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Nov. 1, 2009
The new Ashcroft® GC30 & GC31 digital pressure sensors provide remote signaling, local reading and pressure control, all in one ultra-compact design.

Digital pressure sensors

The new Ashcroft® GC30 & GC31 digital pressure sensors provide remote signaling, local reading and pressure control, all in one ultra-compact design. Equipped with a 1-5 vDC analog output, 3½ digit LED display and dual programmable switch contacts, the pressure sensors perform the functions of a transducer, digital indicator and pressure switch. The GC31 is offered in ranges from vacuum through 0/1500 psi while the GC30 measures low differential pressures from 0/.25 through 0/25 H2O.
Tel: 800-328-8258 Web:
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Polyurea primer

Sherwin-Williams has introduced a fast drying, low viscosity polyurea primer for steel and concrete that can be applied in temperatures as low as 0° F. Envirolastic® LT Primer is a reliable year-round product, ideal for low temperature applications or whenever a fast dry/fast recoat primer is required. At 77° F, surfaces can be recoated after one hour; at 40° F, surfaces can be recoated after five hours. When properly applied, the fast-drying primer reduces the likelihood of pinholes or holidays in the coating film caused by outgassing from the concrete substrate.
Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings
Cleveland, OH
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Water analysis system

The new FlowCAM® -XPL Birefringence Imaging and Analysis System from Fluid Imaging Technologies automatically detects and documents the presence or confirms the absence of invasive mussels in a water sample. Ideal for the early detection of zebra mussels, quagga mussels and other aquatic invasive species, the instrumentation features cross-polarizing filters that reveal individual mussel cells at the larval veliger stage when they measure a mere 50-250 um to permit treatment before their growth and entrenchment makes eradication virtually impossible.
Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.
Yarmouth, ME
Tel: 207-846-6100
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Modeling software

MWH Soft has announced the worldwide availability of the V8 generation of its H2OMAP SWMM software. The latest release provides significant enhancements to the GIS-centric urban drainage modeling and design product, making it an even better choice for the evaluation, design, management, rehabilitation and operation of wastewater and stormwater collection systems. The fully dynamic, geospatial wastewater and stormwater modeling and management software application can be used to model the entire land phase of the hydrologic cycle as applied to urban stormwater and wastewater collection systems.
MWH Soft
Broomfield, CO Tel: 626-568-6868 Web:
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Dosing pump

The new KNF NF600 self-priming diaphragm pump for dosing or transferring liquids incorporates four-diaphragm technology to promote continuous flow, low pulsation and vibration, quiet-running performance, and maximized efficiency. This compact solution (as small as 135mm x 111mm x 105mm) can deliver a nominal flow rate of 6 l/min, suction height of 8.8 in. Hg, and pressure up to 15 psig. These pumps are well equipped for water treatment and analysis, among other applications.
KNF Neuberger Inc.
Trenton, NJ
Tel: 609-890-8600 Web:
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Wide area network

Aclara has introduced a mesh-based wide-area network for utilities. The Aclara Smart Communications Network is a high-bandwidth, standards-based, broadband solution that will bring together existing utility assets and applications into a single network. The network is designed for use by water, gas or electric utilities and employs TCP/IP communications protocols as well as IEEE 802.11 standards for wireless communications. It allows utilities to replace multiple, low-to-medium bandwidth systems that now communicate data to utilities. The system provides an interface to utility and IT resources and back-office applications for SCADA control and monitoring systems, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), home-area networks, and mobile-workforce applications.
Aclara, Utility Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc.
Cleveland, OH
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Centrifugal pumps

Gardner Denver multistage centrifugals are suited for water and wastewater treatment applications requiring continuous low-noise operation with minimal maintenance requirements. Primarily used for aeration and aerobic digestion, the pumps can be throttled via an inlet butterfly valve making them an excellent choice for controlling dissolved oxygen concentrations (DO) in wastewater. The exhausters can also be used in sludge digestion to exhaust the digester gases, for channel aeration and in filter backwash applications.
Gardner Denver Inc.
Quincy, IL
Tel: 800-232-0865
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Rainfall datalogger

The Solinst Rainlogger is used with Levelogger Gold Software and most standard tipping-bucket rain gauges. The rainfall level per sampling period and a five-minute maximum rainfall are logged. Compact and waterproof, this durable datalogger offers long-term reliability with a 10-year battery and non-volatile memory for 40,000 readings. Levelogger customers can now add rainfall data to their water level monitoring network. They are compatible with all Solinst Levelogger communication and deployment accessories, including STS Gold Telemetry Systems.
Solinst Canada Ltd.
Georgetown, ON Canada Tel: 905-873-2255 Web:
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No-lead bronze

