexist within 48 hours of generation. Applications include municipal and industrial disinfection.

MIOX Corp.

Chlorine analyzer

The Regal Model CRA 5000 Chlorine Residual Analyzer continuously measures the level(s) of free and/or total chlorine in the disinfection process. The analyzer may be used exclusively to monitor chlorine residual levels or may be integrated with the Regal Model 7009/7010 SmartValve™ for compound loop (feedback) chlorination and/or feed forward dechlorination. Advanced amperometric technology combined with intuitive setup and control features make it an easy transition for both new and experienced operators. All configuration and operation functions are made via a 4-pushbutton keypad integrated with an aligned LCD.

Chlorinators Inc.

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