STM PowerUnits operational in China landfill

June 6, 2005
STM units are first engines to produce electricity from Laogang landfill in Shangahi, China...

ANN ARBOR, MI, May 31, 2005 -- STM Power Inc. (STM), a leading developer and manufacturer of external combustion engines for use with various gaseous fuels, today announced that it has delivered five 48 kWe PowerUnitsTM to the Laogang Waste Disposal Center in Shanghai, through its distributor, Singapore Technologies Kinetics, LTD. (STK). The five PowerUnits, which were delivered in early 2005, have been commissioned and are currently generating electricity from the waste gas produced at China's largest landfill.

STM is the world's leading manufacturer of on-site electrical and cogeneration systems utilizing external combustion (Stirling-cycle) engine technology. Their PowerUnit absorbs heat from a wide range of sources and converts it to electricity with minimal emissions and low maintenance requirements. Typical heat sources include standard gaseous and liquid fuels, landfill and digester gas, petroleum flare gas, and other low-grade waste fuels and hydrogen.

Shanghai Laogang Waste Disposal Center is located in Nanhui County, which is 60 km from downtown Shanghai. The Laogang Landfill project started in 1985 and began receiving garbage in April of 1991. Phase Three of the landfill development was completed in December 1999. As a result, it can receive 3,000 tons of garbage per day, which accounts for 70% of daily garbage in Shanghai.

MicroPowers, a sub-distributor for STK, installed and maintains the five STM 48 kW PowerUnits at the landfill. The electricity produced is used by the landfill itself to offset plant loads. The STM PowerUnits are equipped with heat exchangers, for Combined Heat and Power (CHP), used to heat up the wastewater at the site, which assists in the digestion process.

Singapore Technologies Kinetics is the exclusive distributor for STM's product line of PowerUnits in all Asia Pacific Countries including China, Japan, Korea and Australia. STK is a company of Singapore Technologies Engineering headquartered in Singapore. It designs, manufactures and distributes electrical generation equipment, automobiles, specialty vehicles and other machinery and equipment.

MicroPowers is a sub distributor for STK on the STM projects in China. MicroPowers is located in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Pudong, and Shanghai, China. It focuses on Distributed Generation, renewable energy power generation and CHP applications.

STM ( is a privately held company headquartered is Ann Arbor, Mich., with complete engineering and research staff, combustion lab, dyno lab cells, machine shop, manufacturing facilities, and sales and administrative offices. STM began production of its commercially available PowerUnit in the fourth quarter of 2004 after 20 years of research and development on its external combustion engine, which is based on Stirling Cycle technology.


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