Mattson/Witt Precision Products buys Alamo Water Refiners' Barrington, Ill., operations

Mattson/Witt Precision Products acquires Barrington, Ill., assets of Alamo Water Refiners, which was sold last week by the Marmon Water Group to Watts Water Technologies...

BARRINGTON, IL, June 27, 2005 -- Mattson/Witt Precision Products Inc. announced Friday it has purchased the assets of Alamo Water Refiners Inc., Barrington, Ill., operations. The company, which specializes in manufactured plastic component solutions for the water treatment industry, will now be doing business under the Mattson/Witt name.

According to Jeffrey Witt, president of Mattson/Witt, the new company name draws on the significant equity of its origins as Matt-Son Inc., an industry leader founded in 1957. "We want the name of the company to acknowledge our long and proud history while signaling the progress that we plan to make in the future. While focusing on our core competency of machining and assembling standard and custom plastic parts, we will look for opportunities to expand our capabilities beyond the water industry where our expertise gives us an advantage over other machining operations."

As part of the purchase, Mattson/Witt acquired the trademarked Tough Stuff® line of plastic-made custom components that are specifically tailored to each customer's order. Tough Stuff products have been the industry benchmark for performance and quality for more than 45 years.

Mattson/Witt Precison Products ( produces machined plastic tank heads, hubs, and enclosures; slotted laterals and risers; assembled brine valves; and other custom machined parts for the major industry OEMs.

In related news, see: "Watts Water Technologies acquires Alamo Water Refiners" -- Buys San Antonio company from the Marmon Group, which purchased the residential water treatment equipment manufacturer and distributor founded by the late Sonny Cammack, Ph.D., in August 2000. Annual revenue of Alamo's water softener business is about $13 million...


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