Telvent's OASyS DNA wins integration certification with SAP solutions

June 6, 2005
The global real-time information technology company announces its SCADA and information management platform, OASyS DNA, has achieved SAP Certified Integration. This certification status means its OASyS DNA 7.4 integrates seamlessly with SAP solutions...

MADRID, May 31, 2005 -- Telvent, a global real-time information technology company, announced that its industry-leading SCADA and information management platform, OASyS DNA, has achieved SAP® Certified Integration. This certification status means that Telvent's OASyS DNA 7.4 integrates seamlessly with SAP solutions.

According to Telvent's chairman Manuel Sánchez Ortega, this represents a significant milestone in this company's strategic program. "SAP integration certification will enable us to reach into the enterprise and deliver RealTime information to enterprise users and give visibility of corporate data to the operations center in a secure, robust and efficient manner," he said. "Most of our customers are already operating in an SAP solutions environment. The integration certification of our flagship RealTime IT platform, OASyS DNA, will enhance our solutions for the energy, traffic, transportation and environment industries we serve. Our vision of connecting the RealTime operations and field levels with the informed decision makers in the enterprise is further realized."

The PM-PCS 4.0 (Plant Management -- Process Control Systems) interface represents one of three targeted SAP interfaces. "This essential interface allows field data to be communicated seamlessly to SAP solutions," said Larry Stack, Vice President and CTO, Telvent. "This in turn enables our OASyS DNA information management platform to reach even further into the enterprise, extending into the critical business applications of the organization. This advanced functionality will provide a distinctive competitive advantage for our customers by reducing operational costs and maximizing the quality and responsiveness of corporate decision making."

This certification is part of Telvent's growth strategy, and is based on the company's focus on creating distinctive RealTime IT advantage in all of its core industry sectors.

Telvent ( is specialized in high value-added solutions for four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport and Environment) in Europe,
North America, Latin America and China.


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