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The TRH444 from Omega Engineering is a compact turbidity analysis instrument. This all-in-one meter includes automatic range selection, signal averaging, data logging up to 99 readings, RS-232 interface port (for PC or printer connection) and language selection (English, Spanish, or Portuguese).

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Turbidity monitoring

The TRH444 from Omega Engineering is a compact turbidity analysis instrument. This all-in-one meter includes automatic range selection, signal averaging, data logging up to 99 readings, RS-232 interface port (for PC or printer connection) and language selection (English, Spanish, or Portuguese). The carrying case is shock resistant with a NEMA 4 rating. The self guided programming menu makes this CE compliant product ideal for regulatory monitoring, process water testing, and environmental water analysis in the field or laboratory.

Omega Engineering Inc.
Stamford, CT
Tel: 203-359-1660
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Exhaust system

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The patent pending Strobic Air® Smart Fan™ is designed to maintain safe ventilation levels while minimizing facility energy costs and carbon footprint in “safety critical” ventilation applications. The fan senses pressure changes as system demand changes and continually adjusts fan speed to produce optimal flow. In multi-fan applications, fans are cycled on and off as required. Additionally, the system can sense a fan failure and turn on a standby fan to maintain safe exhaust operations.

Strobic Air Corp.
Harleysville, PA
Tel: 215-723-4700
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Manhole monitoring

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Weidmuller’s wireless solution acts as a monitoring system from a sewer manhole to a customer’s existing SCADA system. Components include a compact 900 MHz wireless transmitter (WI-I/O-9-K), coupled with a matching battery pack (WI-BP-I/O-9-K), which uses standard AA Alkaline batteries. The wireless transmitter sends analog and discrete signals to a wireless transceiver (WI-I/O 9-4). This unit collects the data from the transmitter and forwards it to a customer’s SCADA application. The easy-to-use programming software for the wireless devices is provided for free via web down load, and simplifies the process of mapping the transmission of signals and control transmit schedules, prolonging battery life.

Richmond, VA
Tel: 800-849-9343
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Wear protection systems

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Abresist has introduced two new Keraflex wear protection systems, consisting of Alresist® high alumina ceramics or Kalmetall®W hard overlay welding plates vulcanized to a steel base. These systems are suited where high abrasion and impact occur in combination. Maximum operating temperature is 176°F/80°C. Keraflex reduces noise and is especially well suited for use in transfer chutes in belt conveyor systems and impact zones in bunkers and silos. These wear protection systems are produced in standard panels, up to 20" square, with welded studs or countersunk bolting attachments.

Abresist Corp., a Kalenborn Co.
Urbana, IN Tel: 800-348-0717 Web:
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Grease interceptor

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Advanced Drainage Systems’ grease interceptor tank design meets ASTM’s new standard, “ASTM F2649 Standard Specification for Corrugated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Grease Interceptor Tanks.” This standard provides the material, design and manufacturing requirements for these products. Made in large part from the company’s HDPE pipe, the ADS tanks provide a watertight and long-life system that can be designed to resist the heated, corrosive discharges found in food waste. Ready to install, the tanks are available in 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 gallon capacities.

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.
Findlay, OH
Tel: 800-733-7473
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Chemical storage

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Assmann has introduced the Base Container BC450 double wall rectangular, low profile, chemical storage tank for various material handling applications. The primary tank holds 450 US gallons and allows intermediate bulk containers (IBC) to be emptied and back on the road, offering savings on container rentals and storage space. The intermediate bulk container is placed on top of the storage tank to drain. The tank is constructed from crosslink polyethylene or FDA approved and NSF Certified linear polyethylene. Features include molded-in forklift access for easy placement, 2½" thick mild steel epoxy coated grating for durability and complete fill assembly including ball valve and chemical transfer hose.

Assmann Corp. of America
Garrett, IN
Tel: 888-357-3181
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Actuator control boxes

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Assured Automation has introduced a new line of weatherproof CB Series Control Boxes which allow users to operate the company’s electric or pneumatic actuators from a remote location (pneumatic actuators require a solenoid). The compact control boxes are available with lamp indication for feedback confirmation of actuator/valve position (limit switch required). The enclosures are available with NEMA 1, 4X, 12, and 13 ratings.

Assured Automation
Clark, NJ
Tel: 800-899-0553
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Pressure sensors

Kavlico offers two pressure sensors for wastewater treatment systems which meet the NSF/ANSI Standard 61. Wastewater systems require all waste to be pumped from lift stations to the wastewater treatment facility. Kavlico’s P350 pressure sensor can be used to notify personnel of drops or rises in pump pressure which would be cause for alarm. The company’s P356 pressure sensor can be used to monitor flow.

Moorpark, CA Web:
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Hydrant barcodes

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Assured Flow has introduced the latest addition to its hydrant identification systems, the Hydra Tag Barcode. This durable identification system is made from rust and corrosion resistant brass with an aluminum Teflon coated barcode strip riveted and adhered to the brass. All tags are custom made to customers specification. The tags attach securely to the bolts on a hydrant for a virtually tamper proof installation. Identification systems are important for emergency locations, maintenance and repairs, security, mapping and performance evaluations.

Assured Flow Sales Inc.
Tel: 800-388-0678
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