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The Plastics Pipe Institute has published new guidelines in Technical Report TR-46 for the placement of flexible high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe using mini-horizontal directional drilling techniques.

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HDPE guidelines

The Plastics Pipe Institute has published new guidelines in Technical Report TR-46 for the placement of flexible high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe using mini-horizontal directional drilling techniques. TR-46 provides detailed information regarding site and bore-path planning, pipe design, drilling procedures, inspection and testing of mini-HDD installed HDPE pipe. Mini-HDD is a popular method that enables the rapid underground installation of HDPE pipe for water, gas and utility cables for runs of less than 600 feet, at depths of up to 15 feet and bore holes of up to 12 inches in diameter with minimal disruption to the surrounding site.
Plastics Pipe Institute Inc.
Irving, TX
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Stormwater management

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Cultec has released a new Stormwater Management Design Guide. It includes the latest product, design and technical information for the company's Contactor® and Recharger® plastic chambers. Customers will find manual system sizing calculations, instructions on how to use the company's Stormwater Design Calculator and the StormGenie™ as well as modeling tips for HydroCAD®, Streamline Technologies' ICPR®, Bentley Systems' PondPack® and BOSS International's StormNET® software. The guide also includes model-specific individual pages for reference.
Cultec Inc.
Tel: 203-775-4416
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Motor efficiency

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Baldor Electric, a manufacturer of industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, drives and generators, offers a new energy savings brochure. The 18-page brochure examines and defines premium efficiency and looks at the company's products that are designed to produce energy savings. The brochure outlines the advantages of premium efficiency Baldor•Reliance Super-E® motors which meet or exceed NEMA premium efficiency standards, are well above efficiencies of typical motors in use today, and are compliant with the Energy Independence and Security Act which takes effect in December of this year. An exploded view of a Super-E motor is provided and Baldor's BE$T (Baldor Energy Savings Tool) software is attached within the brochure.
Baldor Electric Co.
Fort Smith, AR
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Flow design tool

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Endress+Hauser has announced the availability of its Applicator design tool at The tool helps instrument and control engineers select the appropriate flow instrumentation for various process conditions and for specific wastewater and potable water applications. To use the tool, users simply click the link then follow the drop-down menus to provide information about the application, flow rates, media and other factors. The Applicator Tool then displays the various appropriate flowmeters. The user can enter data on flow, pressure, temperature, density, viscosity, vapor pressure and other parameters–and the tool will size the flowmeter accordingly.
Endress+Hauser Inc.
Tel: 317-535-1329
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Pipe brackets

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Reliner®/Duran has published a pipe bracket brochure describing its Stainless Adjustable Pipe Supports. These brackets attach pipes to manhole walls and can be used for other pipe support applications. They are made of 11-gauge type 304 stainless steel and are in stock in 1.5" – 30" sizes available for SDR35, Sch 40, C900, CIOD, HDPE, DN and pipe configurations. All brackets are made in the USA.
Reliner®/ Duran Inc.
Lyme, CT
Tel: 800-508-6001
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Fluid sealing products

Garlock Sealing Technologies has launched a new environmental section on its website to help customers reduce emissions and energy consumption, conserve water and other natural resources, and promote sustainability. The new section reviews the company's environmental stewardship. In addition visitors can download the company's latest environmental compliance product recommendation guide.
Garlock Sealing Technologies
Palmyra, NY
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Metering systems

Sensus recently unveiled its new website which focuses on the company's solutions to help utilities and their customers around the world conserve water and energy. The company has more than five million smart endpoints deployed in water, gas and electric utilities across the United States and Canada. The site includes information about the comprehensive solutions Sensus offers including advanced metering infrastructure, automatic meter reading, conservation and demand response. A Home Area Networking section offers tools that help consumers manage water, gas and electric usage through smart devices and appliances. Information is also available on Smart Grid systems.
Raleigh, NC
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Direct potable reuse

A new White Paper published by the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) identifies key issues that would need to be addressed by regulatory agencies and utilities in California interested in pursuing direct potable reuse as a viable option to satisfy future water demands. Entitled "Regulatory Aspects of Direct Potable Reuse in California," the NWRI White Paper highlights key regulatory issues that need to be resolved, such as clarifying what constitutes direct potable reuse versus indirect potable reuse; determining the number, type, and reliability of treatment processes necessary to serve as multiple barriers; and determining what monitoring requirements will be needed, among others.
National Water Research Institute
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Programmable automation controllers

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has officially unveiled an exclusive Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) solutions website to introduce a variety of products and information. The site includes information on the APAX product series with clear illustrations and explanations, including PAC overviews, product offerings, system architectures, applications, Q&A, marketing activities, materials, utilities, and whitepapers. The site offers an interactive PAC discussion area which is embedded on Advantech's ADAM forum, allowing users to ask questions and get answers from technicians and engineers.
Advantech Corp., Ind. Automation Group
Cincinnati, OH
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