Elbow spot repair system

1601wwprd P12

Elbow spot repair system1601wwprd P12

The Trenchless 90° Elbow Spot Repair system from Infrastructure Repair Systems seals joints, cracks or missing sections within the 90° curve of virtually any 4- to 6-inch pipe. This is performed without bunching or wrinkling due to the liner’s flexible center and strong fiberglass design that expands on the outside and contracts to the pipe’s inner portion to ensure smooth, unobstructed curves. The patent-pending Trenchless 90° Elbow Spot Repair kit was specifically developed as a permanent “no dig, easy fix” for small pipe elbows that previously needed to be dug out and replaced. Benefits include the ability to repair nearly any 4- to 6-inch pipe reachable via TV inspection cameras.

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