ANP Technologies awards Cogent $500K to push biological detection technology

March 2, 2005
Next generation biological agent detection system developed by ANP Technologies leverages Cogent Systems' ASIC and pattern recognition technology...

NEWARK, DE, & SOUTH PASADENA, CA, March 2, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ANP Technologies Inc., a prime contractor for the U.S. Army specializing in nanobiotechnology, has partnered with Cogent Systems in developing a low-cost, rapid biological detection system.

ANP Technologies has developed a next generation Nano-Intelligent Detection System (NIDSTM) based low-cost, rapid, multiplexed assay for the identification and quantitative analysis of various biological agents and biomarkers to the U.S. Government and pharmaceutical industries.

Utilizing Cogent's cutting-edge miniaturized ASIC, which includes the Dimensional Digital Signal Processor (D2SP) and its innovative pattern recognition algorithm, ANP has recently constructed a detection system for the identification and quantification of various biological agents including B. anthracis spores and botulinum toxin, as well as biomarkers related to certain diseases or disease states. In addition, Cogent provides integration of automated data management and data mining software. The initial contract value is for $500,000.

The assay and detection system will be initially utilized by leading Department of Defense programs and agencies such as the Joint Service Agent Water Monitor (JSAWM) program, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), and Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC). NIDS provides the throughput, cost effectiveness and flexibility necessary for military personnel in the battlefield for both "Detect to Warn" and "Detect to Treat" purposes.

"Our revolutionary biological detection system, which combines our patented nanobiotechnology and Cogent's state-of-the-art pattern recognition technology, dramatically cuts down the response time for detecting biological agents at a fraction of the cost," commented Tom Bodnar, business operations vice president at ANP Technologies.

"This same system has vast potential to revolutionize translational medicine by enabling scientists, both in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industries, to literally perform billions of experiments utilizing less time and reagents to produce similar results relative to technologies in existence today, thereby providing valuable medical information from which to extend their research efforts," he added. ?This technology has the capability to extend into personalized medicine by providing rapid diagnostic results, correlating drug efficacies within specific patient groups through protein profiling, and enabling better choices of drugs for individual patients."

"We are excited to work with ANP Technologies on such a revolutionary program and believe it offers tangible evidence of the applicability of our technology across multiple industries," said Cogent president and CEO Ming Hsieh. "Our detection system leverages the power of our ASIC technology and our pattern recognition software to deliver a much more powerful and cost-effective solution. We are seeing increasing opportunities like this to leverage our biometric technology into promising growth areas."

ANP Technologies ( is a leading provider of nanobiotechnology based products for biodefense, drug discovery, translational medicine, point of care diagnostics, therapeutic effect monitoring, and drug delivery. ANP's mission is to develop cutting-edge technology platforms at the nano/bio interface and market them to the U.S. Government and large pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies. Founded in 2002, ANP is headquartered in Newark, Delaware and has received numerous government contracts, grants, awards and commercial contracts that has allowed for complete organic growth and profitability throughout its existence as a privately-held corporation.


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