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Atlas Copco has introduced an entire line of ZS screw blowers that average 30 percent more energy-efficient operation than conventional lobe blower technology.

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Screw blowers

Atlas Copco has introduced an entire line of ZS screw blowers that average 30 percent more energy-efficient operation than conventional lobe blower technology. Industries that will benefit the most from this new technology are municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, where air blowers typically represent up to 70 percent of the total electricity costs.
Atlas Copco Compressors LLC
Tel: 803-817-7479
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Membrane filtration unit

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The new Mini-Fyne® membrane filtration systems are ideal for remote locations where small volumes of drinking water are needed but only poor surface water sources are available. The systems use tubular nanofiltration membranes to produce water that meets the requirements of the EPA's Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule. The system is easy to install and operates unattended on single-phase power. Operators simply need to top-off the chlorine tank weekly and wash the membranes every three months in order to keep the unit in good working order.
Membrane Specialists LLC
Tel: 513-860-9490
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Conductivity datalogger

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Onset has released the HOBO® Conductivity Logger, which can reduce the cost of measuring conductance and temperature in streams, lakes, and other freshwater sources. Ideal for monitoring aquifers for saltwater intrusion and road and agricultural runoff, the logger was designed with a non-contact sensor that makes it less susceptible to drift. The logger also provides open access to the sensor for cleaning, and software-based drift compensation using calibration points from the start and end of each deployment.
Onset Computer Corp.
Bourne, MA
Tel: 508-743-3181
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Defoaming liquid

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A new defoaming liquid, Microcat®-DF Defoamer, has been introduced by Bioscience Inc. The synthetic, but biodegradable material can be used in aeration tanks, sludge digesters and other wastewater treatment plant equipment to suppress foam without inhibiting the biomass and avoiding other unwanted side effects of conventional defoamers. Because the product does not contain silicones, mineral oil, nitrogen or phosphorus compounds, it is compatible with all Microcat microbial-enzyme formulations and with naturally occurring biomass. The defoamer is generally metered continuously into the foam source. The liquid has a shelf life of two years without settling.
Bioscience Inc.
Allentown, PA
Tel: 484-245-5232
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Video surveillance

Control Microsystems' ClearSCADA host platform can be integrated with the Longwatch Video Surveillance Platform and Video Historian Platform, along with IP surveillance cameras, as a solution to capture and convey important security information for critical infrastructure. The video surveillance uses Modbus protocol and is event-driven to conserve bandwidth.
Control Microsystems
Longwatch Inc.
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CPVC pipe

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Corzan® Piping Systems – comprised of CPVC pipe, sheet, duct, fittings and valves – are suited for use in both primary and secondary wastewater treatment, as well as in advanced treatment systems, because they are not susceptible to microbial corrosion and offer excellent chemical resistance properties. CPVC can be a choice for transporting phosphorus-reducing chemicals such as ferrous chloride, ferric chloride or alum.
Lubrizol Corp.
Tel: 888-234-2436
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Ultrasonic flowmeter

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Krohne has introduced the new Optisonic 6300 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter, designed for simplified installation and reliability in heavy industrial and hazardous environments. The meter offers performance capabilities that exceed those of the UFM600 T model, featuring improved measurement accuracy, ATEX Approval, an extended temperature range and the ability to handle smaller line sizes. One new feature is the integrated display, which allows signal quality to be shown in real-time during the calibration of the signal transducer. The flowmeter's clamp-on mechanism was explicitly formulated to offer the strength necessary to aid installation in industrial applications.
Tel: 800-356-9464
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Chorine testing

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Palintest has received EPA approval for its portable chlorine testing instrument, ChloroSense. The instrument uses electrochemical sensors instead of traditional chemical reagents to measure chlorine levels in potable and process water. It measures both free and total chlorine simultaneously, giving results in less than 60 seconds. The free chlorine accuracy is similar to the standard method (DPD) over the normal 0-5 mg/l, however the new technology also works on an extended range of up to 10 mg/l free chlorine.
Palintest USA
Erlanger, KY
Tel: 800-835-9629 Web:
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Fine screen

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The custom tear shaped bars employed on the Duperon® FlexRake® FPFS–a fine screen with Thru-Bar™ cleaning–provide up to a 50 percent screening efficiency advantage over rectangular and circular shaped bars (based on .25-inch bar openings). This efficiency advantage delivers improved flow characteristics, reduced slot velocity and less headloss. The tear shaped design keeps large debris on the surface of the screen, where it is removed by staging scrapers, while allowing debris smaller than .25 inch to flow through with optimum efficiency.
Saginaw, MI Tel: 800-383-8479 Web:
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Biofiltration odor control

The Mónafil Peat Biofilter from Bord na Mona uses specially patented peat media as a capture and support medium to treat VOC and Odor emissions. The peat media is durable and offers longevity and excellent removal efficiencies for a broad range of sulphur and nitrogen based compounds. It is also capable of treating low levels of VOCs. The systems are inoculated with specific microbiological cultures dependent on the nature and range of compounds in the air stream.
Bord na Mona
Greensboro, NC
Tel: 800-787-2356
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Lift station cleaning

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Anue Water Technologies has released the EP-700 Series, a new mechanical system for maintaining a lift station environment that is fat, oil, and grease free. The new Series features a rotating head, mounted approximately four feet above the high water float that re-distributes a fractional amount of discharging wastewater back into the wet well. This action creates surface turbulence sufficient to prevent FOG and bio-film formation. Systems are installed either through tapping an existing discharge main or with the addition of an Anue grinder pump and control/timer system.
Anue Water Technologies Inc.
Carlsbad, CA
Tel: 760-476-9090
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Power winches

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Thern power winch systems provide wastewater facilities with a variety of options for moving equipment. During a recent water treatment facility renovation, operators needed to replace an aging dredge positioning system used in their water recharge basins. Thern power winches control the new floating pontoon-based dredges, a custom designed solution that is more cost effective and easily maintained than the previous system. Installed at accessible stations next to each basin, the winches eliminate the need for steel tracks and underwater maintenance.
Thern inc.
Winona, MN Tel: 800-843-7648 Web:
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Suspended solids analyzer

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To process biosolids the concentration of the slurries often has to be measured. The Markland Model 502 Suspended Solids Meter can be used to measure slurries that are too thick for optical meters. It can be used in open top tanks or pipelines. The meter uses safe ultrasound to measure the concentration. Markland offers free testing of your materials. The testing saves you time and money by proving the meter will work before you buy. An animation of the Model 502 in use can be found at
Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.
Georgetown, Ontario
Tel: 905-873-7791
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Ultrasonic diagnostic tool

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Spectronics has introduced the Spectroline® Marksman™ ultrasonic diagnostic tool, an instrument that converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible "natural" sound. Now, service technicians can hear sounds that signify problems such as compressed air leaks, electrical discharge, and seal and gasket leaks. The tool uses a two-tiered process to ensure accurate diagnosis.
Spectronics Corp.
Westbury, NY
Tel: 800-274-8888
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Liquid level transmitter

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The WIKA Tronic LS-10 liquid level transmitter is designed for use in a wide variety of level measurement applications. The transmitter's rugged design makes it suitable for environments associated with water and wastewater treatment, well depth measurement and offshore water depth measurement.
WIKA Instrument Corp.
Lawrenceville, GA
Tel: 678-739-2571
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