Infilco Degremont high-rate clarifier/thickener chosen for two CSO projects

Company's DensaDeg technology chosen to prevent stormwater overflow events at systems in Louisiana and Ohio...

RICHMOND, VA, July 13, 2005 -- The cities of Shreveport, La., and Toledo, Ohio, are two recent purchasers of Infilco Degremont's DensaDeg® high-rate clarifier/thickener technology. This clarifier/thickener combines mixing, solids recirculation, sludge thickening, and clarification in one compact unit, thereby treating highly turbid CSO wastewater flow in approximately 25% less space than conventional clarifiers.

By early 2006, Shreveport's Lucas and North Regional wastewater treatment plants will be upgraded to handle an additional 20 MGD of CSO stormwater flows. "Extreme wet weather conditions have long been a challenge for wastewater treatment plants in Louisiana," said Ronnie Hebert of Environmental Technical Sales. "Without building out on a larger land mass, the City of Shreveport will soon be able to efficiently handle peak loads during wet weather events."

-- Capacity: 232 MGD
-- Engineer: FPS Archadis -- Cleveland, OH
-- Manufacturer's representative: Smith Environmental
-- Contractor: Mosser Construction
-- Projected startup: Fall, 2006

The City of Toledo, Ohio has started construction on the new equalization basins and a 232 MGD side-stream CSO treatment facility at the Bayview WWTP. The treatment process includes six (6) DensaDeg Clarifier/Thickener units. The plant is expected to be in operation by the end of 2006.

-- Capacity: 20 MGD
-- Engineer: CDM -- Baton Rouge, LA
-- Manufacturer's Representative: Environmental Technical Sales
-- Contractor: Max Foote Construction Company
-- Projected Startup: Summer, 2006

The Shreveport and Toledo projects bring IDI's DensaDeg-treated capacity of combined sewer overflow systems in North America to over 400 MGD.

Infilco Degremont Inc. ( is a member of the Degremont Group S.A. Degremont employs more than 4,000 people in over 70 countries and is part of SUEZ Environment, the premier environmental specialist in advanced water and waste services. SUEZ is an international multi-utility provider that employs over 190,000 people and had sales in excess of $40 billion in 2004.


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