WEFTEC: Exhibitor Products: Part 8

Sept. 1, 2009

Process management

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The IntelliPro® process management system from Aqua-Aerobic Systems is a PC based tool that interfaces with a plant’s control system and automatically receives, interprets, and proactively adjusts to in-basin instruments for process optimization. It provides the process monitoring power of a SCADA system. Remote monitoring, available in Aqua’s Command Center, provides on-demand troubleshooting assistance online or by phone.
Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc.
Tel: 815-639-4456
Web: www.aqua-aerobic.com
Booth 1853
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Mixing systems

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions offers the UniFirst™ 4040 Mixer and its Raven™ Mixer. The UniFirst 4040 is part of the company’s 4000 series, offering the water industry’s highest shaft-diameter to torque ratio. The mixer is designed to withstand excessive heat, harsh weather conditions, and fluctuating loads. The Raven 3800 series is engineered for maximum durability in mixing large solid concentrations and in caustic and corrosive environments.
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions
Palmyra, PA
Web: www.philamixers.com
Booth 3553
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Level monitoring

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Pressure Systems, manufacturer of KPSI™ Level and Pressure Transducers, now offers lightning protection for its Series 300 small bore submersible level transducers. The series features protection against fast rising voltage transients with the use of two surge protection components, one located in the 0.75"OD 316 SS housing of the transducer and one located at the surface, grounded via DIN-rail or ground wire. The series is specifically designed for small-bore applications.
Pressure Systems
Hampton, VA
Tel: 800-328-3665
Web: www.pressuresystems.com
Booth 5170
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Corrugated PE pipe

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JM Eagle had introduced the Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) pipe. Combining a corrugated exterior and a smooth interior for maximum hydraulic efficiency in a high-density polyethylene pipe, it can be used in a variety of gravity flow applications and is especially suited for storm sewer systems. The pipe has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is very flexible and weighs less than traditional products.
JM Eagle
Los Angeles, CA
Web: www.jmeagle.com
Booth 2975
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Dilution system

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The Merlin Dilution System from Force Flow allows utilities to purchase chemicals at less expensive higher concentration, then automatically dilute it down to any strength right before feeding. The dilution system improves feed loop control and operator safety. The company’s patented design permits total flexibility in final dilution strength at the touch of a button, optimizes metering pump accuracy and allows chemical usage to be remotely monitored.
Force Flow
Concord, CA
Tel: 800-893-6723
Web: www.forceflow.com
Booth 2817
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Mag meter

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Krohne has introduced the Waterflux 3070, a new electromagnetic meter with a 15-year battery life for applications in the water and wastewater industry. The new meter includes an optional GSM module for remote transmission of measurement data and status information. Thanks to extremely short inlet and outlet installation requirements, the meter can be installed in very narrow wells and chambers. A magnetic-inductive meter, it is accurate and stable, and features a lower pressure drop than comparable mechanical water meters. It does not require filters and needs no cleaning.
Krohne Inc.
Tel: 800-356-9464
Web: www.krohne.com/northamerica
Booth 4121
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Dewatering press

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The Rotary Fan Press from Prime Solution meets all requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The dewatering system is available in four sizes to meet specific facility needs. The presses are continuous operation, slow moving at 1 rpm, have an enclosed environment and automated cleaning with minimal parts to maintain. Compact skid and mobile systems are available.
Prime Solution Inc.
Tel: 269-673-9559
Web: www.psirotary.com
Booth 4069
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Check valve

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The TF-1 Curved Bill Tideflex® Check Valve is designed with enhanced sealing to improve headloss across the valve. The valve is constructed entirely of rubber, making it immune to rust, corrosion and weathering. The new design enables the check valve to handle long-term water weight and maintain its structural integrity. The spine is at a greater vertical angle, allowing the valve to withstand the cantilever effect when water is flowing through the valve.
Tideflex Technologies
Carnegie, PA
Tel: 412-279-0044
Web: www.tideflex.com
Booth 1745
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Flex-Seal Utility Sealant® is a plural component aromatic urethane with an 800% elongation and a tensile strength of 3200 psi. It is designed to prevent inflow/infiltration and to provide corrosion protection at the grade adjustment ring section or joint section. The sealant provides an excellent seal and will pass a vacuum test according to ASTM standards. The internal seal is manually applied using a paint brush and the kit is designed to cover 12 vertical inches on a 27” diameter manhole.
Sealing Systems Inc.
Loretto, MN
Tel: 800-478-2054
Web: www.ssisealingsystems.com
Booth 4017
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Optical DO sensor

