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Jan. 1, 2010

Control valves

Bell & Gossett has introduced its new Optiflo™ Pressure Independent Control Valve and Circuit Setter® Ultraset™ Pressure Independent Flow Limiting Valve. Both the valves feature integrated pressure/temperature ports to verify differential pressure and temperatures. The Optiflo valve combines an externally field-adjustable automatic balance valve and a full modulating control valve with 100% valve authority. The valve maintains the set flow (±5% of setting) regardless of fluctuations in system pressure. It is available in sizes between ½" to 1 ¼". The Ultraset is a field-adjustable automatic flow limiting balance valve featuring an external locking handle that simplifies on-site flow adjustments.
Bell & Gossett, a brand of ITT Corp.
Morton Grove, IL Tel: 847-966-3700
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Utility saw chain

Blount International has introduced the new PowerGrit™ Utility Saw Chain, a new chain designed to cut pipe. From ductile iron to plastic pipe, the technology requires less access to cut pipe in the ground. Thus, contractors are able to cut from one position with far less excavation and effort than required by prior methods. The chain features a unique brazed layer diamond coating. PowerGrit chain, which will be initially marketed and sold under the ICS® brand, is available for use on the professional grade ICS 633F4, 101cc, gas powered chain saw and the ICS 853 and 880, large frame hydraulic powered chain saws. PowerGrit is also sold through an OEM partnership with Stanley Hydraulic Tools.
Blount International
Portland, OR Tel: 503-653-4644 Web:
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Confined space entry

Allegro Industries offers a line of work equipment for use in confined spaces. Included in the line are work tents, a tent heater, umbrellas, guard rail, guard rail winch, manhole signs, shields, lid lifters, and portable dewatering pumps. All the equipment is designed for convenience and durability. The company's tent products offer shelter and structural strength to stand up to the elements. Now with Hi-Viz green, the tents feature an open bottom for protection while working over manhole covers or excavation sites. The Standard Hi-Viz Tent is made of water resistant nylon and designed with a large front door with zipper closure and two vent windows with screen. The frame has bolted fiberglass rods for stability and a pitched roof for extra headroom.
Allegro Industries
Garden Grove, CA
Tel: 800-622-3530
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Odor control

Vapex Environmental Technologies has released its latest product, the O-Mega model v2500. The hydroxyl ion fog odor control device features a new low-power, high-output ozone generation system and a rechargeable oxygen generation system capable of treating larger lift stations and other enclosed chambers up to 16,000 cubic feet and up to 250 parts per million of hydrogen sulfide. The new model consumes minimal water and electricity, does not use hazardous chemicals, is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and its low-profile design is more neighborhood-friendly than conventional odor control systems.
Vapex Environmental Technologies
Oviedo, FL
Tel: 407-977-7250
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Level monitoring

Accutech, a division of Control Microsystems, has launched the FL10 Float Level Field Unit, the latest battery powered wireless instrument that offers digital fluid level measurement across a wireless connection to an Accutech base radio. The unit interfaces with the low-power Siemens™ Model 2100 digital level sensor, available in 4 ft. to 30 ft. lengths, and Model 1000 (for upgrading existing installations). The two components are easily coupled on site and provide the optimal solution for single float or dual float applications.
Control Microsystems
Kanata, Ontario Tel: 888-267-2232
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Sludge dewatering

Prime Solutions offers four sizes of Rotary Fan Presses for sludge dewatering. All systems are continuous operation, slow moving at 1 rpm, have an enclosed environment and automated cleaning with minimal parts to maintain. Simplified solids handling, by elimination of storage lagoons, drying beds or liquid hauling provides an economical solution with the company's value added compact skid and mobile systems. Complete system from a single source and ready for immediate operation.
Prime Solution Inc.
Tel: 269-673-9559
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Radial gate hoists

The David Round Co. has announced a new service to help retrofit radial gate hoists for water gating applications. The company can meet original equipment design specifications with a drop-in replacement, or reverse-engineer existing equipment via on-site inspection. The company's hoists can lift gates up to 50,000 pounds, and meet detailed government, power authority and gate builder specifications. Designed for continuous operation, the hoists lift and position radial, tainter and bulkhead gates to control water through spillways and navigation canals. They are commonly configured with two drums for dual point lifting. Single drum and other designs are available.
David Round Co.
Solon, OH
Tel: 800-535-2725
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TT Technologies has introduced a 3-ton winch to its line of Grundowinch hydrostatic constant-tension winches. Ideal for pulling CIPP liners, fold and form liners, conventional and specialty sliplining, CCTV, and cable through innerduct, the new Grundowinch is a unique winch for the trenchless contractor. It can pull up to 3,280 feet of 3⁄8" cable at pulling speeds of up to 160 feet per minute. In addition to a 3-ton pulling capacity the winch offers infinite speed control throughout the pulling range.
TT Technologies
Aurora, IL Tel: 630-851-8200 Web:
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Bolted steel tanks

Columbian TecTank has launched a new flat panel steel bolted tank that offers a significant increase in liquid and dry bulk storage capacity. The tank will allow the company to accommodate customer storage capacity needs to over 6 million gallons of liquid or in excess of 2 million cubic feet of dry bulk material. The tanks may be used to store water or wastewater. They are produced at the company's Parsons, KS, manufacturing facility and will be coated with the Trico-Bond EP™ epoxy powder coat.
Columbian TecTank
Parsons, KS
Tel: 913-621-3700
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Shaft alignment system