Graphite Metallizing Corp. has developed several bronze Graphalloy® grades that do not contain lead. These essentially lead-free formulations are used in bearings and bushings where the potential for lead contamination is unacceptable. Applications include deep-well and potable water pumps. The no-lead bronze has been accepted by the FDA as suitable for many food-grade applications. The bushings and bearings are non-galling and are dimensionally stable even when submerged, under load or experiencing wide temperature swings. Because the bushings and bearings are self-lubricating, they are suitable for applications where maintenance operations are infrequent or difficult.
Graphite Metallizing Corp.
Yonkers, NY
Tel: 914-968-8400
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Power management software

Schneider Electric has announced the release of major enhancements to PowerLogic™ ION Enterprise™ Software, its power management software package. The product offers metering and protection, with extensive capabilities via a new Web Reporter module, making it easy for the user to create, customize and schedule reports. The software tracks real-time power conditions, analyzes power quality and reliability, and responds quickly to alarms to avoid critical situations. A vital part of this application is the data gathering network, which recently expanded to include the Sepam series of protective relays. The software delivers energy usage and power quality information exactly when, where and how the user needs it. New reporting functions include period-over-period or by-shift comparisons, trending and tables, alarm and events history, and system configuration.
Schneider Electric
Palatine, IL
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Elastomeric coating

The new SprayShield GT from Sprayroq is a solvent-free, two-component polyurethane/polyurea hybrid elastomeric coating that cures to form a flexible, seamless membrane for concrete and geotextile substrates in secondary containment applications. It is ideal for preventing leaks and spills of wastewater, fuels and many other chemicals. The cured polymer has exceptional resistance to impact, disbondment and chemical attack. The coating provides an exceptional bond to geotextile fabrics, excellent adhesion to concrete and steel, high elongation and tear strength and Zero VOC.
Sprayroq, Inc.
Birmingham, AL
Tel: 205-957-0020
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Sump pump

Sethco's UD Series Heavy Duty Industrial Sump Pump is suited, structurally and hydraulically, for heavy duty service in conjunction with pollution control treatment systems. Common applications include moving acid and alkali waste to and from treatment tanks and feeding fume scrubbers. The pumps are constructed of rigid CPVC and PVC materials to provide mechanical strength at elevated temperatures and excellent chemical resistance to concentrated acids and alkalies.
Sethco Division, Met-Pro Corp.
Telford, PA
Tel: 215-799-2577
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Polyurethane coating

Sherwin-Williams had introduced its new Hi-Solids Polyurethane, Mildew Resistant, a two-component gloss and color retentive heavy duty maintenance coating that is ideal for use on tanks and structures in high-visibility areas. Providing protection against mildew growth in hot, damp and shady conditions, the coating is effective on both interior and exterior prepared substrates in industrial environments. A two-component, low VOC aliphatic acrylic polyurethane resin coating, it is available in a high gloss finish. The coating conforms to AWWA D102-03.
Cleveland, OH
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Double diaphragm pumps

Wilden's PX400 and PX800 air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps feature the materials of construction and design versatility necessary for the safe handling of a wide range of diluted acids in sewage-treatment applications. These plastic pumps are available in two sizes: 1-1⁄2" for the PX400 and 2" for the PX800. A variety of elastomer options, including Teflon and PTFE, are available to meet abrasion, temperature and chemical-compatibility concerns.
Grand Terrace, CA
Tel: 909-422-1700
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Progressing cavity pumps

The Netzsch M Champ® progressing cavity pump has only a few moving parts. The drive train is a highly corrosion resistant flexible rod. Unlike other pumps that have conventional joints with moving parts that wear, this pump has no joints. The patented NEMOLAST® reversible stator guarantees high operational reliability with a long life span. The Clamp-Tec® quick clamping system simplifies stator changes. Covering pump capacities up to 375 gpm and pressures up to 90 psi, the pump is suited for various applications in the wastewater industry.
Netzsch Pumps North America, LLC
Exton, PA
Tel: 610-363-8010
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Ozone generators

Pinnacle Ozone Solutions has released a new ozone generation system that is one-third the size of conventional systems. The heart of the integrated system is the QuadBlock™ ozone generation module. Completely engineered from scratch, it is designed to maintain a constant ozone level with minimal energy usage. Modular in design, it can be adapted to specific engineering needs. Each module features a unique water-cooled Plasma Block® cell with milled cooling channels. The solid-state system comes fully assembled and includes an internal 27,000 Hertz transformer that is silent to the human ear.
Pinnacle Ozone Solutions LLC
Cocoa, FL
Tel: 321-205-1717
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Interface level measurement

Hawk "ORCA" Sonar Bed Level Transmitters can be used to control compact bed level and maximize the performance of thickeners and clarifiers. By monitoring two independent interface densities the transmitters are able to provide reliable process feedback for the control of the underflow pump to optimize the underflow density. It removes operators from manually controlling underflow pumps based on rake torque and bed pressure which are greatly affected by density change. It also allows operations to run thickeners at manufacturer's optimum design levels with less risk of rake overload.
Hawk Measurement
Tel: 888 429 5538
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