Mexico welcomes environmental cleanup technology

June 8, 2005
New cleanup funding, approved technology, prior success are driving forces in remediation of oil leaks contaminating soil and groundwater with U.S. Microbics/SSWM microorganisms...

CARLSBAD, CA, June 8, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Robert Brehm, CEO of U.S. Microbics Inc., an innovative environmental products and services company, announced that BUGS is expanding its marketing and business development efforts in Mexico using its U.S. patented and SAMARNAT -- the Mexican EPA -- approved "in-situ" and "ex-situ" cleanup technology currently being used successfully to treat contaminated soil and groundwater in Mexico.

Mexico's state-owned oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, has announced that it expects to spend up to US$3 billion to fix environmental problems at its facilities, including some of the country's problem-plagued pipelines. The BUGS cleanup technology utilized by its operating subsidiary, Sub-Surface Waste Management, has been very successful on an existing $1 million project in Mexico where SSWM is teamed with its strategic partner in Mexico, Grupo Bartlett de Mexico S.A. DE C.V., using the proprietary Bio-RaptorTM technology, to cleanup soils and water impacted by petroleum hydrocarbon wastes with the help of local resources and labor.

Brehm commented on the opportunities, "The environmental remediation opportunities in Mexico are driven by new enforcement regulations, available new funding, and the requirement that all technologies used for cleanup be pre-approved by SAMARNAT. SSWM has pioneered one of the first SAMARNAT approved ex-situ and in-situ remediation projects in Mexico which has shown excellent results to date. We have also shown the government agencies alternative soil testing technologies which help close projects sooner. We believe there is a great opportunity to help the people of Mexico clean up environmental contamination by developing the skills of in-country strategic partners on assessment, quantification and treatment of the contamination problem using our technology, project management and engineering skills."

U.S. Microbics (, of Carlsbad, Calif., is a business development and holding company that acquires, develops and deploys innovative environmental technologies for soil, groundwater and carbon remediation, air pollution reduction, modular drinking water systems, and agriculture enhancement.


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