Ecovation opens technical development center

New lab facilitates bench-scale and technology development testing of clients' waste streams to develop the most effective treatment programs...

VICTOR, NY, Aug. 3, 2005 -- Ecovation Inc., a provider of customized wastewater treatment solutions, has opened the doors to a new Technology Development Center (TDC) located at 7612 Fishers Run Road in Victor, N.Y. The in-house laboratory will allow the company to conduct bench-scale testing of clients' waste streams and develop the most effective treatment programs.

The 2,400 sq. ft. facility features multiple clear, bench-scale Mobilized Film Technology (MFT™) units that, unlike full-scale systems which are housed in concrete, allow clients to see a live anaerobic system in action.

"When our food & beverage clients actually see how the MFT works, they realize how simple the technology is and how it will work for their application," said Ecovation's chairman and CEO, Diane C. Creel. "The lab will be an effective sales tool and help open doors to new industries like pharmaceutical, ethanol and others."
Two climate control rooms -- a cold chamber for preserving sample integrity prior to testing, and a hot chamber in which the MFT units are kept at 35°C/95°F -- create an optimum environment for accurate testing parameters. As many as ten different tests can be conducted simultaneously.

"Our expanded analytical capabilities have improved our testing efficiencies so we can deliver effective treatment solutions to our customers in a shorter timeframe," added Bob Cummings, senior vice president, chief technology officer. "The TDC allows us the hands-on experience we need to speed up the design process significantly."

The new facility houses a process equipment testing and fabrication area where Ecovation's design engineers will customize systems that simulate clients' full scale systems. In addition, the lab will support the company's goals for ongoing improvement of the MFT's performance and developing new wastewater treatment solutions.

Ecovation ( provides value-driven, sustainable solutions to meet the wastewater management needs of industrial clients. The cornerstone of Ecovation's customized wastewater treatment solutions, the patented Mobilized Film Technology, provides superior treatment of high-strength organic wastes. Based in Victor, NY, Ecovation has multiple facilities installed and operating for major Fortune 500 clients.


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