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ATI has recently added a low maintenance Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor to its lineup of traditional membraned DO sensors. Optical sensors do not require changing of electrolyte, membranes or lead anodes and can operate in processes where there is zero flow across the sensor. ATI offers an optional “air blast” sensor cleaning system, which when used with the optical sensor will provide years of maintenance free operation.
Analytical Technology, Inc.
Collegeville, PA 19426
Web: www.analyticaltechnology.com
Booth 2659
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Motor protection, control

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Eaton’s Motor Insight system offers overload and monitoring relays that provide solid state-motor protection and control. Advanced monitoring capabilities include thermal overload, ground fault detection, power voltage and current monitoring, along with flexible communications. The system helps improve reliability, uptime, safety, and ease of use in installation and maintenance. The system can help municipal water facilities detect conditions that could result in motor or pump failure, energy waste, and minimize potential for sewer system backups.
Eaton Corp.
Moon Township, PA
Tel: 414-449-6470
Web: www.eaton.com
Booth 1345
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Solar power circulators

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Using the sun’s energy instead of grid power, SolarBee® water circulators minimize aeration equipment run-time in wastewater and industrial water reservoirs, which significantly reduces energy costs. Thorough mixing helps improve regulatory compliance by reducing biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS), ammonia, odors and sludge buildup. Because the circulators use “green” solar power and reduce consumption of grid power, municipalities are eligible for green initiatives such as utility rebates and infrastructure improvement funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
SolarBee Inc.
Dickinson, ND
Tel: 866-437-8076
Web: www.solarbee.com
Booth 1715
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SCADA systems

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Control Microsystems is a supplier of SCADA products for the water and wastewater industry. The recently introduced FlowStation pump controller is suitable for pump-up and pump-down applications. Based on the SCADAPack 334 controller, it supports up to three pumps with automatic pump alternation and cellular modem option for SMS and email alarm notifications and acknowledgment.
Control Microsystems
Web: www.controlmicrosystems.com.
Booth 1702
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Treatment system

The patented Webitat system from Entex Technologies specifically addresses the problem with infestations of redworms which feed on the attached growth media biofilm. The system also shears the biomass creating a higher rate system. These thinner biofilms have shown substantial improvement in the performance of IFAS systems, a company spokesman said. The system is operating successfully at The Colony, a residential community in Texas, and at other wastewater treatment facilities across the country.
Entex Technologies Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC
Tel: 919-933-2770
Web: www.entexinc.com
Booth 3229
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Pipe inspection

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RedZone Robotics is introducing the RedZone Solo pipe inspection system at WEFTEC this year. The Solo robot does not require on-site trucks, generators, or personnel - resulting in increased safety, emissions reductions, elimination of easement access challenges, and minimal public disruption. One person can operate four robots after a day’s training, with significant increases in throughput compared to conventional CCTV.
RedZone Robotics Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 412-476-8980 Web: www.redzone.com
Booth 4311
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DO monitoring

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The Thermo Scientific Orion RDO probe and the AquaSensors RDO Pro incorporate a second generation rugged dissolved oxygen (DO) “dynamic luminescence quenching” principle. The sensors use luminescence technology to detect oxygen, in which the signal response is inversely related to the oxygen content, resulting in improved accuracy in low-level samples. The Orion RDO probes require no stirring of the sample, no warm up time and minimal maintenance. There are no membranes or solutions to replace.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Beverly, MA
Tel: 978-232-6102
Web: www.thermo.com/water
Booth 2611
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Gas shutoff system

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Eclipse Actuators close toxic gas valves on 150 lb. and ton cylinders in less than one second when activated by remote sensors. These electronic actuators are “close only devices” requiring an operator to visit the site to determine the cause of the problem. The battery-operated actuator allows an operator or remote gas sensor to shut off leaking toxic gas without requiring the operator to enter the hazardous atmosphere. The chlorine valve can be opened or closed manually with the actuator installed and ready to operate.
Halogen Valve Systems
Irvine, CA
Tel: 877-476-4222
Web: www.halogenvalve.com
Booth 2356
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Multi-stage pump

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ITT’s Goulds Pumps brand SMVT vertical multi-stage pump is a proven turbine pump design offering high efficiencies and durability. It handles a flow range from 50 to 850 gpm, heads up to 880 ft. and a temperature range from -13°F to 150ºF for standard construction. The pumps feature standard cast iron/stainless steel fitted construction with bronze bearings, and optional stainless steel casing - plus precision balanced rotating elements.
Goulds Pumps, a brand of ITT Corp.
Tel: 315-568-7123
Web: www.goulds.com
Booth 3003
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