EVTN looks to sell overseas licensing of wastewater separator technology

April 9, 2005
Enviro Voraxial technology enters discussions with global manufacturer requesting exclusive rights to EVTN's wastewater separation technology...

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, April 7, 2005 (PRNewswire-FirstCall) -- Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. has entered into preliminary discussions with a global manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment seeking overseas licensing rights for EVTN's Voraxial® Grit Separator in the wastewater industry.

Discussions will focus on exclusive rights to market EVTN's technology overseas. EVTN conclusively demonstrated that the company's proprietary separation technology is 20% more efficient in separating sand/grit from wastewater than the current available technology. These results are based on extensive testing conducted last year at a 5-mgd wastewater treatment plant in Hillsborough County, Fla. The tests also highlighted use of the technology results in more efficient processing, thus reducing the necessary size of a wastewater treatment facility. Since the Voraxial can be installed as an in-line piped grit removal system, the capital cost of constructing concrete grit chamber tankage is unnecessary. This could have an impact of as much as 30% in initial headworks construction costs in building a wastewater treatment facility.

The Voraxial 4000 Grit Separator is designed for wastewater rates up to one million gallons per day while the Voraxial 8000 Grit Separator is designed for wastewater rates up to seven million gallons per day. Further, multiple Voraxial Separators can be configured to handle volumes that exceed one device.

As mentioned above, other additional benefits of the EVTN's Voraxial Grit Separator system include its in-line piped arrangement. This benefit reduces the amount of sand and grit pumped to a wastewater facility by pumping stations or lift stations, a feature which other grit separation devices cannot address at this time. Also, the Voraxial Grit Separator can be easily and economically retrofitted into existing plants to handle any increase in volume or to improve grit separation efficiency. This is an important feature for existing facilities that do not have the needed acreage to expand.

John A. DiBella, Enviro Voraxial Technology vice president, stated, "These discussions are a direct result of the demonstration project completed last year. We are continuing our endeavor to align our technology with companies that provide us with access to the global marketplace."

The company's patented Voraxial Separator is a cost-efficient, continuous flow separator that simultaneously separates liquid/liquid, liquid/solid or liquid/liquid/solid mixtures at extremely high flow rates while achieving very high levels of purity. Advantages over conventional technologies are in its ability to produce a real-time, high "g" centrifugal force to yield a high-purity product or products at a volume of 3 gpm to over 10,000 gpm. The EVTN technology is scaleable and nearly universal in its implementation. Although it's applicable to almost any industry separation process, the company is focusing its near-term efforts in the following five vertical markets: municipal wastewater industry, oil exploration and production, oil refineries, mining, and manufacturing.

EVTN (www.evtn.com) is continuing to market its Voraxial Separator as stand-alone technology as well as a key component to improve the efficiency of self-contained treatment systems for multiple applications.


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