Adventus Americas gets exclusive on groundwater circulation well technology

Sept. 16, 2005
The GCW technology from Germany's GfS mbH and IEG Technologie mbH combines patented processes with in situ treatment of contaminated groundwater sites...

BLOOMINGDALE, IL, Sept. 15, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Adventus Americas Inc. (AAI), in cooperation with GfS mbH, Germany and IEG Technologie mbH, Germany, have announced their selection as the North American distributor of the German firms' patented Groundwater Circulation Well (GCW) technologies. AAI's exclusive international territory also includes the rapidly growing market in Israel, and they have retained non-exclusive rights to all other international markets.

As part of this cooperative effort, the remediation firms have successfully integrated their patented hydrogen release / redox reduction compound (EHC(TM)) and zero valent iron (ZVI) - designed for in situ chemical reduction technologies - into reactive microbiologically enhanced Ground Circulation Well (mGCW-R) systems. The combined offering is a reactive well technology for in situ treatment of soil and groundwater containing a wide range of contaminants, including perchlorate, pesticides, chlorinated solvents along with inorganic compounds (i.e., nitrate, sulfate) and heavy metals (i.e., mercury, arsenic and others). This integration of technologies provides significant benefits over conventional nanoscale iron applications proposed for environmental remediation purposes, and it promises to rapidly advance the successful field applications of these exciting nanotechnologies.

"One recognized limitation of employing nanoscale ZVI technology in situ is associated with a general inability to introduce and distribute these particles into the environment in a way which maintains their desired reactivity. In most cases, the nanoscale ZVI particles quickly aggregate and precipitate, which greatly reduces their efficacy (i.e., they do not actually migrate with groundwater flow)," says Dr. Jim Mueller, president of AAI. "This diminishes the value of applying expensive nanoscale reagents. Recognizing these limitations, we developed the mGCW-R technology in association with GfS, the world's leader in GCW based systems. We are confident that this unique combination of patented technologies offers site owners, regulators and consultants a new tool to facilitate effective remediation and accelerated closure of some challenging environmental issues".

"The mGCW technologies have unique applications for sources that exist in areas where buildings or infrastructure - such as utility corridors, sewer lines, railroad, and roads - do not allow conventional construction techniques to be employed. There is no restriction to construction depth, and no groundwater is removed from the site," says Dr. Eduard Alesi, president of GfS/IEG. "When several mGCW units are strategically located on site, the overlapping zones of hydraulic influence can create a reactive barrier zone to control plume migration. Along with other potential inherent advantages, we find that the mGCW technologies complement the Adventus portfolio of remedial technologies, and collaboration with GfS increases our global reach."

IEG mbH is the world leader in development of groundwater circulation technologies. In 1986, they became a pioneer in the field by developing novel in situ groundwater circulation technologies including the hydraulic calculations for groundwater circulation. The high standard and innovation of the technologies are demonstrated by the fact that they are covered by over 30 international patents. The group's proprietary technologies include: Vacuum Vaporiser Well; Groundwater Circulation Well; Multi-Function Well; Coaxial Groundwater Ventilation; Vacuum Liquid Recovery; Soil Air Venting Screen; Soil Air Circulation Flow; Multi-Level Sampling; Compact Stripper.

IEG Technologie GmbH ( and GfS mbH are specialist sister companies in the field of innovative in situ soil and groundwater remediation. The companies have extensive experience gained from numerous practical applications combined with the latest knowledge in research and development. The companies have an enviable track record going back nearly 20 years and have conducted several hundred remediation projects across Europe and the United States of America since 1990. The knowledge is reflected by over 100 scientific and technical publications.

Adventus Americas Inc. (AAI) is an environmental technology company that provides various remediation biotechnologies including those exclusive to our sister companies, Adventus Remediation Technologies (ART) and EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. (ETI). The group's proprietary technologies include Daramend and Terramend for treatment of soil and sediment, Aquamend for wastewater, and ISBS, EHC™ technologies and mGCW systems for in situ groundwater treatment. Employees now at Adventus have to date been involved with over 170 successful installations of mGCW systems throughout the United States and Europe. The knowledge accrued through these efforts is reflected, in part, by over 70 scientific and technical publications. ETI is the world leader in applications of permeable reactive barrier (PRB) technology for the remediation of contaminated groundwater, with experience at over 125 sites in United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. EHC, mGCW and Daramend technologies are the subjects of numerous U.S. and international patents. The Adventus Group network includes field offices in the United States (Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey), Canada (Ontario) and Germany, including an expanding network of international licensees. Additional licensee inquiries are welcome. For more information on visit the company's websites at or


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