WEFTEC: Exhibitor Products: Part 1

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Sludge dewatering

Th Weftec 0909 01 01
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BDP Industries is a supplier of sludge dewatering equipment. The company began designing and fabricating equipment over 35 years ago and has over 1000 operating belt presses throughout the world.
BDP Industries
Greenwich, NY
Tel: 518-527-5417
Web: www.bdpindustries.com
Booth 3865
Circle No. 263 on Reader Service Card

Odor control

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The EcoFilter biotrickling filter from BioAir Solutions uses the company’s new EcoBase™ synthetic media. The filter eliminates odors using no hazardous chemicals and no consumables.
BioAir Solutions
Tel: 856-258-6969
Web: www.bioairsolutions.com
Booth 3223
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Wet well cleaning system

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The Gamajet rotary cleaning machine can be lowered through any manhole to completely clean the inside of virtually any size wet well, holding tank or lift station. Personnel remain safely above ground throughout the cleaning operation.
Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc. Exton, PA Tel: 610-408-9940 Web: www.gamajet.com
Booth 2992
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Pilot on-site disinfection unit

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MIOX has introduced a new modular pilot system featuring the new self-cleaning Vault™ on-site generator. The modular pilot system also is available for the company’s small series on-site generators.
MIOX Corp.
Albuquerque, NM
Tel: 888-646-9426
Web: www.miox.com
Booth 3261
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Thermoplastic pumps

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Vanton offers a range of thermoplastic pumps, including the Flex-i-Liner®, a self-priming peristaltic rotary pump for transfer and dosing of chemicals with flows to 40 gpm at temperatures to 250°F. Chem-Gard®, the company’s horizontal thermoplastic centrifugal pumps for flows to 3000 gpm, heads to 400 feet at temperatures to 275°F.
Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.
Hillside, NJ Tel: 908-688-4216
Web: www.vanton.com
Booth 2527
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Packaged ozone systems

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Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, a full-service producer of ozone water treatment systems, has introduced a packaged ozone treatment system for small municipalities. Capable of producing up to 50 ppd of ozone, these self-contained turnkey systems are pre-engineered.
Mitsubishi Electric
Warrendale, PA Tel: 714-220-6896
Web: www.meppi.com
Booth 4614
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Self-priming pumps

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The new Godwin Dri-Prime model CD500M 20" by 18" automatic self-priming pump is capable of flows to 13,200 gpm and heads to 208'. The direct drive, high volume centrifugal pump features the company’s original double venturi Dri-Prime priming system.
Godwin Pumps
Bridgeport, NJ
Web: www.godwinpumps.com
Tel: 856-467-3636
Booth 1333
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PE tanks, containers

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Assmann manufactures polyethylene and plastic storage tanks and containers with capacities ranging from 40 to 12,000 gallons. The company will display its feed station family and small double wall tanks at WEFTEC.
Assmann Corp.
Garrett, IN Tel: 888-357-3181
Web: www.assmann-usa.com
Booth 4638
Circle No. 270 on Reader Service Card

Rotary drum screen

Th Weftec 0909 01 09
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Vulcan Industries will introduce its new line of rotary drum screens with perforated media at WEFTEC ‘09. The company has taken its durable Rotary Drum Screen and added new filtering media choices required for downstream processes needing protection from fibrous materials. Potential uses include membrane bioreactors, integrated fixed film activated sludge, moving bed bioreactors or other applications where stringy or fibrous material can impact process efficiency.
Vulcan Industries
Missouri Valley, IA
Tel: 712-642-2755
Web: www.vulcanindustries.com
Booth 2002
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Adaptive pump impeller

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ITT has released the new Adaptive Impeller version of its Flygt N-Pump. The new enhanced design allows the N-impeller to move axially to allow passage of trash flow, virtually eliminating clogging even under the most difficult conditions. This advanced design is now available for small Flygt N-series pumps from 2.2-hp through 10-hp.
ITT Water & Wastewater, USA
Trumbull, CT
Tel: 203-380-4700
Web: www.us.ittwww.com
Booth 3003
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Odor control

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The Duall BIO-PRO™ is an easy-to-access, low-profile bioscrubber that is environmentally friendly. Gaseous pollutants are absorbed then biodegraded by bacteria immobilized as fixed films on multiple biomedia cassettes. Recirculation of microorganisms present in the recycle liquid continuously scours the biobeds and creates virtually no significant pH gradient thus providing a homogenous acidic pH traversing the first biobed and a neutral pH in the second.
Duall Division, Met-Pro Corp.
Tel: 989-725-8184
Web: www.dualldiv.com
Booth 3709
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Open-channel flowmeter

