Chemtrac celebrates 20 years of service to water industry with rollout

March 23, 2005
Chemtrac Systems Inc. is celebrating 20 years of optimizing water treatment processes using streaming current and particle detection technology with the release of a new line of turbidity meters, an electrokinetic charge analyzer with autotitrator, and a filtration profile service called POPSS. The company's anniversary is March 24.

NORCROSS, GA, March 23, 2005 -- Chemtrac Systems Inc. is celebrating 20 years of optimizing water treatment processes using streaming current and particle detection technology with the release of a new line of turbidity meters, an electrokinetic charge analyzer with autotitrator, and a filtration profile service called POPSS designed to help municipal and industrial customers consistently exceed water quality requirements.

Since 1985, Chemtrac Systems has been a leading manufacturer of process monitoring and control instruments used in water, wastewater and other industrial processes. With over 6,000 installations worldwide, it's an industry leader in charge measurement and particle detection for water and wastewater system monitoring.

President and founder Robert L. Bryant launched the business to provide operators of water and wastewater plants a better method of optimizing coagulant/flocculant dosages. This was accomplished via a little known technology at the time called "streaming current" measurement. Today, it's a standard method for water and wastewater plants.

In an August 1996 Atlanta Business Chronicle article, when Chemtrac was named one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Atlanta, Bryant stressed the importance of treating work like a series of friendships and building relationships that last. It's key to enjoying a good reputation that underpins a company's success. "We happen to be in an industry of municipal drinking water, which is a pretty close-knit group of people. It's very easy to get that reputation and that word spread in a group like that. I have been blessed with that," he said.

On starting a business without going public in the days before IPOs became popular, Bryant credited his and wife Millie's diligence: "My wife and I started the company. We did not borrow any money. It was all funded with what very little bit we had. We happen to have a product we were building that had a reasonable profit margin. So we could build a little bit of stuff, generate some cash. The other thing is the bottleneck philosophy. Basically you maximize what you have got before you do anything else -- whether it's space, people, equipment, advertising, whatever. You squeeze it until it becomes a bottleneck to your growth. Then you open it up. That is the way we have done it."

In 1991, Chemtrac added another product, the particle monitor, designed to help operators further optimize water treatment processes. This instrument provides information on potable and process water quality that wasn't attainable through traditional turbidity measurement. Applications also include ultrapure water monitoring, oil field water flood operations and a variety of liquid processes where detection of contaminants is critical.

In 1994, the company developed a special particle counter that afforded potable water producers a level of monitoring needed to meet the most stringent water quality requirements from the EPA. At that time, the company had 13 employees (up from five in 1990) with quadruple the sales volume. By 1996, sales were 50% higher again. Today, the company has 19 employees with growth on course exponentially.

Recognizing the need for an easy-to-calibrate, adaptable communication protocols, and simple-to-maintain turbidity meter, Chemtrac is now designing both on-line and laboratory instrumentation to meet USEPA 180.1 methodology. This new line, TruTrac turbidity meters, will be on exhibit for those attending the AWWA ACE conference in San Franciso. Those visiting Chemtrac's booth will also see the new laboratory SCM with autotitrator -- the ECAT. The ECAT simplifies the charge demand procedure using a computer driven automatic titration protocol for controlling, calculation and reporting data. The operator simply loads a sample on the station and pushes a button. Remaining steps are performed automatically. The system helps operators determine chemical dosage, monitor online instrumentation performance, and test alternative chemical doses for plant optimization.

As a compliment to all on-line instrumentation, Chemtrac also has developed a new consultation-based service for customers needing the best available technology for detecting changes and reducing upsets associated with water treatment processes. The Pretreatment Optimization, Profile Service & Solutions (POPSS) service combines Chemtrac's process knowledge, on-line monitoring instrumentation, and a comprehensive report of proven solutions to the most difficult water treatment problems. Recent success stories come from both industrial and municipal customers who've achieved better water quality without the cost of re-engineering their water treatment process. For example, extending the cleaning cycle and reducing upsets associated with RO pretreatment is a recurring result for POPSS in the field of power generation. And it has helped municipal water treatment plants meet new TOC requirements set by the EPA to control disinfection by-products by determining best coagulation chemistry or accurately controlling coagulant feed. The service assists customers with finding affordable solutions without major capital investment.

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