BSI2000 lands Homeland Security contract for Athens, Ga., plant

The developer of high-end access control security systems for commercial and governmental use is awarded a contract worth $400,000 for its Aqua2000 system to provide security enhancements as outlined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the J.G. Beacham Water Treatment Plant. The customer is the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County...

DENVER, April 14, 2005 (PRNewswire-FirstCall) -- BSI2000 Inc., a developer of high-end access control security systems for commercial and governmental use, has been awarded a contract for its Aqua2000TM system to provide security enhancements as outlined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the J.G. Beacham Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Athens, Ga. The customer is the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County.

The Phase I contract award is for just under $250,000. The company expects to be awarded Phase II in the near future after certain milestones have been reached, which would bring the total contract award to about $400,000.

Archer Western Contractors, Ltd. is the prime contractor for the upgrade project for the water treatment plant. Jordan Jones & Goulding of Athens, Ga. is the consulting company that recommended the BSI2000 technology.

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, DHS and other national agencies have issued guidance and directives that advise water treatment and delivery systems to increase their vigilance to protect their infrastructure from physical attack or sabotage and, especially, to protect against possible chemical, biological and radiological contamination.

BSI2000 developed its new Aqua2000 Water Treatment Facility Monitoring, Intrusion Detection and Access Control System to enable treatment and delivery plants to counter such threats. The system was designed and developed in conjunction with leading water treatment engineers and specialists to provide a turnkey package able to monitor, identify and assess potential threats to the nation's water supply and delivery infrastructure.

Jack Harper, CEO of BSI2000, said, "This contract marks our first major success with a public utility. Building on BSI2000's suite of access control products, we have produced a complete monitoring system for water treatment plants, pumping stations, water towers, valve stations and intakes. In short, Aqua2000 provides everything needed to totally protect the entire water- handling infrastructure of the nation on a turnkey basis."

The desirable and much-needed capabilities of Aqua2000 include its dynamic ability to adjust its security levels instantaneously to track with the DHS national terrorist threat advisory levels; its automatic duress fingerprint alarm notifications; state-of-the-art fingerprint biometrics; and its use of high bandwidth encrypted security data traffic over the Internet or local fiber networks to tie remote sites together on a regional, national or even global basis.

The Aqua2000 system can be installed during new plant construction, into current facilities, or as a security upgrade into existing monitoring and control networks. The system gives a facility complete control over its entire security operation. Even remote sites can be integrated into a plant's matrix of coverage. The system is easily expandable with numerous optional modules that enable multiple future upgrade paths. By later adding optional components, Aqua2000 makes it simple to increase the level of security as threats change or grow.

Harper continued, "We have filed a number of patent applications designed to protect the Aqua2000 and other technology that we have developed for the water infrastructure protective market. BSI2000 has filed 25 individual patent applications over the last 18 months. I am delighted at the response that we are seeing from the limited marketing of Aqua2000 we have conducted in the Atlanta area. We formally announce Aqua2000 today and are just beginning to roll out the product on a national basis. I believe that BSI2000 is well positioned with the right technology, partners, marketing and patent protection to be a major player in the effort to secure the nation's water treatment and delivery infrastructure. We expect to bid several similar water infrastructure projects in the near future."

Based in Lakewood, Colo., BSI2000 Inc. ( is working to become a global leader in, especially, optical card-based security systems. The company has developed patented and patent-pending technology for identifying, authenticating and tracking people and their activities in a wide variety of applications. The company's systems involve sophisticated and proprietary use of optical card technology and advanced cryptology.

The company's CRYPTO2000TM system is the only optical card system that provides the sufficient level of security required for financial transactions. CRYPTO2000 elevates optical card data security to a highly secure Federal Government level. In addition to potentially significant applications for homeland and business security, the systems are highly applicable for national identity systems, personal medical and prescription records, banking, travel, and other applications.


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