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The QCEC Open Channel flowmeter is designed for ease of use and stable operation over a wide range of conditions. Incorporating advanced digital signal processing (DSP) into the ultrasonic head, the pulse/echo process is both controlled and sensed using proprietary adaptive algorithms. Echo information is digitally transmitted back to the flowmeter for reliable operation over long distances without affecting the measurement process.
Des Moines, IA
Booth 4577
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Grit removal system

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The new Smith & Loveless PISTA® 360™ grit removal system with patented V-Force Baffle™ provides practical engineering benefits during system design and significant cost-saving considerations for municipalities prior to and after installation. The design increases velocity during low flow periods while maintaining consistent grit capture during surges.
Smith & Loveless
Lenexa, KS
Tel: 913-888-5201
Web: www.smithandloveless.com
Booth 4075
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MBR systems

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Puron™ MBR systems from Koch are used for some of the toughest wastewater treatment applications, including sewage treatment for municipalities and treatment of wastewater for the beverage, textile, food, paper, and chemicals industries. The single header design with a free floating membrane fiber tip combined with the centrally located air scour nozzle delivers optimal solids management and reliable operation at peak flux rates, while using 50 percent less air scour energy than other submerged MBR membrane modules.
Koch Membrane Systems Inc.
Wilmington, MA
Tel: 888-677-5624
Web: www.kochmembrane.com
Booth 4955
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Israeli water products

The Israeli government will sponsor a
Booth at WEFTEC ‘09 to showcase products developed in that country. Since its founding, Israel has been coping with water scarcity and has been treating the subject as a national priority. The country has constantly developed novel and efficient water technologies. Areas of expertise include water resource management, irrigation, purification & reclamation, desalination and water security. Israel is the world’s top water recycler, with a 75% water recycling rate.
Government of Israel Economic Mission
Web: www.israeleconomicmission.com
Booth 1423
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Engine-driven pumps

Th Weftec 0909 01 15
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Gorman-Rupp recently launched new engine-driven pumps as part of its Ultra V Series®. These self-priming engine-driven pumps are built with advanced design and maintenance features, and offer improved solids-handling capabilities along with higher heads and increased flows. Built upon the foundation of the Super T Series®, the Ultra V Series® pumps are suited for high head applications where traditional self-priming trash pumps fall short.
Mansfield, OH
Tel: 419-755-1011
Web: www.grpumps.com
Booth 3445
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FRP shelters

Th Weftec 0909 01 16
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Plasti-Fab, a supplier of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) used in wastewater facilities, is launching a new Guardian Shelter line of industrial shelters that can be purchased online at www.industrialshelters.com. The new website offers immediate pricing for all models and a simple medium for customizing any of the 11 different sizes to fit specific needs. The shelters are suited for housing pumps, blowers, generators, communications equipment, and more.
Plasti-Fab Inc.
Tualatin, OR
Tel: 503-692-5460
Booth 2133
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Wastewater disinfection

Th Weftec 0909 01 17
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EPA-approved and chlorine-free, Solvay Chemicals’ Proxitane® WW-12 microbiocide, whose residues quickly biodegrade, is suited for the disinfection of sewage and wastewater effluent. Used primarily as a replacement for chlorine gas and sodium hypochlorite, the microbiocide also offers a low-capital alternative to chlorine dioxide, ozone, and UV. Additionally, it supplements under-capacity UV systems.
Solvay Chemicals Inc.
Houston, TX
Tel: 800-765-8292
Web: www.solvaychemicals.us
Booth 5156
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Valve actuators

Th Weftec 0909 01 18
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Hayward Flow Control has introduced a new line of reversing electric actuators and accessories for a wide range of valve automation applications. The corrosion-resistant EPM, EPS, and EPL Series electric actuators are available in a variety of quarter-turn reversing, quarter turn reversing spring return, and linear drive models. EPM Series Reversing Actuators are designed for use with all ball and butterfly valves up to 24" in size, provide torque outputs from 300 to 13500 in. lbs., and are available with positioners for special on/off or modulating requirements.
Hayward Flow Control Systems
Clemmons, NC
Tel: 888-429-4635
Web: www.haywardflowcontrol.com
Booth 1775
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Containment scales

Th Weftec 0909 01 19
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Scaletron Industries recently introduced three new Secondary Spill and Leak Containment Scales. The complete line now includes: a 63" by 63" Intermediate Bulk Container & Tote Bin scale; a 52" by 52" Tank scale; a 26" by 52" Double Drum Scale (pictured); in addition to their original 26" by 26" Drum Scales. All meet EPA, OSHA, etc. requirements. Indicators include 3 ½, 4 ½ and 5 digit; plus a “total electronic” Chemical Process Controller.
Scaletron Industries Ltd.
Web: www.scaletronscales.com
Booth 2223
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