Elastomer Diffusers Prevent Clogging from Backflow

A relatively new air diffusion system features diffusers constructed of a thick elastomer that closes when the airflow is shut off.

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A relatively new air diffusion system features diffusers constructed of a thick elastomer that closes when the airflow is shut off. This design prevents the blackflow and clogging that can cause maintenance problems in more traditional aeration systems.

Tideflex Air Diffusers are being successfully applied in both municipal and industrial aeration applications. For municipal wastewater applications, the recommended elastomer is EPDM. The diffusers can also be fabricated from alternate elastomers for various types of wastewater and chemical mixing applications. The specific elastomer compounds used have a high elasticity response which allows the diffuser to recover to its closed position when the airflow is shut-off.

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The air diffusers were developed to overcome the limitations of traditional coarse and fine bubble designs. While most conventional air diffusers can clog with accumulated sludge when airflow is interrupted due to a blower shut down or power failure, Tideflex air diffusers prevent the backflow of sludge to keep the manifold clear. The integral check valve also allows the air supply to be shut down at will, resulting in cost savings from reduced energy consumption. Blowers no longer have to run around the clock to keep air diffusers clear.

The company offers both course and fine bubble mixing systems. The diffusers were designed for ease of installation and require no special or proprietary manifold piping or connections. They are ideal for new or retrofit applications.

Tideflex coarse bubble mixing systems are available in all stainless steel. They are manufactured as modular systems which can be installed by maintenance staff of a wastewater treatment facility, simplifying replacement of outdated equipment.

The coarse bubble systems provide enhanced mixing for high solids applications. They are used in biosolids waste management systems including aerobic digesters, sludge holding tanks, raw waste equalizations tanks and any process that contains high solids concentrations.

The company also offers coarse bubble channel mixing systems with stainless steel removable assemblies. They are used to mix and aerate wastewater connection channels. The detachable assemblies are designed for removal without having to dewater the channel. The diffuser orientation prevents solids from accumulating along the channel floor.

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Tideflex fine bubble and coarse bubble diffusers can be used to provide both nitrification and de-nitrification in the same process tank. This type of system is used within the same processes to provide high rate oxygen transfer and complete mixing and suspension of solids. The airflow can be alternated between the fine bubble grids and the coarse bubble grids to achieve this dual process benefit.

For grit chamber mixing, multiple coarse bubble diffuser assemblies can be installed in aerated grit chambers to provide controlled airflow through the length of the chamber. Airflow rates can be tapered to optimize particle separation.

The systems are also installed in stormwater holding tanks to provide oxygen and reduce odors. They can re-suspend any settled solids and eliminate solids accumulation within the storage vessel.

Tideflex Aeration and Mixing Systems are custom-designed for specific municipal or industrial applications. Complete system modeling and design are available. For more information, visit the company's website at www.tideflex.com. WW

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