Water coolers persist in leading charge for bottled water as a whole in UK

June 15, 2005
Research and Markets, an Irish market research and demographics company, has announced the addition of UK Water Coolers 2004 to their offering...

DUBLIN, Ireland, June 9, 2005 (PRNewswire) -- Research and Markets, an Irish market research and demographics company, has announced the addition of UK Water Coolers 2004 to their offering.

Over the years, the UK water cooler opportunity has continued to 'heat up', as did the UK's offices for significant periods in the summer of 2003. Hot summer weather in 2003 fundamentally contributed to the volume gains experienced by the UK water cooler industry.

Water coolers have persisted in leading the charge for bottled water as a whole in recent years. Yet alongside bulk formats, small pack bottled water also saw strong volume gains in 2003 -- again boosted by hot summer weather.

In the UK, water coolers are a well established concept and the UK remains tremendously important to the European water cooler scene. However, competition has intensified within the water cooler industry. 2003, and early 2004, in particular saw heightened price competition amongst established market players and newly amalgamated entities.

Industry consolidation has been dramatic, with major acquisitions from Danone and Nestle in particular underlining that water coolers are of major importance to the global bottled water giants. Many challenges remain ahead for bottled water coolers, including the threat (or opportunity) from plumbed in point of use water coolers, the elusive in-home segment and an intensifying competitive environment.

This comes from a bottom up approach to the research process, and detailed discussions undertaken with industry players.

The UK Water Cooler Report 2004 is broken down into three main sections:
1. A full market commentary provides in-depth analysis of trends in such areas as production/imports/exports, water types, industry structure, leading companies, market economics, pricing and forecasts.
2. Comprehensive tables look closely at the UK market and each segment, covering -- consumption, unit placements, leading companies/producers/brands, the leading water cooler distributor groups, cooler throughput, geographic distribution, market indicators and forecasts to 2008.
3. Profiles of the top 25 bottler-distributors and leading water for cooler bottlers. The profiles cover company structure, finances, water production, product range, sales volume, unit placements, marketing analysis and commentary.

Profiles are included for a number of companies.

For more information on the report, visit www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c18913.


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