TiPS, Expertune announce partnership

TiPS and ExperTune form partnership to integrate best-in-class plant performance and alarm management tools...

GEORGETOWN, TX, & HARTLAND, WI, June 16, 2005 -- Control system loop performance and alarm design have a strong influence on plant performance. Traditionally these two areas are monitored and improved independently. TiPSTM and ExperTune®: will leverage their respective expertise to develop a combined solution that offers even more targeted insight into opportunities to improve plant performance and gain competitive advantage.

TiPS and ExperTune have consistently demonstrated leadership in their respective markets through 15-plus years of operation; TiPS in the area of process alarm management, and ExperTune in the area of performance monitoring and PID optimization.

TiPS develops and distributes LogMateAMS®, an advanced alarm management software package and provides the highest quality of services available from any vendor in the alarm management field. With the largest alarm management specific customer base in the industry, TiPS provides an unequalled resource for alarm management software and services. TiPS can be found online at

ExperTune is the company behind PlantTriage®, an enterprise-wide, performance monitoring, and diagnostic system that pinpoints opportunities where maximum economic impact to operations can be realized. ExperTune can be found online at


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