WEFTEC: Exhibitor Products: Part 5

Sept. 1, 2009

Monitoring, control

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The Link2Site™ Flex wireless-to-web system from Siemens combines a simple web-based user interface with the coverage of cellular networks to provide an easy-to-install remote monitoring and control system. Operators can view key process information contained within their PLC from anywhere and at anytime, in real time, simply using a web browser and an Internet connection. In addition, they can ensure that critical equipment is always operating, optimize process operations, and reduce maintenance and service costs.
Siemens Water Technologies
Vadnais Heights, MN
Tel: 800-224-9474
Web: www.siemens.com/link2siteflex
Booth 3045
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Membrane module

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inge watertechnologies AG will display the dizzer® 5000plus MB 1.5 membrane module at WEFTEC in the “Research in Germany – Land of Ideas” Booth. The new module is based on the company’s Multibore® ultrafiltration technology, which means that its membrane is extremely resistant to the action of mechanical and chemical agents. The capillary diameter of the MB has been enlarged to 1.5 mm from the 0.9 mm dimension of the standard modules.
inge watertechnologies AG
Greifenberg, Germany
Web: www.inge.ag/index_en.php
Booth 2451
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Leak detection

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SmartBall is an autonomous in-line leak detection and condition assessment system from Pure Technologies. The free swimming, non-tethered foam ball with an instrumented aluminum core is capable of detecting acoustic activity associated with leaks and pockets of trapped gas in pressurized pipelines. The ball is inserted into a pipeline and travels with the water flow for up to 12 hours. The company also offers robotic pipeline inspection services.
Pure Technologies US Inc.
Columbia, MD
Tel: 800-537-2806
Web: www.puretechnologiesltd.com
Booth 5033
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Sump pump

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Sethco’s display will feature the UD Series Heavy Duty Industrial Sump Pump, which is suited, structurally and hydraulically, for heavy duty service in conjunction with pollution control treatment systems. Common applications include moving acid and alkali waste to and from treatment tanks and feeding fume scrubbers. The pumps are constructed of rigid CPVC and PVC materials to provide mechanical strength at elevated temperatures and excellent chemical resistance to concentrated acids and alkalies.
Sethco Division, Met-Pro Corp.
Telford, PA
Tel: 215-799-2577
Web: www.sethco.com
Booth 1610
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Brackish water RO element

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The optimized design of the DOW™ FILMTEC™ BW30XFR-400/34i creates a high rejection and high productivity element to purify waters with biological and organic fouling tendencies. Incorporating the company’s proprietary BW30XFR membrane sheet, the RO elements allow demineralization and other water treatment systems to operate more consistently with less cleaning and maintenance.
Dow Water & Process Solutions
Minneapolis, MN
Tel: 800-447-4369
Web: www.dowwatersolutions.com
Booth 2929
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Slip-type expansion joint

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The Dresser Piping Specialties Style 63™ Expansion Joint is designed for many applications, including for use with steel pipelines on bridge crossings. A key design issue with this application is the exposure to temperature fluctuations and the need to accommodate expansion and contraction. The Style 63 joint is considered a slip-type joint and has distinct advantages over accordion or bellow type joints and eliminates the need for an expensive pipe loop expansion system.
Dresser Piping Specialties
Dresser, Inc.
Bradford, PA
Tel: 814-362-9200
Web: www.dresser.com/pipingspecialties
Booth 4818
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Sluice, slide gates

Fontaine designs, manufactures and distributes a line of stainless steel sluice and slide gates, stop logs and related water control equipment. With over 40 years of experience, the company provides its clients and partners with engineered solutions to meet all of their specific water control needs.
Fontaine Industries Ltd.
Magog Quebec Canada
Tel: 819-843-3068
Web: www.hfontaine.com
Booth 2022
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Membrane Bioreactor

