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May 1, 2010
HF scientific recently received EPA approval for its new ProCal line of primary turbidity standards.

Turbidity standards

HF scientific recently received EPA approval for its new ProCal line of primary turbidity standards. The stable and easy to use standards will replace the Primetime standards currently used in HF scientific products. Certification for use in other manufacturers' turbidity instrumentation will follow. ProCal turbidity standards are pre-diluted, factory certified, and ready for use. The standard formulation uses a preservative that enhances stability, yet is safe and biodegrades rapidly in aquatic environments. Also offered will be the ProCheck line of sealed turbidity standards that can be used between primary calibrations to check validity of readings to determine if a primary calibration is warranted.
HF scientific
Fort Myers, FL Tel: 239-337-2116 Web:
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Mixing system

The Process Solutions Inc. Tank Shark maintains complete mixing of a tank or reservoir while generating real time water samples and automatic chlorine or chloramine injection to the desired levels. The system accomplishes all of this without placing any mechanical or electrical equipment inside the water storage vessel. This allows for simple installation, operation and maintenance. Capacities range from 100,000 to 50 million gallons.
Process Solutions Inc.
Campbell, CA
Tel: 408-370-6540
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Plastic magmeter

The Seametrics WMP104-100 is the newest member of the company's molded plastic magmeter product family. The new 1" size meets customer needs for fluid flows under 80 gpm. As with previous models, it is available in both battery and externally powered versions. Polypropylene bodies and T-316 stainless steel electrodes give this flow meter good chemical resistance and the no-moving parts technology assures freedom from mechanical breakdowns. The simple digital display shows flow rate and accumulated total in a variety of U.S. and metric units, and a pulse output is available for pacing external devices.
Seametrics Inc.
Kent, WA
Tel: 253-872-0284
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Video inspection system

The QZ2, available from Cues, is a lightweight, portable, pole mounted video inspection system that can be operated by one person. The camera is mounted on a carbon fiber adjustable telescopic pole that can extend up to 24' (an optional 34' pole is available). It features a 420:1 (35 optical/12 digital) zoom with automatic focus and self-contained waterproof lighting for enhanced detailed viewing of cracks, breaks, pipe separations, scale, and various defect conditions from hundreds of feet away. The new inspection system includes two high-intensity discharge lights to provide maximum lighting in all pipe conditions.
Cues Inc.
Tel: 800-327-7791
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Conductivity, TDS meter

The Model 6081-C transmitter from Emerson is ideal for monitoring applications in hard-to-reach or cost-prohibitive locations. It measures conductivity, resistivity, total dissolved solids or custom curve variable. The transmitter has a cast aluminum weatherproof and corrosion-resistant enclosure (NEMA 4X). The transmitter includes a two-line 16-character display with plain language prompts in six local languages to guide the user through the programming and calibration procedures.
Emerson Process Management
Irvine, CA
Tel: 800-854-8257
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Automatic filter

Orival offers an automatic filter designed to remove algae from raw water or sand and grit from municipal water lines. Its new ORE/A series of filters incorporate a variety of unique features. The single-direction electric motor drive requires no limit switches or reversing contactors; thus, eliminating troublesome and expensive components. A mechanical motion transducer converts the rotational movement of the dirt collector into an oscillating linear motion without changing the direction of rotation. Self-adjusting nozzles maintain gentle contact with the screen surface maximizing the efficiency of the cleaning process while minimizing the volume of water wasted to drain during each self-cleaning cycle.
Orival, Inc.
Englewood, NJ
Tel: 800-567-9767
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Basin mixers

Hydromatic has released a new series of submersible basin mixers known as the HBM200 Series. The new mixers are designed to automatically break up solids and grease that commonly float at the top of a lift station and interfere with proper operation of equipment such as float controls and lift outs. The series will also help prevent a lift station from going septic during periods of low activity. It features various mounting options which allow the unit to be placed at any elevation or angle to target trouble spots in an installation, including a custom rail system that allows for ease in maintenance.
Ashland, OH
Tel: 419-289-3042
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Baldor Electric offers Super-E® Duty Master® motors for protection against extreme environmental conditions. The motors are available in TEFC and WPII (weather protected) foot mounted configurations. Standard voltages are 2300/4000 volts, 60 HZ. Stock motors are available in 3600, 1800 and 1200 rpm. They are available from stock from 200 hp through 1500 hp, three phase, in NEMA 449T through 05812 frame sizes. They feature form coil vacuum pressure impregnated (VPI ) construction, high-pressure die cast aluminum rotors, all cast iron construction, NEMA Premium® Efficiency and three year warranties.
Baldor Electric Co.
Fort Smith, AR
Tel: 479-646-4711
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Membrane contactors

Membrana, a membrane and degassing device manufacturer, has expanded its ability to service various water treatment sectors that require the NSF Mark for drinking water components. Liqui-Cel® High purity 10 x 28 Membrane Contactors and Liqui-Cel® 14 x 28 Membrane Contactors, both with X-40 and X-50 membranes, have successfully passed all testing requirements and document reviews at NSF. An official NSF listing can be found on the organization's website. Many Liqui-Cel® Contactors already meet FDA requirements per title 21of the Federal Code of Regulations. Adding the NSF Mark to some of the products now allows the contactors to be safely used in drinking water systems as well.
Charlotte, NC
Tel: 704-587-8406
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