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MATCOR Tank Floor Anodes, originally developed for the impressed current cathodic protection of structures in marine environments such as docks, piers, platforms and submerged structures, are well suited for protecting tank walls, bottoms and immersed metallic structures for settling tanks, aeration basins and other large diameter wastewater treatment vessels.

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Inside drops

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RELINER® Drop Bowls can be used in new or existing construction to eliminate troublesome outside drops or to rehabilitate failed inside drops. They can be used in wet wells to help prevent pump cavitation thus increasing pump life. Maintenance is reduced as users can inspect and clean them from above yet access the entire structure. They are simple, cost effective, compact and low profile. A wide range of sizes and configurations are in stock with fully adjustable stainless steel pipe supports (1.5" thru 36") available to securely attach and support pipes to manhole walls with no protruding hardware.

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