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The Norit Airlift™ Membrane BioReactor (MBR) is a compact purification system that combines the biological degradation process with a membrane separation process. This combination offers several significant advantages over a conventional activated sludge system, including higher biomass concentration and less sludge carryover. The higher biomass concentration results in a more compact system. The decrease in sludge carryover reduces the need to post-treat the effluent.
Norit Americas Inc.
Tel: 617-901-7545
Web: www.xflow.com
Booth 4225
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Double diaphragm pumps

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Wilden’s PX400 and PX800 air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps feature the materials of construction and design versatility necessary for the safe handling of a wide range of diluted acids in sewage-treatment applications. These plastic pumps are available in two sizes: 38 mm (1-1/2") for the PX400 and 51 mm (2") for the PX800. A variety of elastomer options, including Teflon™ and PTFE, are available to meet abrasion, temperature and chemical-compatibility concerns.
Grand Terrace, CA
Tel: 909-422-1700
Booth 3530
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Software tools

Hydromantis is an employee-owned environmental engineering consulting company focusing on the development of software programs for the optimization of water and wastewater treatment facilities including: CapdetWorks for preliminary design, sizing and cost comparison of WWTPs; GPS-X for simulation and optimization of new or existing WWTPs; ARTS for general purpose hydraulic design and hydraulic profiling; and WATPRO and ODM for the optimization of drinking water disinfection systems with ability to link with online sensors for real-time predictions of effluent quality and DSP formation.
Hydromantis Inc.
Hamilton, Ontario
Tel: 905-522-0012 Web: www.hydromantis.com
Booth 2859
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Trench drains

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Zurn Flo-Thru™, a division of Zurn Engineered Water Solutions, features a pre-engineered, pre-sloped trench drain, replacing the old methods of hand forming, cast-in-place trenches. The Z874-12, 18 and 21 inch systems are constructed of high-density polyethylene in 80" modular channel sections. Each modular section has interlocking ends, a radiused bottom, and rebar clips.
Zurn Industries, LLC
Flo-Thru Operations
Erie, PA Tel: 814-875-1252 Web: www.zurn.com
Booth 2022
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Rotary lobe pumps

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Boerger offers a self-priming, valveless positive displacement pump suited for use in the wastewater industry. The company offers 16 pump models in six series with flow rates between 4.4 and 4,400 gpm. The variety of components and materials of construction enable Boerger to supply an optimized pump to meet specific customer requirements.
Boerger, LLC
Minneapolis, MN
Tel: 612-435-7341
Web: www.boerger-pumps.com
Booth 4251
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Programmable controller

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The SEL-2411 Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) is suited for the extreme temperatures, high vibration, and high humidity of water and wastewater environments. With powerful math and logic functions, the system provides intelligent control and monitoring of wells, pumps, lift stations, and other process equipment. In addition to pump monitoring and control applications, a variety of sensors connected to the controller provide asset protection by giving operating personnel advanced notification of building temperature, flood conditions, smoke alarms, combustible gas detection, chemical tank levels, ventilation, pressure, flow, intrusion, and other parameters.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc.
Pullman, WA
Tel: 509-334-5089
Web: www.selinc.com
Booth 2324
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Progressing cavity pumps

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The Netzsch M.Champ® progressing cavity pump has only a few moving parts. The drive train is a highly corrosion resistant flexible rod. Unlike other pumps that have conventional joints with moving parts that wear, this pump has no joints. The patented NEMOLAST® reversible stator guarantees high operational reliability with a long life span.
Netzsch Pumps North America, LLC
Exton, PA
Tel: 610-363-8010
Web: www.netzschusa.com
Booth 3703
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Aluminum covers

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Conservatek is a manufacturer and installer of custom designed aluminum covers. The company’s product offering includes aluminum geodesic domes, extruded and formed flat covers, truss and joist supported cover structures and custom architectural cover designs. The covers are used for storage tank applications in water, wastewater and petroleum as well as large dome structures for the storage of dry bulk materials.
Conroe, TX
Tel: 936-539-1747
Web: www.conservatek.com
Booth 2832
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Mixing system

