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ECO2 SuperOxygenation technology is an environmentally friendly odor and corrosion control solution that can be applied in force mains or upstream of headworks and primary clarifiers.

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Odor, corrosion control

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ECO2 SuperOxygenation technology is an environmentally friendly odor and corrosion control solution that can be applied in force mains or upstream of headworks and primary clarifiers. The system dissolves pure oxygen at >90% absorption efficiency into wastewater under pressure to achieve DO concentrations of 50 to >150 mg/L. It can help eliminate hydrogen sulfide odor and corrosion by dissolving enough oxygen in wastewater to maintain aerobic conditions which prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide. The system can be added to current facilities in virtually any location or footprint.
Indianapolis, IN
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Emission control systems

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Biorem is a clean technology company that designs, supplies and distributes a line of high-efficiency biological-based air emissions control systems. These systems are used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds, hazardous air pollutants, and for the sweetening of biogas renewable energy. Its products are designed to meet the specific needs of the wastewater treatment process. The company offers a wide selection of products that can be custom tailored to meet application specific requirements.
Biorem Technologies Inc.
Guelph, Ontario
Tel: 519-767-9100
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Odor management

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Parkson has introduced OHxyPhogg™, an odor removal technology with a patented air-atomizing 3-fluid nozzle. The system combines ozone, water and air, creating 5-micron sized oxidant enriched water particles that disperse and fill partially or fully enclosed spaces such as lift stations, wet wells, holding tanks and headworks. The oxidant fog reacts with H2S and other reduced sulfur compounds, removing the unpleasant odors. The technology also breaks down Fats, Oils, and Greases, virtually eliminating not only the buildup but also the pumping and discharging of FOGs. The system is customizable to meet varying installation requirements and can be installed indoors or outdoors.
Parkson Corp.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tel: 800-553-5419
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Odor control
OMI Industries has developed several systems to apply its Ecosorb odor control products. The natural products are designed to eliminate, not mask, organic and inorganic odors. They can be delivered in one of four ways: atomization, vaporization, infusion and encapsulation. A special gel formulation of Ecosorb odor eliminator topically caps material, blocking odors from escaping into the atmosphere. The gel is an ideal solution for open-bed waste trucks, the working face of landfills, and other solid/semi-solid odorous materials that continuously emit odors. In the vaporization system, no water is used. It can deliver dry vapors at rates as low as 450 CFM to a high of 3,000 CFM.
OMI Industries
Tel: 281-471-3300
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Odor control

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The Duall Bio-Pro™ is an easy-to-access, low-profile bioscrubber that is environmentally friendly. Gaseous pollutants are absorbed then biodegraded by bacteria immobilized as fixed films on multiple biomedia cassettes. Recirculation of microorganisms present in the recycle liquid continuously scours the biobeds and creates virtually no significant pH gradient thus providing a homogenous acidic pH traversing the first biobed and a neutral pH in the second. This unique horizontal cross flow design with multiple biobeds creates the optimum medium for both autotrophic and heterotrophic bacterial growth.
Duall Division, Met-Pro Corp.
Tel: 989-725-8184
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Tank covers
Defender Tank Covers from Environetics are custom manufactured from industrial grade materials to fit the profile of new or existing wastewater treatment tanks or potable water tanks. The covers are specifically designed to prevent potable water contamination and contain odors escaping from wastewater treatment tanks. The structurally supported membrane tank covers are a cost effective alternative to aluminum or fiberglass roofs. Heavy-duty aluminum extrusions and a high strength membrane provide structural integrity for winds up to 110 mph and snow loads up to 35 pounds/sf.
Environetics Inc.
Lockport, IL
Tel: 815-838-8331
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Odor monitoring

