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Aug. 1, 2009
Martin Sprocket & Gear offers a line of heavy duty conveyor pulleys and components to service the wastewater treatment industry.

Conveyor pulleys

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Martin Sprocket & Gear offers a line of heavy duty conveyor pulleys and components to service the wastewater treatment industry. The company’s conveyor pulleys offer maximum protection against premature failure in harsh applications. The heavy duty end discs on drum pulleys and unique end pipe design on wing pulleys provide protection against corrosion and hub weld fatigue. The company also manufactures a line of filter press rollers designed to withstand higher pinch pressures in wastewater treatment applications. This specialty product line is available as made-to-order.

Martin Sprocket & Gear
Arlington, TX
Tel: 817-258-3000
Circle No. 200 on Reader Service Card

Algae monitoring

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The FlowCAM® from Fluid Imaging Technologies is an automated imaging-based particle analyzer for detection and measurement of taste and odor algae (including Cyanobacteria) in water supplies. The system automatically captures images of each algal cell and stores up to 26 measurements for each cell. Automated pattern recognition technology in the VisualSpreadsheet© software can then classify the cells based upon these measurements, resulting in concentration measurements for different types of algae. In addition, the FlowCAM can be optionally equipped with cross-polarization capability (patent pending) for the early identification of invasive mussel veligers.

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
Yarmouth, ME
Tel: 207-846-6100
Circle No. 201 on Reader Service Card

Process control actuator

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The new Rotork GPSA electric, explosion-proof, process control actuator offers high-precision performance, an advanced human-machine interface (HMI), and cost-saving capabilities. It is available in linear and rotary actions and features an integral process controller, nonintrusive set-up and calibration, local controls, manual override, continuous modulation, diagnostics, programmable output characterization, and input signal dampening. Typically, process systems require additional control panels, cabling, and extensive installation; however, the GPSA is provided in one integral package.

Rotork Process Controls Inc.
Milwaukee, WI
Tel: 414-461-9200
Circle No. 203 on Reader Service Card

Valve exerciser

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The Wheeler-Rex ValveMaster™ is a trailer mounted valve exerciser designed specifically for municipal users. It mounts on any standard 2" ball hitch, eliminating the need for a dedicated vehicle for valve exercising duty. The frame design and telescoping control arm effectively absorbs all torque to permit safe, stable operation. The system offers variable speed, one-hand controls for accurate valve cycling. It is available with reversible counters.

Ashtabula, OH
Tel: 800-321-7950
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TOC analyzer

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OI Analytical’s new 9210e On-line TOC Analyzer brochure describes a “reagentless” electrochemical oxidation technology the company developed for use by NASA on board the International Space Station. Special boron doped diamond (BDD) electrodes produce hydroxyl radicals, peroxides, and ozone that efficiently oxidize organic compounds for TOC measurement. The 9210e is designed for continuous monitoring of TOC levels in process water streams.

OI Analytical
College Station, TX
Tel: 800-653-1711
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Solid-state meter

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The new E-Series Meter from Badger Meter is an electronic, solid-state meter with no moving parts. It has a battery life of up to 20 years. The meter works by using ultrasonic transducers mounted within the meter housing. Based on the measurement of signals sent in rapid succession in both forward and reverse directions, and the temperature of the water, calculations are made to continually determine the flow rate and consumption. The meter is sealed for protection against tampering and is completely submersible. It is available in three sizes: ⅝" ¾" and 1", with maximum flow rates of 25, 35 and 55 gallons per minute.

Badger Meter
Milwaukee, WI
Tel: 800-656-3837
Circle No. 205 on Reader Service Card

Soft start system

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Phase Technologies’ new AquaPhase Pump Converter provides soft start operation of three-phase pumps and other motors when only single-phase service is available. Incorporating the best features of the company’s Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converter with a variable frequency drive (VFD), the converter boosts 240V single-phase input to 480V three-phase, variable frequency output without using a transformer. The voltage boosting input module is equipped with electronic power factor correction, which eliminates the troublesome harmonic distortion common to VFDs.

Phase Technologies, LLC
Rapid City, SD
Tel: 866-250-7934
Circle No. 206 on Reader Service Card

Insertion style flow meter

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With a next-generation multi-electrode sensor packaged in an insertion style configuration suitable for hot-tap installation, the Marsh Multi-Mag® Flow Meter from McCrometer eliminates cut-and-splice operations and system shutdowns while at the same time fitting in tight equipment areas with limited pipe straight-run availability. The multiple point insertable meter is cost-effective for large line-size applications. The meter’s streamline multi-electrode sensor design compensates for real world variable water flow profiles, including low-flow conditions. Multiple electrodes located across the meter’s sensor body continuously measure and indicate the average flow rate. It is accurate, repeatable and stable with virtually no drift that requires field recalibration.

Hemet, CA
Tel: 800-220-2279
Circle No. 207 on Reader Service Card

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