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April 1, 2010
Sensus has released its new Omni™ F2 fire protection water meter.

Fire protection meter

Sensus has released its new Omni™ F2 fire protection water meter. With only one moving part and a single register, the meter offers reduced headloss and lower maintenance. The meters are available in 4" and 6" models and use the company's Floating Ball Technology (FBT), introduced two years ago. FBT features a turbine impeller and a chamber housing design for wider flow accuracy range and extended meter life.
Sensus USA Inc.
Raleigh, NC
Tel: 919-845-4007
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Peristaltic pump

The new Flex-Pro® A4 is Blue-White's highest volume peristaltic pump. The peristaltic design does not have valves that can clog. Outputs range up to 171 gph, with a 2500:1 turndown ratio and continuous feed. Output pressure ratings range up to 125 psi. The pumps feature a digital touch pad with menu driven software, a brushless variable speed motor and a patented tube failure detection system. Inputs include: 4-20 mA, 0-10 vDC, and pulse signal inputs for external speed control.
Blue-White Industries
Huntington Beach, CA
Tel: 714-893-8529
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Pump controller

The SCADAPack FlowStation from Control Microsystems is an advanced pump controller designed to save utilities up to 50% off integration and deployment costs. Ideal for use in storm and wastewater lift stations and pump-up applications, the station features a built-in web interface. It can be configured and brought online in a matter of hours by a field technician. The station also features a Blackberry™ interface for monitoring and control and an integrated cellular modem for SMS and email notifications.
Control Microsystems Inc.
Kanata, ON
Tel: 613-591-3878
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Sediment sampling

The manually driven, end-filling SBS Sediment Sampler is designed for discrete interval sediment sampling in rivers, lakes, wetlands, and estuaries. To obtain a sample, simply lower the sampler to the surface as a dual tube or drive the sampler down to the desired depth where sampling is to begin below the surface. Once sampling is complete, the sampler disassembles for access to the sample liners that can then be capped off for transport to the lab.
Forestry Suppliers Inc.
Jackson, MS
Tel: 800-360-7788
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Programmable controller

The SEL-2411 Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is ideal for mission-critical applications in harsh water and wastewater applications. In addition to UL listing and Class I, Zone 2 ratings, the controller operates in a temperature range of –40° to +85°C, withstands electrostatic shock up to 15 kV, and is vibration/shock resistant up to 15 g. The PAC can be used in wells, lift stations, blowers, booster pumps, scum pits, or other vital-process automation tasks.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Pullman, WA
Tel: 509-332-1890
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Tank mixing

The SolarBee SB500 is designed to completely mix tanks up to 750,000 gallons in 24 hours. Well-mixed tanks consume fewer disinfectant chemicals, produce fewer disinfection by-products and eliminate the need for deep-cycling or tank flushing. The collapsible unit installs through an 18" hatch and includes disinfectant injection capability that is compatible with SolarBee's optional Chlorine Boost System for disinfectant boosting at ground level.
SolarBee Inc.
Dickinson, ND
Tel: 866-437-8076
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Spread spectrum radios

FreeWave Technologies' new FGR2-PE offers industrial serial and Ethernet wireless connectivity using license-free spread spectrum for data communication over long distances. It is compatible with other FreeWave FGR plus family radios and offers users a second, switched Ethernet port as well as two serial ports to meet the demands of customers' wireless automation requirements. The combination of two serial ports and two switched Ethernet ports offers customers the ability to transition from serial to Ethernet data communication without having to replace their wireless communication hardware down the road, or to operate both serial and Ethernet communication independently and simultaneously on the same platform.
FreeWave Technologies
Boulder, CO
Tel: 866-923-9948
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KZValve offers ball, butterfly, and manifold valves in stainless steel, bronze, polypropylene and nylon, all with stainless steel hardware. Sizes range from 1⁄4" to 4", with ratings up to 2,000 psi. The company's actuators are NEMA 6P rated as waterproof, NEMA 7 rated as ignition protection tested in an explosive atmosphere, and tested to and exceed USCG electrical systems standard test procedure. Actuators are available in 12 vDC, 24 vDC and 24 vAC.
Tel: 800-288-1112
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Phase converters

Dual lift stations in municipal sewage systems are commonly located in residential areas where three-phase power is not readily available. Phase Perfect® digital phase converters provide clean, balanced three-phase power from a single-phase source. The patented, solid state design operates at 97% efficiency and maintains voltage balance within 1%, even with highly variable multiple-motor loads such as dual lift stations.
Phase Technologies
Tel: 866-250-7934
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Polymer coating