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The Rotamix Process Mixing System by Vaughan uses state of the art solids handling equipment and technology to provide hydraulic mixing systems for digesters, sludge storage tanks, sludge blend tanks, equalization basins and anoxic zones.
Vaughan Co.
Montesano, WA
Tel: 888-249-2467
Web: www.chopperpumps.com
Booth 2345
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Sludge pump

The Penn Valley Double Disc™ pump, a WEFTEC 2008 Innovative Technology Award Winner, incorporates a patented repair-in-place hinged housing design that allows complete servicing without disturbing the piping. With flow rates ranging from 1-1,400 gpm, the pump is routinely used for sludge handling applications to include: belt press feed, centrifuge feed, rotary press feed, thickener feed, thickened sludge, digested sludge, primary sludge, scum and septage.
Penn Valley Pump Co.
Warrington, PA
Tel: 215-343-8750
Web: www.pennvalleypump.com
Booth 2923
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COD reagents

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CHEMetrics manufactures two lines of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) reagent vials in addition to test kits for over 50 analytes. One version is the USEPA-approved method; the other is a mercury-free version. Available in three ranges (0-150 ppm, 0-1,500 ppm, and 0-15,000 ppm), both lines come in a variety of package sizes to meet testing frequency. The products using the USEPA-approved method contain mercuric sulfate in the reagent to eliminate chloride interferences.
CHEMetrics Inc.
Calverton, VA
Tel: 800-356-3072
Web: www.chemetrics.com
Booth 2569
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Control systems

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Revere Control Systems will be featuring its After Market Services program. This is a collection of service offerings that address all aspects of treatment plant control system service and maintenance. Services range from routine calibration, preventative maintenance, drive and MCC upgrades, and spare parts management to programming for PLCs, HMIs and SCADA, and custom report design. Also available are a variety of engineering services, and IT services such as networking, security, and computer hardware and software upgrades. Programs can provide on-site or off-site support.
Revere Control Systems
Web: www.reverecontrol.com
Booth 4261
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Plug valves

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Val-Matic’s Cam-Centric® Plug Valve is designed to handle wastewater and industrial slurry applications while maintaining dependability and efficiency. The ¼ turn valve allows low torque actuation for shut-off and throttling service. The Vee-Type packing is field adjustable and replaceable without removal of the actuator. Both the packing and stainless steel radial bearings are protected by grit seals in the upper and lower bearing journals. An extra thick welded nickel seat assures long life.
Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp.
Elmhurst, IL
Tel: 630-941-7600
Web: www.valmatic.com
Booth 2335
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Sonar level control

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Hawk has introduced an interface level system using a sonar transducer for level control. The Orca Sonar system is designed for improved sensing of interface levels in clarifiers and thickeners. The new sensors offer improvements in overall power, penetration, and calibration density range. They perform under high suspended solids loading, “sliming” and generally upset process conditions. Sonar sensors may be used to locate and track layers of differing density within a process tank.
Hawk Measurement
Tel: 888-429-5538
Web: www.hawkmeasure.com
Booth 1457
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Virtual WWTP tour

Schneider Electric has launched SE City, a web-based, virtual-tour program designed to help customers better understand the company’s solutions within any industry and any application. The wastewater portion of SE City was unveiled at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference. The virtual facility tour features a plant overview with links to headworks, blowers, UV disinfection system, control room, biosolids treatment and other areas where Schneider equipment is used.
Schneider Electric
Palatine, IL
Web: www.schneider-electric.us
Booth 1381
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Access products

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The Bilco company manufactures a complete line of access products for the water treatment industry. Products include access doors, fall protection grating and ladder safety posts. The company’s products are manufactured to provide years of service and are available with a variety of options to meet any access requirement. Products are engineered for safe and reliable operation and fabricated to the highest quality standards.
Bilco Co.
West Haven, CT
Tel: 203-934-6363
Web: www.bilco.com
Booth 1717
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