RJA Group selects George Miller as board chairman

The RJA Group Inc., has selected George Miller, former National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) president and CEO, to be the company's chairman of the board...

CHICAGO, Dec. 21, 2005 -- The RJA Group Inc., parent company of Rolf Jensen & Associates and Sako & Associates, has selected George Miller, former National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) President and CEO to be the company's Chairman of the Board. The announcement was made following a December board meeting by Martin Reiss, President, CEO and Acting Chairman.

"We could not have made a better choice of someone to lead our board than George Miller," commented Reiss. "His lifetime of leadership, distinguished business career and exemplary character will be brought to bear on the challenges of shaping and focusing our company for future growth and achievement."

Miller directed the expansion of NFPA into a globally respected fire protection standards development organization and spearheaded NFPA's efforts to foster relations with fire officials around the world. He retired from NFPA in 2002, becoming President Emeritus, and joined The RJA Group Board in 2003. He also became President of the World Organization of Building Officials (WOBO).

A retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General with an impeccable record as a fighter pilot and commander of critical operations, Miller assumed leadership of the United States Olympic Committee in 1985. In his tenure as USOC Secretary General, he negotiated a bilateral agreement with the Soviets, insuring their participation in the Seoul Korea games in 1988. Miller also convinced Fidel Castro to send the Cuban team to the Pan American games in Indianapolis in 1987 and solidified plans for the 1988 Olympic Games.

Miller also served as a voluntary board member to the Morris Animal Foundation in Denver. He assumed the role of president and executive director for the foundation in 1988 and helped them raise money to provide research grants in an ongoing effort to develop better health and quality of life for companion animals.

A recognized global leader in fire protection, security and audio/visual/data telecommunications consulting, The RJA Group Inc. (www.rjagroup.com) delivers specialty consulting solutions for the built environment, exemplifying quality and excellence of service. The company operates in the marketplace through its branded subsidiaries Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc. (RJA) -- fire protection consultants -- and Sako & Associates, Inc. (SAKO) -- security and audio/visual/data telecommunications consultants.


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