SewerGard Glaze No. 210G is a versatile polymer coating that complements the SewerGard lining products family that originated in the 1980s. The coating provides longevity where either a topcoat or economical, stand-alone lining is required to protect wastewater infrastructure. The glaze is composed of 100% solid epoxy and shares the same chemical resistance as Sauereisen's No. 210.
Sauereisen Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 412-963-0303 Web:
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Stainless steel baseplate

Smith & Loveless now offers the Duro-Last™ 316/Lean Duplex series 2100 Stainless Steel Baseplate. This product is available on all above grade and recessed Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations. The baseplate does not need painting and provides longer pump station life and tougher protection against the corrosive agents common in sewage wet wells. This product is manufactured in the United States in the company's quality-controlled manufacturing facility and factory-tested before shipment. Existing wet well mounted pump stations may also be retrofitted with the baseplates to extend station life.
Smith & Loveless Inc.
Lenexa, KS
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Collars, couplings

A full line of shaft collars and couplings for pump drive and structural systems in water treatment, pollution control, and similar facilities is available from Stafford Manufacturing. The company's corrosion-resistant collars and couplings are offered in 303 and 316 stainless steel, brass, bronze, and other materials for various power transmission and structural system requirements. Featuring a wide range of sizes and styles, they are suitable for use in pump drive systems, mixing equipment, flow control instruments, and other applications exposed to water, harsh chemicals, solvents, and detergents.
Stafford Manufacturing Corp.
North Reading, MA
Tel: 800-695-5551
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Dewatering pump

Allegro Industries offers a line of dewatering pumps for use in confined spaces. The line includes five models of Dewatering and Sludge Pumps that offer continuous operation at low water levels and extended dry runs without overheating the motor. These portable, submergible pumps are excellent for manholes, vaults, construction sites, and all dewatering needs. The new DC Submersible Dewatering Pump is a totally enclosed, submersible dewatering unit. Watertight o-ring seals keep the pump's internal parts completely dry and it delivers up to 43 gpm for rapid dewatering and instant prime.
Allegro Industries
Garden Grove, CA
Tel: 800-622-3530
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Portable flow meter

The new PDFM 5.0 Portable Doppler Flow Meter from Greyline shows flow rate instantly when its ultrasonic sensor is mounted on the outside of a pipe. Use it for flow troubleshooting, spot checks or balancing flow. Simply enter pipe diameter with the 5-button keypad and the meter will display, totalize and data log in user choice of gallons, liters or any engineering units. The compact, hand-held flowmeter includes a 4-20mA output and 300,000 point data logger with USB output and Windows™ software.
Greyline Instruments Inc.
Massena, NY
Tel: 888-473-9546 Web:
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Greenhouse gas monitoring

MWH has released a new tool to calculate carbon emissions. The tool, named mCO2™, calculates and analyzes an organization's greenhouse gas emissions to help them develop carbon reduction programs for meeting government regulations. The system collects all direct and indirect sources of greenhouse gas emissions produced by municipalities, industrial facilities or other companies. It then automatically converts this data into actionable reports and a gap analysis of the organization's carbon emission levels against regulatory compliance targets. mCO2™ was developed from a proprietary technology and process used by MWH in the United Kingdom, where more than 50 percent of water facilities are currently using the tool.
Broomfield, CO
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Manhole monitoring

Weidmuller has introduced a wireless system designed to monitor sewer levels in manholes. The system is compact, easy-to-use, and provides the necessary power to send signals through the ground and steel manhole covers to receivers located in control cabinets that are often blocks away. The wireless system offers low power consumption and has the ability to power the solution via standard AA-sized batteries. It is contained in a rugged, explosion-proof, Class 1, Division 1 enclosure that features a small external antenna, and is portable so that it can be moved to different locations as needed.
Richmond, VA
Tel: 800-849-9343
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Utility management service has launched UtilitySafe, the latest in the company's line of administrative management and risk assessment systems. The subscription service can help utility administrators and managers comply with industry safety standards and secure important assets. It streamlines routine contractor and workforce management activities for public utilities and the businesses that serve them. To use the service, utilities and related enterprises simply subscribe to UtilitySafe and log in to create their own Workplace Compliance Programs., Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Tel: 770 859-9899
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