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Sept. 1, 2010
The Lakeside Hydronic T Screening System is a hydraulically operated telescoping boom and rake mechanism for cleaning bar screens, trash racks, and intake screens at wastewater treatment plants, stormwater facilities and water intake structures.

Screening system

The Lakeside Hydronic T Screening System is a hydraulically operated telescoping boom and rake mechanism for cleaning bar screens, trash racks, and intake screens at wastewater treatment plants, stormwater facilities and water intake structures. Hydraulic cylinders are used to pivot the boom and to extend and retract the boom and rake. Single telescoping designs are typical and multiple telescoping sections are available to expand the rake's reach. This telescoping feature saves money when designing indoor headworks systems with deep channels, low headroom or retrofit needs. The flexible design is suited for new and retrofit applications.
Lakeside Equipment Corp.
Bartlett, IL Tel: 630-837-5640 Web:
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Aeration system

Parkson's new HiOx® UltraFlex Aeration panel, with its 1 mm ultra-fine bubbles, achieves very high oxygen transfer efficiency. The panels offer more membrane area, allowing lower flux rates compared to other diffused air systems resulting in improved efficiency and lower air requirements. The panels operate in a wide range of air flux rates and floor coverage and can be applied to SBRs, MBR systems, conventional activated sludge, nitrification-denitrification processes, etc. Installation costs are roughly half of other diffused aeration devices, thereby reducing the overall installed costs.
Parkson Corp.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tel: 800-553-5419
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Solids contact clarifier

The WesTech Solids Contact Clarifier™ combines both proven practices and recent advances in process technology. When applied to lime softening, these units maximize internal recirculation allowing for high rate precipitation and clarification. During cold lime softening, lime is introduced directly into the clarification process.
WesTech Engineering Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT
Tel: 801-265-1000
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Centrifugal blowers

Gardner Denver has released a new line of high speed centrifugal blowers marketed under the company's Hoffman® brand. The Revolution advanced energy management blower system is the first in this family of blowers: the R-200 and R-300 are capable of flows from 2,500-8,500 CFM and pressures from 3-15 PSIG. The blowers use active magnetic bearing technology, patented surge control technology, permanent magnetic synchronous motors, and have an integrated human machine interface and programmable logic controller.
Gardner Denver Inc.
Tel: 770-632-5028
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Inorganic removal systems

Severn Trent Services has introduced two new, standard and pre-engineered inorganic removal systems for small water systems to treat arsenic, iron and manganese contamination in potable water. The new SORB 33® ARS Series and the Omni-SORB™ IRS Series systems are designed in five different vessel sizes ranging from 3.5 to 7 ft diameter. The SORB 33ARS Series features the proprietary Bayoxide®E33 arsenic removal media and reduces arsenic contamination to non-detect levels.
Severn Trent Services
Fort Washington, PA
Tel: 215-997-4058
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Flow velocity profiler

Teledyne Isco's ADFM® Hot Tap combines the widely used ADFM pulse Doppler velocity profiling technology with a unique sensor assembly suitable for insertion into full, operating pipes. The system's velocity profiling technology enables accurate flow rate measurement without the usual lengthy upstream and downstream straight-line conditions required by other technologies. It measures flow rate to within ±2% of actual flow rate in closed pipes, even in difficult applications such as installations near bends, short straight runs, near pumps, etc. Standard ADFM electronics are used for data processing, collection, and storage.
Teledyne Isco
Lincoln, NE
Tel: 800-228-4373
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Combining the MFC controller and Deox/2000® dechlorination analyzer from Siemens Water Technologies provides an accurate and reliable dechlorination solution that ensures treatment objectives are met at the lowest life cycle cost and risk. The MFC controller offers a variety of built in control programs that enable the precise metering of dechlorination chemicals based on flow rates and up to four water quality measurements, which reduces the cost and risk of over or underfeeding. The Deox/2000 uses the amperometric measurement technology and innovative electrode designs to provide a direct, continuous measurement of chlorine and SO2 residuals in wastewater.
Siemens Water Technologies
Tel: 724-772-1402
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Drum Screen

Headworks® TurboDrum IF™ is an internally fed drum screen that has been specifically designed to meet the higher levels of fine screening required by modern municipal wastewater facilities. The drum screen effectively removes hair and suspended materials from wastewater that has a high concentration of fiber in the solids. These fibers agglomerate and absorb grease as they tumble towards the discharge end of the screen, cleaning the openings, allowing liquid to drain, and enhancing the effectiveness of the rotary screen's dual spray wash system. To achieve the most effective screening solution, the screens are available in a wide range of hydraulic and separation capacities.
Headworks Inc.
Houston, TX
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Based on the same principles as the fully automatic Arthur Respirometer, the Simplified Respirometer can perform the same respirometric tests for toxicity, treatability, nitrification/denitrification and organic load measurement. The readout is now manual, not electronic, and temperature control has been eliminated, resulting in an affordable but equally effective instrument. When two liters of biological culture (activated sludge or compost) are placed in the sample chamber, the respirometer immediately begins to measure the respiration rate, producing various shapes of respiration rate curves which indicate the health of the culture. Results are usually obtained in less than 20 minutes.
Respirometry Plus, LLC
Tel: 800-328-7518
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