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Feb. 1, 2010
The ISFET pH probe offered by RL Instruments is durable and virtually unbreakable.

pH probe

The ISFET pH probe offered by RL Instruments is durable and virtually unbreakable. The probes can be stored dry and used with any pH meter in house, or with the company's waterproof meters. The ISFET technology used in the meter allows for no glass. The probes can be literally dropped on the floor and survive. They are offered on a 15 day trial evaluation and are suited for municipal water applications.
RL Instruments
Tel: 508-476-1935
Circle No. 203 on Reader Service Card

Universal pipe cutters

With different blades, Universal Pipe Cutters from Reed cut 6" – 48" steel, ductile iron, cast iron, clay, concrete, PVC or PE pipe in one revolution. These pneumatic powered cutters are lightweight, easy to set up and use, offer fast cutting, require only 12" clearance around the pipe, provide a square cut, and can be used underwater.
Reed Manufacturing
Tel: 800-666-3691
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Pressure switches

Schneider Electric has announced product enhancements to its Square D® brand Pumptrol® 9013 pressure switch line that make it more environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant. The switches now feature Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-compliant Chromate 3 plating, which reduces the potential for corrosion and rust through a more environmentally friendly plating material composition. This new plating covers all metal parts, protecting the switch's key mechanical components. The diaphragm also is manufactured to U.S Food & Drug Administration specification CFR 177.2600, making the switches certified for potable (drinking) water systems, while also meeting lead content restrictions for plumbing fixtures.
Schneider Electric
Palatine, IL
Tel: 800-392-8781
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Water quality monitoring

The Sper Scientific Water Quality Meter Model 850081 uses interchangeable probes to read pH, mV, conductivity, TDS, DO, temperature and ORP, diminishing the need for multiple devices dedicated to testing limited parameters. The probes, which can be ordered individually, electronically retain calibration information, excluding the need for recalibration when switching probes. The device's backlit display simultaneously reads temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and all measurements are automatically temperature compensated. Other features include auto power off, hold and min/max, as well as an RS-232 port, enabling data transfers to a computer.
Sper Scientific
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 480-650-7433
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Access hatches

USF Fabrication utility access hatches feature a steel frame with aluminum cover designed for incidental 16,000 lb wheel loads. No more than 35 lbs of lift are required to open any one cover. They are equipped with an automatic hold open arm that automatically locks the cover in its full upright position. A new quick release safety latch allows the doors to rotate back a full 180 degrees without the use of tools or removal of hardware, while the hold-open arm remains engaged. When closing the door from the 180 degree open position the door automatically returns to its full upright and locked position. Custom sizes are available.
USF Fabrication
Tel: 800-258-6873
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Progressive cavity pumps

The new seepex Smart Stator Technology divides the stator into two halves, which simplifies maintenance. Whether changing the stator or removing debris, the new design can save up to 80% of assembly time dependant upon the pump size. SST is replaced by removing the segments and stator halves, as such, no additional distance piece is required to be incorporated into the discharge pipe to allow stator removal. The technology is available for new pumps and also as a retrofit for existing pumps in the ranges BN and NS/N to convey a multitude of products in all industries.
Huntsville, AL
Tel: 256-650-7236
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Disc filter

The Entex FlowTex is a cloth media filter suitable for both small and large flow applications. It can remove suspended solids as small as 10 microns. Flow enters the filter through a pipe and completely surrounds the discs. The turbulence of the incoming wastewater keeps solids in suspension and prevents premature settling. During the backwash process, a vacuum head rotates across the surface of the disc, removing captured solids from the media. The vacuum head rotates clockwise 360 degrees and then returns counter-clockwise in sequence for efficient media cleaning.
Entex Technologies Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC
Tel: 919-933-2770
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MBR system

Koch Membrane Systems has announced the launch of its new Puron® Plus MBR Packaged System. The skid-mounted packaged plant provides customers with a full scope of supply from prescreening and biological treatment through to the final membrane clarification step. The pre-engineered membrane bioreactor plants are available with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 gpd. The Puron MBR modules feature improved membrane density, reduced air scour requirements, and simplified installation compared to first-generation MBR membrane module designs.
Koch Membrane Systems Inc.
Wilmington, MA
Tel: 888-677-5624
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