WEFTEC: Exhibitor Products: Part 9

Sept. 1, 2009

UV disinfection

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Severn Trent Services offers the MicroDynamics® OCS 660 open channel UV system for disinfection of secondary and tertiary wastewater effluent. Features include a three year lamp warranty; no electrodes used in the lamps, eliminating lamp fade; no electrical connections in the water for safer operation; no electrical connections required between microwave generator and lamp assembly, simplifying maintenance; and the quartz sleeve remains the same temperature of the water, leading to less fouling.
Severn Trent Services
Colmar, PA
Tel: 215-997-4000
Web: www.severntrentservices.com
Booth 4844
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Water quality instrument

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The Ultrameter II™ from Myron L Co. is ideal for on-the-spot measurements where lab-accuracy is required. The instrument provides a comprehensive testing solution with the ability to measure up to six parameters: conductivity; resistivity; TDS; pH; ORP and temperature. It is waterproof and submersible to three feet, and offers easy keypad calibration and one-touch measurement functions. Autoranging capabilities deliver maximum resolution in diverse applications with accuracy of ±1% of reading.
Myron L Co.
Carlsbad, CA
Tel: 760-438-2021
Web: www.myronl.com
Booth 4363
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Pinch valve

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Red Valve’s large-diameter Type A Megaflex Pinch Valve is ideal for handling stormwater overflows. The valve offers a full-port opening, no moving parts, no external actuator and the ability to close drop-tight on entrapped solids. The elastomer sleeve is the only wetted part. It is available in sizes from 30" to 96" The company’s Series 45 Pressure Sensor with digital instrumentation is designed specifically for tank level control and indication.
Red Valve Co.
Carnegie, PA
Tel: 412-279-0044
Web: www.redvalve.com
Booth 1745
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Portable davit cranes

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Thern portable davit cranes can meet the load handling and positioning needs of operators throughout the water and wastewater industry. Designed with an array of features, the cranes are suited for routine pump and mixer positioning, UV panel maintenance, lifting screens and flow gates, and much more. With available load lifting capacities up to 2,000 pounds, the portable davits feature lightweight construction allowing for easy movement between multiple lift stations. Portable crane units rotate 360 degrees in pedestal, wall or flush mount bases, and feature a telescoping boom that adjusts to four positions to allow changes in hook height and reach.
Thern, Inc.
Winona, MN
Tel: 800-843-7648
Web: www.thern.com
Booth 3321
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Data management, reporting

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AllMax has released its Synexus™ pretreatment data management and reporting software, an application that enables users to accept and regulate industrial flows and generate reports. The software uses a single database to store information, allowing data from multiple facilities to be visible without having to switch from facility to facility. Key improvements provide better tools, more robust interface and better utilization of a full Pervasive® SQL database platform.
AllMax Software Inc.
Tel: 800-670-1867
Web: www.allmaxsoftware.com
Booth 4032
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Microfiber filtration

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Amiad Filtration Systems will feature its automatic microfiber filtration (AMF) system at WEFTEC. The system captures sediment in polyester microfibers that are tightly wound around plastic cartridges. When a pressure differential is reached, grooved faces deflect a high-velocity stream of water through the fibers to remove trapped particles. The filters are available for 20, 10, 7, 3 and 2-micron filtration.
Amiad Filtration Systems
Tel: 800-969-4055
Web: www.amiadusa.com
Booth 3715
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Pipe bursting

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TT Technologies will be displaying the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system at WEFTEC 2009. The system is ideal for the replacement of water and sewer pipe and can pull in a variety of replacement pipe including PVC, DIP, ABS, cast iron, fusion welded HDPE and VCP jacking pipe. Pulled by a hydraulic bursting unit, the cutter head’s special cutting wheels split the host pipe. Patented QuickLock bursting rods are linked together not threaded.
TT Technologies
Aurora, IL
Tel: 630-851-8200
Web: www.tttechnologies.com
Booth 2733
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Wet well cleaner

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Anue Environmental has released the new EP-1320 system that recycles a small fraction of discharged wastewater back into the pump station resulting in surface agitation for breakup of fat, oil, grease (FOG), and biofilm buildup. The system increases dissolved oxygen levels up to 800% while solids are homogenized.
Anue Environmental Inc.
Carlsbad, CA
Tel: 800-559-7159
Web: www.anueenv.com
Booth 3529
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Vertical pump

