STI/SPFA honors water storage tanks of the year

Steel Tank Institute and the Steel Plate Fabrications Association announce winners of annual awards for 'Tank of the Year' and 'Fabricated Product of the Year' for 2005. Honorees named in Alabama, Kentucky, California, Illinois, New Mexico and Texas...

LAKE ZURICH, IL, May 24, 2005 -- The Steel Plate Fabricators Association, Division of STI/SPFA has announced the winners of its "Tank of the Year" and "Fabricated Product of the Year" Awards for 2005. The Awards are presented annually by STI/SPFA, and recognize the highest standards of excellence and innovation in the design of steel water storage tanks, and steel fabricated products.

Fisher Tank Co. of Cropwell, Ala., earned the award for a Reservoir Tank built on behalf of Huntsville Utilities in Huntsville, Ala. "The design of this 5 million gallon knuckle cone roof tank included a solid slab foundation to span potential sink holes, as well as an all welded radial cone roof including seal welded rafters, girders, plates and connections," said John Fisher, P.E., Vice President of Fisher Tank Co. "The structural integrity and long life of a steel tank provides an economical solution for municipalities, and we congratulate Huntsville Utilities on this award."

Caldwell Tanks Inc. of Louisville, Ky., earned the Elevated Tank of the Year Award for a 150,000 gallon pedesphere tank in the shape of a colorful hot air balloon and basket, built at the Victory Junction Gang Camp in Randleman, North Carolina. At its opening in June 2004, the tank became a high profile symbol of fun to the hundreds of chronically ill children who enjoy a brief respite at the camp each summer, which is operated by a non-profit organization founded by actor Paul Newman and Kyle and Pattie Petty (The Hole in Wall Gang). "Steel water tanks sustain life, and can help sustain the spirit as well" said Kevin Gallagher, vice president of sales for Caldwell Tanks, which donated a significant portion of the costs for adding the basket. "Water tanks are well-known structures, and we were proud to participate with the camp's benefactors on this project, in making another lasting memory for its campers."

CB&I Constructors Inc. of San Luis Obispo, Calif., earned the Award for a Standpipe, built on behalf of the Semitropic Water Storage District of Wasco, California. "This 180,000 gallon water storage tank with a colorful patriotic paint scheme integrates the latest technologies in steel water storage tanks, codes and safety standards, with a design that makes residents smile," said Mitchell Scott, Business Development Manager.

CBI Services Inc., of Plainfield, Ill., was honored with the Special Storage Systems Award for its work on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy, at the Hanford, Wash., Waste Treatment Facility. "CBI Services Inc. provided the engineering, fabrication and field erection of 153,000 square feet of stainless steel lining in three newly-constructed buildings for the secondary containment of radioactive liquid waste," said James Bollweg, president of CBI Services Inc. "Steel is the only material capable of providing the necessary level of protection for such an application, and we utilized United States manufactured one eighth inch thick 304L stainless steel, with all welds 100% vacuum box and dye penetrant tested."

CBI Services Inc., of Plainfield, Illinois, was also honored with the Fabricated Product of the Year in the Pressure Vessel Category, for the fabrication of the primary containment vessels at the Hanford, Washington Waste Treatment Facility. "The four pressure vessels were designed for the primary storage, mixing, and treatment of 525,000 gallons of highly radioactive liquid waste," said Bollweg. "The durability and constructability of steel, as well as its compatibility with the extremely toxic materials stored, made steel the ONLY choice for this pressure vessel application. We utilized United States manufactured one inch to one and one quarter inch thick 316 L stainless steel, and all weld seams were 100% x-rayed, dye penetrant tested and visually inspected. The tanks were entirely constructed and code-stamped in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Div 1 with NQA-1 Nuclear Addenda. We are extremely proud of our role in safeguarding the citizens of the United States through this project. "

Brown-Minneapolis Tank Co., of Albuquerque, N.M., earned the Fabricated Product of the Year in the Special Fabrications category, for a sealed vessel thermal test cell at Kirtland Air Force Base's Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque. "The tank is designed to accommodate thermal testing of materials with flames up to 20' diameter and 30' tall, and to withstand a radiant flux of up to 8600 watts per square meter," said Chuck Travelstead, President of Brown-Minneapolis Tank. "The design incorporates fully seal welded 40' lengths of tube steel containing water, which is circulated during the test to keep the temperature of the test cell under 248º F., and a fully self supporting roof capable of standing the thermal expansion and contractions likely to occur during the testing process. Steel is the only material capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures, delivering a long useful life, and containing the water needed to act as the thermal radiator."

RTLC Piping Products of Kosse, Texas was awarded the first Fabricated Product of the Year in the Piping category, for a discharge pipe installed at the Waxahatchie Pump Station for the Tarrant Regional Water District in Ft. Worth, Texas. "This steel water storage pipe was lined with cement mortar and polyurethane coated, with a design pressure of 250 psi," said Billy Terrell, President of RTLC Piping Products. "Our customers count on the strength of steel to deliver longevity and performance, and we whole-heartedly support the efforts of STI/SPFA to honor the capabilities of steel for any type of water storage application."

"We are exceptionally honored this year, to reward members whose steel fabrications exemplify the highest standards in steel construction and concern for the safety and welfare of human life and health," said Wayne Geyer, Executive Vice President of STI/SPFA. "Our award winning structures highlight the structural strength, durability and compatibility of steel for the widest variety of applications, while at the same time playing the highest role in safeguarding lives, furthering research, providing pure drinking water and delivering much-needed emotional comfort. From the videos of water tanks surviving hurricanes and tsunamis this past year, to the award winners honored here, we applaud our fabricators for their essential role in sustaining our lives."

The Steel Tank Institute and the Steel Plate Fabrications Association are Divisions of STI/SPFA, an association serving companies in the business of fabricating steel tanks, piping and pressure vessels for use in the petroleum, food, water and chemical processing industries. STI/SPFA provides certification and training courses for steel tank and piping, performs quality assurance inspections, develops industry standards and specifications, produces safety manuals, and serves as a liaison to regulatory and code authorities. For further information, see and


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