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The 400plus series of ozone monitors is the newest addition to the WEDECO product portfolio from ITT Water & Wastewater.

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Ozone monitoring

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The 400plus series of ozone monitors is the newest addition to the WEDECO product portfolio from ITT Water & Wastewater. The new series will replace the current 400 and 500 series of low, medium, and high concentration monitors. Using the same measurement principle as the current analyzers, the 400plus series will provide improved accuracy and increased operational flexibility. In addition, the modular design of the new ozone monitors is ideal for an existing facility or for a new ozone application.
ITT Water & Wastewater
Charlotte, NC
Tel: 704-409-9700
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Thermal drying systems

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Siemens Water Technologies offers a broad range of sludge drying systems that can use waste heat. The direct or indirectly heated systems are available for small industrial and large municipal projects. The dry product may be used simply to reduce disposal costs for industrial clients or as a nutrient source or green biofuel. Siemens offers design, engineering and manufacturing of the entire system.
Siemens Water Technologies
Holland, MI
Tel: 281-360-4971
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Water loss control

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ADS has introduced a line of water loss control products for leak detection and flow measurement. The instruments form an integrated approach to system monitoring and leakage control for water distribution networks. Products in the lineup include the Enigma® for multi-point and delayed-start correlation, the Eureka Digital for challenging noise environments, Eureka2R for routine leak location, Mikron with advanced sound microphones, an electromagnetic insertion flowmeter, data logging systems, and more.
Huntsville, AL
Tel: 800-633-7246
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Industrial vacuum

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With its lower profile and center of gravity, Vac-Tron Equipment's new LP555DT industrial vacuum is easier to maneuver in tight places, and offers greater rearview visibility. It features a pressurized tank and hydraulically operated, full-open/locked rear door with push-button controls. The vacuum has a 36 hp, water-cooled, balanced diesel engine, and also is available with a Super Diesel (LP555SDT) 49 hp option. Standard features include a 500-gallon spoil tank, twin 100-gallon saddle water tanks with automatic low-water cutoff, 0.5 micron filter, 4000-psi water pump with electric clutch for on/off control, and waterproof and fully lockable control panel.
Vac-Tron Equipment®
Okahumpka, FL
Tel: 888-822-8766
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Biotrickling filter

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The new EcoFilter biotrickling filter from BioAir Solutions, uses the company's EcoBase™ synthetic media. The filter eliminates H2S and VOCs using no hazardous chemicals and no consumables. The compact unit is easy to expand and upgrade, scaling to meet specific needs now and in the future. The company's website provides details on its product line, which can address applications from 350 cfm to over 100,000 cfm.
BioAir Solutions
Tel: 856-258-6969
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Inflow prevention

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Val-Matic has announced the certification of its 1" and 2" FloodSafe® Inflow Preventers by the American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE). The patented system provides vault protection by preventing the entry of contaminated water or other fluids from entering the air valve outlet and subsequently the pipeline.
Val-Matic Corp.
Tel: 630-993-4056
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Foam sealant

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Todol Duo-Fill 400 Two-Part Urethane Foam Sealant is designed for plugging and sealing applications where rapid expansion and fast curing are required to quickly stop flowing water. Packaged in a "can-inside-a-can" for field use, this expanding closed-cell foam sealant mixes directly in the actuator head of the rigid 9" long dispensing tube, which permits visual quality control. Eliminating dispensing guns, hoses, and connections that can loosen, the foam sealant adheres well to most construction materials and offers multiple starts and closures. Providing a chemical cure in one minute that is unaffected by weather, the 13 oz. two-part product dynamically expands to 3.5 gals of foam sealant.
Todol Products Inc.
Natick, MA
Tel: 508-651-3818
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Drilling machine

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Reed's Feed Tap is a waterworks tool that drills through 3⁄4"- 2" pressurized ductile iron, cast iron, steel or plastic pipe. The lightweight, compact design, features a separate, independent feed control for advancing the shell cutter into the pipe. It allows the user to easily complete the tap using an electric or cordless drill, or even a wrench with manual power. Kits are available for AWWA, 110 Compression, and NPT.
Reed Manufacturing Co.
Erie, PA
Tel: 800-666-3691
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