Orchard View Farms chooses Novazone to provide consumers with fresh, safe cherries

Aug. 2, 2005
Novazone provides ozone-based food disinfection solution to reduce foodborne pathogens and eliminate use of chemicals in cherry processing...

LIVERMORE, CA, Aug. 2, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Novazone, a provider of innovative ozone-based solutions to improve the freshness and safety of food and water, today announced that Orchard View Farms, a leading grower and packer of cherries located in the Pacific Northwest, has selected and deployed its environmentally-friendly, ozone-based cherry disinfection solution.

Established in 1923, Orchard View Farms is a family-owned operation that harvests more than 3,000 tons of fresh cherries each year. Orchard View is a known leader in using innovative solutions to improve the practices, quality, and safety of fresh food. Examples include their View Fresh(R) modified atmosphere bags, which naturally extends the quality, freshness, and shelf life of cherries; and its leadership position in the Integrated Fruit Program (IFP), an industry program focused on optimally managing all phases of fruit production from planting to the delivery of high-quality fruit to consumers around the world. These efforts, and others, have led to many industry accolades and food safety certifications including EUREPGAP and Tesco Nature's Choice.

Using the integrated solution from Novazone, and its partner Doubl-Kold, Orchard View is able to reduce foodborne pathogens and the use of chemicals, including chlorine, in its dump bins, processing flumes and hydrocoolers. In addition, the solution allows Orchard View to reduce water usage and waste water disposal; decrease operational costs including power and equipment maintenance; and reduce worker exposure to chemicals -- all while improving the overall quality of its cherries.

"When applied appropriately, ozone is a wonderful and natural disinfectant," said Bridget Bailey, vice president of Orchard View Farms. "Ozone kills pathogens on the fruit and equipment, and in the water. Novazone's science-based solution allows us to dramatically reduce the use of chemicals and deliver safer, higher quality cherries with bright green stems. This is important to us and our buyers around the world."

"Today, consumers and retailers are looking for a year-round supply of food with fewer pathogens and chemicals," said Paul White, president and CEO of Novazone. "It's a pleasure for Novazone to work with a company as progressive as Orchard View. Both companies pride themselves on taking a leadership, rather than reactionary, role in simply and effectively providing the world with safe and fresh food."

Orchard View Farms is a family owned and operated fresh cherry business in the Columbia River Gorge east of Portland in The Dalles, Ore. It manages 1,500 acres of fresh cherries including dark sweet and blush varieties. We also fresh pack cherries and were certified to pack organic cherries beginning in July, 2005. Finally, it markets a patented modified atmosphere for fresh cherries, View Fresh®, to leading fresh cherry packinghouses worldwide.

Novazone Inc. (www.novazone.com) is a leading provider of innovative ozone-based solutions to improve the freshness and safety of food and water. With consumers worldwide demanding fresher and safer consumable food and water products and year-round, global sourcing, transportation and distribution of these products, comes an increase in the risk of both accidental and intentional contamination from microorganisms, pests and chemicals. Novazone couples applied food science with ozone technologies to provide an environmentally friendly means of reducing water and airborne pathogens without use of harmful chemicals. The company incorporates an array of patented technologies into complete, automated systems with reliable, cost-effective operation. Customers include Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Sun Pacific, Paramount Farms, Safeway, Colgate-Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.


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