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GTI’s structurally supported cover system consists of a retractable sheet of high strength, UV protected, coated fabric tensioned across a series of low profile aluminum arches which span a tank opening.

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Cover system

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GTI’s structurally supported cover system consists of a retractable sheet of high strength, UV protected, coated fabric tensioned across a series of low profile aluminum arches which span a tank opening. Applications include odor control, blocking sunlight, temperature control, or preventing debris from entering the tank. The fabric cover is sufficiently air tight to capture odorous gases for removal by a ventilation system, yet it can be detached on three sides and retracted to expose the tank contents for inspection or maintenance. Off-gas removal piping connects directly to the cover system.

GTI Tank and Lagoon Covers
Tel: 506-452-7333
Web: www.gticovers.com
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Vortex flow insert

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The Vortex Flow Insert is designed to help eliminate odorous emissions and minimize corrosion in vertical sewer drops. The patented spiral flow design uses the wastewater’s own flow energy to suppress the turbulence which releases noxious gases.

Tel: 905-403-8658
Web: www.ipexamerica.com
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Odor neutralizer

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BioWorld Odor Neutralizer is a water-based concentrated liquid that eliminates offensive odors at their source. All natural, the technology safely neutralizes unpleasant odors, including asphalt, sulfides, mercaptans, paint, urine, skunk and fish. Designed for large scale applications, the product can be added as a concentrate to wastewater, or it can be diluted and fogged into the air with BioWorld drum-mounted foggers and event timers to control odors at wastewater facilities.

BioWorld Products LLC
Visalia, CA
Tel: 800-882-0225
Web: www.bioworldusa.com
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Biofiltration odor control

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The Mónashell Biofiltration System, available from Bord na Mona, is an alternative to traditional carbon or chemical scrubbing systems and exhibits many advantages over other biofilters. The reuse of waste shells as media maintains a neutral pH, allowing for effective biological treatment of odorous sulfur compounds in wastewater and industrial airstreams without the use of chemicals or nutrient addition.

Bord na Mona
Greensboro, NC
Tel: 800-787-2356 Web: www.bnm-us.com
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Biogas collection cover

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Layfield has developed REVOC® Biogas Collection covers that use prefabricated cover weights and a new, fabric-supported polyolefin material. Gas collection covers are used to collect biogas from waste treatment ponds.

El Cajon, CA Tel: 800-377-8404 Web: www.layfieldgroup.com
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Wet scrubbers

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With over 30 years experience in both industrial and municipal odor control, Ceilcote APC can help utilities select the best scrubbing technology for their facility. Extensive pilot and field test data shows how scrubbers designed with Tellerette® Tower Packing can be operated at increased velocity further reducing both size and cost. The AMCA rated CLUB series FRP fans have been used with wet scrubbing systems, biosystems, and carbon absorption systems. The company’s designs allow for reduced tower diameters for space saving and reduced pumping requirements.

Ceilcote Air Pollution Control
Strongsville, OH Tel: 440-243-5389 Web: www.ceilcoteapc.com
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Odor monitoring

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OdoWatch® alerts wastewater treatment plant operators of potential odor problems before complaints arise by indicating when process controls are needed to mitigate odor. Sensors in the electronic nose transmit data measured in odor units to a central control computer that uses meteorological data to perform real-time dispersion modeling. The continuous, real-time results display as a color-coded plume overlaid on a map of the site. Alarms notify operators when preprogrammed thresholds are crossed.

N.A. Water Systems
Houston, TX
Tel: 800-337-0777 Web: www.nawatersystems.com
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Odor control systems

US Peroxide’s Peroxide-Regenerated Iron Technology (PRI-TECH™) programs enhance traditional iron salt applications resulting in reduced iron consumption. Users may choose from three patented programs to reduce odor control costs: PRI-SC™ for collection system sulfide control; PRI-CEPT™ for advanced primary settling and phosphorous removal; and PRI-DE™ for biosolids processing and digester enhancement.

US Peroxide
Waltham, MA
Tel: 877-346-4262
Web: www.h2o2.com
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H2S monitoring

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High hydrogen sulfide levels can now be continuously monitored and reported with Arizona Instrument’s new Jerome 651 monitoring system. The 631-X hydrogen sulfide analyzer can analyzes H2S levels as low as 0.003 ppb and as high as 50 ppm. The analyzer is housed in a weatherproof, temperature-controlled box that can be mounted to a building or post depending on the location. For further flexibility, the box also contains a control panel for on-site programming and a 900 MHz radio for remote programming and data downloading.

Arizona Instrument LLC
Tel: 800-290-1414
Web: www.azic.com
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Aluminum tank covers

Temcor offers aluminum geodesic domes with odor control systems. The domes provided a permanent, long-term, maintenance-free solution to odor control problems. The domes offer inherent resistance to common chemicals and elements present in the wastewater process such as hydrogen sulfide.

Gardena CA
Web: www.temcor.com
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