The SHAFTALIGN® system from Ludeca is a high precision shaft alignment tool. With its TFT backlit color display it combines simplicity of operation with precise measurement and state-of-the-art technology. The intuitive auto-flow capability guides the user to obtain the desired machinery alignment condition. The "Active Clock" measurement mode automatically collects the laser coordinates for the corresponding shaft position. Only three readings over a rotation angle of less than 70° are required to achieve a precision alignment. All relevant alignment results are displayed in one screen including the alignment status evaluation. A built-in light sensor optimizes screen image quality and power management. Rechargeable batteries save operating cost and contribute toward a greener environment.
Ludeca Inc.
Doral, FL Web:
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Corrugated PE pipe

JM Eagle had introduced the Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) pipe. Combining a corrugated exterior and a smooth interior for maximum hydraulic efficiency in a high-density polyethylene pipe, it can be used in a variety of gravity flow applications and is especially suited for storm sewer systems. The pipe has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is very flexible and weighs less than traditional products. It can support a load rating of H-25 – with a minimum cover of only 1 foot – but with a conduit design that's also flexible enough to allow for cover heights in excess of 100 feet.
JM Eagle
Los Angeles, CA
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Drum dumper

A new Sanitary High Lift Drum Dumper allows drums to be loaded at floor level, sealed against a discharge cone, elevated and tipped, mating the cone to a gasketed receiving ring on downstream process equipment. Trademarked TIP-TITE™, the dumper accommodates drums from 30 to 55 gal and can discharge bulk material into process vessels and equipment inlets 5 to 10 ft above the plant floor. The drum platform is raised by a single hydraulic cylinder, creating a dust-tight seal between the rim of a drum and the underside of the discharge cone.
Flexicon Corp.
Bethlehem, PA
Tel: 888-353-9426
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Mag drive pumps

The new Moyno® Mag Drive 500 Series pumps feature a patented sealless, magnetic drive design that provides zero leakage for the most critical applications. These pumps can handle toxic, aggressive, caustic or even flammable and explosive fluids. Four models are available offering flow rates from .1 to 900 gph. Materials of construction composite housings and internals. Stator materials include Nitrile or EPDM with optional FPM stators and titanium rotors. Skid mounted, turnkey systems are available for applications such as hypochlorite, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, ferric chloride, aluminum chloride and many other caustic fluids.
Moyno Inc.
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6696 Web:
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ECCO Defoamer BD-200 from Eastern Color & Chemical is a nonionic, organic based defoamer that is effective at low concentrations. It is designed for use in municipal and industrial wastewater systems to control biological induced foam. Because of its nonionic nature the product may be used in any system where it is necessary to control foaming. This product is non-irritating, non-toxic and completely safe. It is used full strength from a sprayer applied to the surface of the foam. The exact amount depends upon foam height and volume of basin. Typically use levels 4-16 ounces per 10,000 gallons.
Eastern Color & Chemical Co.
Providence, RI
Tel: 401-331-9000 Web:
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Non-metallic pumps

On-board condition monitoring is now standard on non-metallic versions of the Goulds Pumps Model 3196. The ITT Goulds Model NM 3196 is an ANSI chemical process pump that gives customers an alternative to metal-alloy pumps for processes involving highly corrosive fluids. Constructed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the pump is up to 20 percent more efficient than competing metal pumps. The pumps now feature i-FRAME power ends, which incorporate multiple patented technologies to reduce downtime and lower life-cycle costs. The central feature of this new power frame is the i-ALERT™ on-board condition monitor, which automatically monitors temperature and vibration, warning users with a flashing LED display if either are exceeding normal parameters.
ITT Goulds Pumps
Seneca Falls, N.Y.
Tel: 315-568-7122
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Odor control

Using its proprietary EcoBase™ synthetic media, BioAir Solutions has developed an extensive line of odor control products that remove both organic and inorganic odorous compounds from industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant airstreams. The products–which can treat airstreams from 100 cfm to over 100,000 cfm–include the scalable EcoFilter™ and EcoPure™ offerings. The biotrickling EcoFilter™ units range in height from 10 to 35 feet tall. The EcoPure™ product line marries the EcoFilter biotrickling technology with carbon polishing stage for the lowest possible emissions.
BioAir Solutions, LLC
Voorhees, NJ
Tel: 856-258-6969
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Inside drops

Inside Drops for sanitary sewers by Reliner®/ Duran Inc. eliminate outside drops in manholes, clean up failed inside drops and are excellent as stormwater drops. When used in wet wells they can help prevent pump cavitation. Compact, low profile Drop Bowls and Stainless Pipe Supports are simple and cost effective, reduce maintenance and simplify cleaning while providing full access to areas below. The bowls attach to the manhole wall with stainless expansion bolts. Reliner adjustable stainless pipe clamps, pump support systems, specialty clamps and extensions are available.
Reliner®/Duran Inc.
Lyme, CT
Tel: 800-508-6001 Web:
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Grease reduction system

Hydrologix® Systems has been awarded US Patent No. 7,615,156, Device for In-Situ Bioremediation of Liquid Waste. The company's Grease Reduction System is a computerized-controlled mini wastewater treatment plant that provides a thriving culture of specially blended microorganisms to digest the liquid waste right in the holding tank, usually a city mandated grease interceptor. Remote monitoring and live camera feeds help ensure a trouble free performance and optimum reliability.
Hydrologix® Systems, LLC
Waikoloa, HI
Tel: 949-364-3400
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Aluminum access doors

Bilco's Type J-AL aluminum access doors are now available with standard stainless steel hardware, enhancing the corrosion-resistance of the product and making it better-suited for corrosive environments. Available in a single- or double-leaf design and reinforced for 300 PSF or H20 loading conditions, the doors provide access to underground areas, including water and wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations, commercial and institutional buildings, and public utilities. The channel frame design and built-in drain coupling allow the doors to be used in applications where water penetration into the opening is a concern.
Bilco Co.
New Haven, CT
Tel: 203-934-6363
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