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Fybroc’s display will feature the Fybroc 5530 Series vertical pump, which is a corrosion resistant pump suitable for handling difficult dry pit applications including acids, bleaches and caustics. The pump is suited for use on odor control scrubber systems. The pump’s design features include mounting outside tank; FRP construction and FRP wrapped shaft (1/8"); heavy duty column, shaft and bearings; and optional high pressure shaft seal.
Fybroc Division, Met-Pro Corp.
Telford, PA
Tel: 215-723-8155
Web: www.fybroc.com
Booth 1612
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Dry-priming pump

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Thompson Pump will be promoting its heavy duty 4"dry-priming electric driven pump, model 4JSVC, at WEFTEC. The pump provides large solids-handling capabilities. The Enviroprime® priming system eliminates product blow-by and is one of the fastest priming systems in the portable pump industry. With ideal flows of 1,175 gallons per minute and heads to 150 feet, the pump is suited for bypass and construction dewatering applications.
Thompson Pump & Manufacturing
Tel: 386-944-4145
Web: www.thompsonpump.com
Booth 2417
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Stormwater treatment

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Designed to treat the entire stormwater flow, the Nutrient Separating Baffle Box™ from Suntree Technologies meets or exceeds NPDES requirements for capturing a wide variety of pollutants including TSS, sediment, debris, foliage, and hydrocarbons. Municipalities can retrofit watersheds with the baffle box without compromising the original design specifications of the current stormwater system. The treatment system is available with Hydro-Variant Technology™ which automatically adjusts the hydrology to accommodate flow rate variations without head loss or performance reduction.
Suntree Technologies
Cocoa, FL
Tel: 321-637-7552
Web: www.suntreetech.com
Booth 1411
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Stormwater storage

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Brentwood’s StormTank™ Stormwater Storage Modules are a high-void, strong alternative to crushed stone, concrete structures, or pipe chambers for sub-surface stormwater detention or infiltration. They offer the largest void space of any underground system currently on the market (97%), and are load tested for use under parking lots and athletic fields with an HS-25 rating.
Brentwood Industries
Tel: 610-236-1113
Web: www.brentwood-ind.com
Booth 2635
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ITT Water and Wastewater has launched a new, significantly higher efficiency compact Flygt mixer, the SR4650 LSPM. The motor in the new mixer relies on Line-Started Permanent-Magnet (LSPM) technology to deliver maximum efficiency in terms of mixer thrust and power consumption. The mixer combines the efficiency of a synchronous permanent magnet motor with the direct on-line starting of an induction motor and is up to 15% higher efficiency at comparable power.
ITT Water and Wastewater
Trumbull, CT
Tel: 203-380-4700
Web: www.us.ittwww.com.
Booth 3103
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Pipe products

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Meyer® polymer concrete pipe and Flowtite® filament wound pressure pipe products will be displayed by U.S. Composite Pipe South. The polymer concrete pipe is available in a range of diameters from 18" to 102", in standard 10' sections. This non-corrosive product is ideally suited for micro-tunneling and jacking jobs.
U.S. Composite Pipe South
Zachary, LA
Web: www.uscpsouth.com
Booth 1493
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Insertable valve

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The EZ Valve by Advanced Valve Technologies can be installed on a pipeline in less than one hour, under pressures up to 250 PSI. The system uses machine-shop derived milling technology to cut a 15/8" slot 120 degrees across the top of the pipe leaving the pipe’s integrity intact. Because of this, the valve can be installed on ductile iron, cast iron, C-900, SDR and AC pipe. Currently sizes 4"-12" are available with larger sizes coming soon. The system is compact enough to be carried in a standard steel jobsite box.
Advanced Valve Technologies
Blue Island, IL
Tel: 877-489-4909
Web: www.avtfittings.com
Booth 5074
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Sludge disintegration

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The Crown® Sludge Disintegration System from Siemens Water Technologies is a U.S. patented cell lysing process that eliminates digester foaming caused by filamentous bacteria (providing digester stability); reduces solids for disposal by 20% (saving sludge disposal costs); improves dewatering; and increases biogas production by up to 30% (generating energy from a waste source as well as a revenue stream from the sale of electricity).
Siemens Water Technologies
Tel: 800-525-0658
Web: www.water.siemens.com
Booth 3045
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