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Kruger, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, has introduced the new OdoWatch 3.0 system. This is an enhancement to the OdoWatch® real-time odor monitoring system which helps wastewater treatment plants stay on top of nuisance odors, preventing odors before they become a problem to the surrounding areas. Benefits of the new system include: New AERMOD modeling follows the odor plume over terrain, allowing plants to track odors more efficiently; The odor plume shows the separate odor contribution from each monitored source, making diagnosis and quick action on odor problems easier than before. An independent sensor option detects continuous H2S levels down to 2 ppb.
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Biological odor control

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The ZABOCS™ process, available from Siemens, is a non-hazardous biological treatment system that combines gas adsorption with biological oxidation to capture and then eliminate organic and inorganic odors. This two-stage process combines biofiltration with an integral activated carbon media polishing stage. The system provides immediate odor control with zero acclimation period. It is available in nine models that range in capacity from 350 to 5,000 cfm. Manufactured from glass-reinforced plastic, the skid-mounted system is factory-assembled, charged with media and ready for site installation. Designed for unattended, automatic operation, the systems are ideal for remote wells, pumping stations and sewage collection systems.
Siemens Water Technologies
San Diego, CA
Tel: 858-487-2200
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Odor control

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Bioscience has increased the odor control capacity of existing Microcat® formulations by adding thiophilic (sulfur loving) microorganisms to the formula. The company's Microcat®-DNT is used to oxidize odor-causing sulfur compounds resulting from oxygen deficient conditions in plumbing systems and sewer lines. Its Microcat®-ANL, is applied in wastewater treatment plants, sludge processing facilities and lagoons to control sulfide (rotten egg) odors that often occur under anaerobic or anoxic conditions.
Bioscience Inc.
Allentown, PA
Tel: 800-627-3069
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Scrubber monitoring

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Odor control in wastewater treatment plants and sewage collection systems often require the use of scrubber systems. Many scrubbers employ a wet process to remove the H2S from the air stream prior to discharge. Monitoring in this environment has often been a problem for standard gas sensors but ATI has recently developed a sensor specifically for this wet process. The Model Q45S odor monitoring system uses a specially designed "Wet H2S sensor" and can measure concentrations up to 200 ppm or very low levels down to 0.5 ppm. The Q45S provides a large LCD display showing concentration with a second display line to show other status information.
Analytical Technology Inc.
Collegeville, PA
Tel: 800-959-0299
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Launder covers

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It is estimated that more than 80% of the odors in a clarifier are produced when the effluent breaks over the weir. NEFCO™ Odor Control Cover Systems are specifically designed to contain these odors and prevent them from creating a nuisance. Many of covers are operated in conjunction with scrubber systems that treat the clarifier exhaust to eliminate odors. The cover systems also keep ice, snow and debris from the launders, add to the overall appearance of the plant, and reduce maintenance. The covers also inhibit the growth of algae on the launder trough and weir surfaces by blocking sunlight.
Tel: 561-775-9303
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Odor control

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BioAir Solutions has developed a compact dual-technology odor control system using the company's EcoBase™ structured, synthetic biotrickling filter media. The newly introduced EcoPure® Mini eliminates H2S and VOCs using no hazardous chemicals while delivering consistent performance with very low operating costs. The units are available to handle airstreams from 50 to 1,000 cfm, making them a solution for collection system odor and corrosion control. The units come pre-installed on a stainless steel skid, making installation possible in less than a day. The EcoBase media has been proven to remove more than 99.9 percent of hydrogen sulfide.

BioAir Solutions LLC
Voorhees, NJ
Tel: 856-258-6969
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Facultative bacteria blend
Reliant Water Technologies' Sewper Rx is a patented polymicrobial blend of facultative bacteria specifically selected for their ability to degrade organic waste and eliminate noxious odor. When it is added to a waste stream, the blend releases very high numbers of bacterial cells that immediately begin degrading or breaking down protein, carbohydrates, fats, oils, grease and cellulose. These bacteria reproduce very rapidly, doubling in number every 24 minutes. The product is capable of de-nitrification and phosphorus removal without the need for separate processes and typically eliminates noxious odor within a week of application.
Reliant Water Technologies
New Orleans, LA
Tel: 504-565-5511
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